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Hi Guys,

Following on from Downsouths thread about the interview with Grant Leadbitter, we in the Moderator team (well me and DS mainly) have been discussing another 'project' that ties in with this.

We are considering launching oneBoro TV - which will be oneBoro's own media outlet, but not just video - audio too.

I have become aware of lots of other clubs and supporters groups doing similar things, moving away from fanzines such as FMTTM and into online offerings.

With this in mind oneBoro are thinking of doing something similar, with prospective items being:

Video Interviews
Match day previews
Match day reviews and post match opinion (filmed/audio)
Pod Casts (both audio and video)

To make this work we would need volunteers - now you don't necessarily don't need any qualifications, but you will need willing and maybe some experience of similar things.

You also wouldn't need any more equipment than a smartphone to get involved, though if people have video cameras, tri-pods, microphones etc that would be fantastic.

I personally have experience filming, editing and creating all of the above - albeit for non-league football clubs, but am willing to organise and compile different contributors work together.

I see on the interview thread that we have people throwing their hats in the ring - so hopefully we get a similar response to this.

So put your name below and let me know if you would be interested in getting involved, or if you prefer PM me....


Andy Smile
Brentford tickets + A lift!

Now then

I wouldn't normally post a thread about this but anyways, here goes. I normally go to the matches with a few members I've met on these forums and become good mates with! I acquired 4 tickets for Brentford away earlier today, but due to pre-standing commitments the lads couldn't come with me.

I'd love to be able to get to this one, but don't want to go by myself! If anyone in the Teesside (or anywhere en-route to London) would be interested in a lift and a ticket then I would happily oblige as I'm driving down. Please let me know if you're interested, if not then sadly I'll have to pass these on and try to flog them :p

Cheers in advance!
Arsenal Ticket details

Ticket info for FA Cup clash...
Tickets for the club’s FA Cup fifth round tie at Arsenal will go on sale to Season Card Holders at 10am on Sunday February 1.

We have received an allocation of 5,186 tickets for the game, to be played at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday February 15 (4pm). The game is also being screened live by BT Sport.

We are strongly advising fans to book online where possible, and are asking Season Card Holders Boro Pride Members to ensure their online credentials are correct by following the instructions here.

Telephone bookings will be taken via 0844 449 1234 and we will have additional lines available to improve the experience.

Fans wishing to buy in person from the Riverside should note that there will be a managed queueing system in place using the West Stand Lower and all Ticket Office counters around the stadium will be operational.

Hot drinks and food will also be available in the West Lower South Concourse.

Season Card Holders will be able to purchase up to eight tickets for the game on production of eight valid Season Card numbers.

Any remaining tickets will go on sale to Boro Pride Members on Tuesday February 3 before General Sale commences on Wednesday February 4.

Ticket prices are:

Adults - £26

Over-65s - £11.25

Under-16s - £10

oneboro league Cup 14/15 quarter final results


sorry i though i had added these but when i went to do the semi final results i realised i hadn't Sad i didn't even set up the semi's so here we go....

Match 1 : oldmangravz 6-6 maccarone
OMG through on penalties (11-10, total goals was 13)

Match 2 : batmalan 4-3 workingtonboro

Match 3 : donnysmog 4-5 beanflicking champion

Match 4 : boroinbishop 6-4 bugrit

well done to those who made it through to the semis. as i have missed the LC semi finals i will set up a unique set of league fixtures for you to predict on on Monday 02/02/15.

SomBo Smile
One Boro 14/15 FA Cup Round 2 Replays deadline is 03/02/15 7.45

good morning

two games required a replay to see who would progress to the 3rd round and here they are....

Tellerion v Misterweed
Somerset Boro v Southern Smog

four games to predict against, you need half tme, fulltime and ANYTIME scorer. results and goals is over the 90 minutes only, extra time will not count. the total goals for the 4 games will be used in a tie breaker situation, good luck Smile

Fulham V Sunderland
Man Utd V Cambridge
Sheff Utd V Preston
Bolton V Liverpool

the total amount of goals will be ...

SomBo Smile
Boro Vs Brentford (Away)

100% Official Unofficial Cornish Boro Match Day Thread

Boro Vs Brentford

Skybet Championship
Griffin Park

31st January 2015
Live on Sky Sports 1

We won... We actually ruddy won!!  I did not think I would be typing this thread up.  

But I am....

And for this I am happy.

So now back down to whats important.  Back to the Championship and what is one of our most difficult ties of the season away against a high-flying Brentford side chasing our heels somewhat.

The only solace for us is that this is one of many upcoming Boro games to be shown on TV (WERE BEING NOTICED!!!) and previous games on'telly have normally resulted in very good performances from us.

As if we need reminding.. Here's what happened last time round:

Thunderbastard from Grant?  CHECK
Clean Sheet?   CHECK
Bamford and Kike goals?  CHECK

I would be over the moon with a similar performance but Brentofrd are on a very very good vain of form and can even go above us if they beat us in the league.

This is where we see how good a team we are.  Karanka will have no doubt put Saturdays euphorics and plaudits well and truly to bed and focus purely on this game.  Will we have a post-scalp come-down or will be show the rest of the league that we mean business?

Last games

Boro 2 - 0 Manchester City

No further comments your honour...

Norwich 1 - 2 Brentford

Astute and professional performance from Brentford.  Who consolidate their well-deserved position in the play-off places. 

View From the Other Side:

To be added.  Awaiting registration confirmation from forum admin.

Talking Points

Our new signing will add a bit more fuel to this fire... And that's Forshaw!! (Geddit?!)

Who the bloody hell do we start after Saturday?  Tomlin has to keep his place.  Has to.  You could argue that away from home Kike will get a start.  But that would be unfair on Vossen, who did play well himself.

Is this sort of game more suited to Reach to start?

Is 3 points the only option here?  I personally think getting a point out of this game is a very good outcome.

Will Adam Forshaw score?

Over to you me 'ansums.


[Image: heart.gif] 
oneBoro Grant Leadbitter interview

As you all know oneBoro proudly supports Grant Leadbitter's home shirt and that we have 2 very lucky lads indeed meeting him later on at the Sponsors dinner later on in the year.

I got to thinking about how good it would be to be able to have some on to one time as a forum with Grant Leadbitter and so being totally forward thinking I sent the following right to the top as follows:

Dear Mr.Bausor,
Please allow my introduction.
I am the Administrator of the oneBoro fans forum, a very active and worldwide forum for all Boro fans.
You probably are aware that as a forum we have sponsored Grant Leadbitter's home shirt and this is our third year in actively sponsoring Boro players, previously Dean Whitehead and Adam Reach.
 We have two lucky members who will be attending the Sponsors Dinner later on in the year but it would be totally brilliant if our other members got the opportunity to participate in sending some questions and hopefully getting replies form Grant in a "interview type" theme on our forum.
Would like to ask you graciously if this is at all possible, and if Grant himself would be ok with this?
I would ask our Members for some suggestions/questions and then send to you/Grant or another for approval and responses as and when able to. We would keep it to a minimum of course, perhaps 10-15 questions at the most and obviously keeping in with the theme of all things current to the club at the moment.
I hope that you will give some consideration to this request and will respond favourably. 
In the meantime I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully being able to pursue this matter further.
Thank you for your time 
Alan Thomas

Now I know that things are very busy at the moment at Boro and what with massive games and transfers to deal with I was gobsmacked when I got this back from MFC just now. 

Hi Alan
Thanks for your mail regarding Grant.
Questions are no problem. I think the easiest way would be for you to come down and see him at some point?
Paul Dews

Head of Communication and Support Services.

As you can imagine I was delighted to get this from Mr Dews and have replied to him, but here lays the problem and I need some assistance with regards to this meeting as I live near London as you know.

I have asked him that I nominate a forum member who can do this interview for me and therefore would ask any of our budding journalists (I think we have some as members) if they would like to participate in this on our behalf, failing that would suggest Red Rocket if she feels up to representing us.

If we do have any journo type member who wants to do this then please say so as early as possible and I will then liaise with Mr Dews once the time and location is confirmed to meet Grant (who we thank enormously for agreeing to this opportunity and a first for the forum)

As for the members who would like to participate can you think of any specific questions you would like to ask Grant, and I guess if they are related to football matters, his personal situation, life at the Boro etc etc then we could end up with a decent interview with him.

I guess the best way is that you post your question (limit to one per member) and then once we have about 15 or so we feel the whole forum wants answering whoever represents us can take along the questions and then we can have a dedicated thread once the answers become available.

If you have any suggestions about the last paragraph please say so.

I am just so excited about the whole thing and what this does for the forum Big Grin


Travelling away fans

Just been reading the gazette article and wonder why it and similar articles always seem to assume that all fans travel from the club's local area to the away matches. There are many thousands of both active and passive Boro fans living nowhere near Teesside. We may get back "home" occasionally and get to a home match, but many of us mainly get to away matches. What % of the gate at e.g. Millwall actually travelled from Teesside? I wonder if the Boro ticket office could supply the answer as they posted a lot of tickets out to fan's home addresses. Arsenal away, for example, will be a relatively easy option for many of us, if only we could get a ticket, but a season ticket is not an option, so little chance!
The same argument applies to the comments regarding the low number of away fans attending the Riverside. There has not been an almighty migration of southerners finding work near Teesside and thus finding themselves with an easy journey to follow there hometown club playing at Middlesbrough. On the other hand, local economics and level of opportunities has led to an enormous number of smoggies seeking employment elsewhere in the country.
I don't intend to belittle the effort, commitment, sacrifice and enthusiasm of Teesiders travelling to away matches. It has been magnificent, but I wonder if the statistics are influenced by migration.
Boro's New 3rd Kit

I live in York and when the new kits are launched I find it easier to purchase online and pay for delivery.

At the start of the season I purchased a Home kit for my brother and a Away kit for myself. I always get a Large for me and ordered as usual. When the kit came the Large away kit was too small and I arranged to send it back to the club shop who by this time where out of stock.

After a few weeks the problem was resolved and the XL away kit fits perfectly.

Friday I received a email with the launch of the new 3rd kit so I got online and also paid the £8 for express delivery (ensuring I had the shirt for the City game).

The XL shirt is too big??? And to top it off its out of stock again!

Anyway rant over and I guess I will just have to wait but I have listed the XL shirt on ebay if anyone wants one in XL (link below).

Thanks Chris.
Boro's January Window Hell : Pt 1 Afonso Alves

New blog on Boro's January transfer window blues.

It's 7 years since we signed Afonso Alves !! 

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