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Enjoyment/Excitement level, Prem v Champ

Hi Guys, I would like your opinions on what your enjoyment/Excitement level is/would be regarding..........

Championship at the moment....We are currently in the top 6 of the championship and two points of the top and I for one am loving the season so far as it looks like we have a strong enough squad to be at least in the top 6 at the end of the season, Its exciting going in to every game knowing we have a chance to win the game, Obviously some games we are going to under perform but in the main we have a brilliant chance to take point/s from games.
With a genuine chance of promotion that just heightens the excitement levels and gives the fans and town a buzz.

Premier League.....Hopefully we get promotion and make no mistake I absolutely want us too just as much as any other Boro fan, But the point I want to make is if we are struggling in the Premier League from the start and all season it looks likely we would get relegated how much Enjoyment/ Excitement would you genuinely get from week to week like we do now challenging to get promotion.

I think there is a genuine debate to be had and its not just yer we are glad just to be in the Premier League even though we get beat most games and probably will get relegated.

I want to reiterate I absolutely want us to get promotion and take our chances in the Premier League, I think Karanka would keep us up.
UTB. Big Grin
Boro Front door key

Hi Boro fan living in south shields here, hoping you can help me with a present for my sister.
Up here there are front door keys with toon scum and sunderland badges on them but no keys with boro badge on.
Ive tried Ebay and google, our online club shop but cannot find anywhere which does these front door keys.
Can anyone suggest a place to get them as my sister has just moved home and it would make a great present ! Smile

Cheers for any help and sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
Championship Manager 01/02 (Pining)

hi not really into serious gaming (too old in the teeth) but really DO enjoy this one ...mainly cos i dont have to engage in the actual gameplay aspect . but i have the problem many have had in that it wont work on my Windows 7 (64) system .
Any alternatives out there ..... OR ways round using CM01/02 ON windows 7

Cheers ...Steve
Boro Shirt Name Ideas

Going to go to the club shop later today to buy myself a Boro Home shirt for my birthday which was yesterday. I want to get a player's name on the back but don't know whose name.

What's everyone else got? Whose name is most popular? Need some ideas Big Grin
Boro v Rotherham (A)

Good day to you all and welcome to my first ever match day thread!

This weekend sees us take on newly-promoted Rotherham, and I'm sure we all agree we hope to bounce back to winning ways sooner rather than later.

While doing some research about the forthcoming match I came across a poem written by Lewis Carroll. Not many people realise that not only was Carroll a Boro fan, he also had visions of the future and would often put those visions down in writing. I am reliably informed that the below poem was sent to publishers sometime around 1870, but it was rejected as no-one had a clue what he was on about. Understandably disappointed, Carroll maintained the structure and cadence of the poem but wrote instead about a walrus and a carpenter. Oddly that was viewed to make much more sense (Victorians eh?) and it went on to become one of Carroll's most famous poems. Anyway, I present to you 'Karanka goes to Rotherham':

"The time has come," Karanka said,
"To talk of many things:
A draw with Watford, loss to Wolves;
Of Rotherham and wins--
And whether this year is our year
for promotion as Kings."

"But wait a bit," our rivals cried,
"Before we play our match;
For some of us are not as good,
you make our play look flat!"
"Not likely!" said the Boro boss.
They didn’t much like that.

"Another win," Karanka said,
"Is what we chiefly need;
3 points and goals from all the lads
Are very good indeed--
Now if you're ready, Rotherham,
It’s time we took the lead."

"But not so fast!" the Millers cried,
“You’re too quick off the mark.
"Please let us touch the ball before
you play us off the park!"
"With Clayts and Voss", Karanka said,
"This passing games a lark.”

"It seems unwise," Karanka said,
"To not play our best team,
The Millers are on a good run,
To win we’ll need to scheme!
Exploit the wings to feed Kike
Will surely make Stubbz cream!"

"I envy you," Steve Evans said:
"Your squad is full of skill.
Your Chairman is the best around;
He’ll always foot the bill.”
“With our new squad” Karanka said
“We’ll put you through the mill.”

The season ran its promised course
The games came thick and fast;
The Boro had their ups and downs,
The points they were amassed,
And Teesside spirits rose as their
Opponents were outclassed.

"Oh rivals," said the Boro boss,
"You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we play you all next year?'
But answer came there none--
And this was scarcely odd, because
We'd beaten every one.

Questions to ponder:

Will Boro get the three points this weekend?

As Rotherham are unbeaten in five would you take a point away from home?

Will Vossen ever score? If yes, is this weekend the weekend he'll do it?

Will Bamford be retained past January?

Which drugs were Carroll on when he wrote about a Walrus and a Carpenter eating a lot of talking oysters?

Anybody please got the line up?
What does it take to get beyond the first season in the PL

Posting this partially due to lack of Boro related themes and new topics at the moment but perhaps if all goes well later on a subject that could very well be a situation and concern for all those who follow and work within the Middlesbrough Football Club regime.

Simply as the title suggests "what does it take to get beyond the first season in the PL"?

Looking at the Burnley situation, whilst it was clear that they deserved their promotion last season, on the outside it seems as if they are totally out of their depth and to be honest seems as if there was little planning to ensure they stood a realistic chance of keeping their place in the PL next season. I would go as far to suggest that they are on course for a new record low number of points before suffering relegation at the end of this term.

Perhaps the powers that be always knew this would happen and were more content in just getting the financial backing from the one season in the PL and the parachute payments that follow for a few seasons afterwards? Who knows?

I know that many will look at QPR in a different light to the Burnley situation but again they too are looking out of their depth and on the face of things they too are looking relegation bound (ideal club for the yo-yo description)

So with the ideal scenario of Boro getting promotion just what will the club have to do to ensure that we do not follow suit and fall at the first hurdle????
Riverside Attendances

I think Saturday was pretty solid evidence that when we successful and play good football, the crowds will come back. The difference the extra few thousand made was really tangible and it was a good atmosphere.

As its a Tuesday night, I don't expect the same crowds for the next game, but hopefully if we can keep in the playoffs, people will continue to come back.

I hope the club is going to do a big push on half season tickets in the lead up to Xmas so people have the option to get some good value money wise for the rest of the season
Middlesbrough Under 21's 2-1 Newcastle United Under 21's
And, here's my report from tonight's North East Under 21 derby between Middlesbrough and Newcastle United where a late goal from Callum Cooke sent Middlesbrough top of the table.
oneboro predictions league 14/15 round 11 (div 1 and 2) TUESDAY 4/11/14


as division 1 and 2 have more teams they have a few more games to play, this being one of them.

deadline is Tuesday 4th November 7.45PM

Division 1
boro-unger v stubbzy69
Neverbefore v legend misfit
stephenmilne v mctom123
Misterweed v Maccarone
Barticus v Foggansflying
oslo syd v Donnysmog
Treknut v motormouth
Ollie10 v Kier
Tellerion v workington
Somerset Boro v Borodane

Division 2
BoroInBishop v Vectorboro
Smogsterking v boroboy84
Cstephenson01 v boro86
raf smog v prowler
Bnflickingchamp v tho_e
Bugrit v Boroboy1980
Marvin v batmalan
Cornishboroboy v weekly average
cowman4boro v Marz
Southern Smog v Jonatk1

and here are the fixtures

Birmingham V Watford
Brighton V Wigan
Derby V Huddersfield
Ipswich V Wolves
Leeds V Charlton
M'boro V Norwich (first boro scorer)
Millwall V Blackburn
Sheff Wed V Bournemouth
Bolton V Cardiff
Reading V Rotherham

best of Luck

SomBo Smile

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