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What transfer fee would it take for you to let each player leave?

All things being equal, i.e. 2 years left on a contract, same wage etc. how much would it take for you to let each player leave given our situation at this moment in time?

I've posted up some of the more contentious players. I've left meijas and kike out as we've seen neither play.

I'll get us started...

Steele £4M ... I rate Steele plain and simple. I think he's going to grow in to one hell of a keeper. I think £4M may be under valuing him in that respect. But hey ho it's my opinion.

Dimi Free ...I don't think he'd be hard to replace. Steele and Meijas (supposedly) are worthy No.1's.

Rhys Williams £1M ...Really strange one this one because there's a very good player in there. Unfortunately i think his injury record does much to dictate his worth.

Ayala £2M ...Vastly under rated central defender. I really like Ayala and i think he's going to be the loser in the Omeruo loan deal.

Gibson £10M ...NOT FOR SALE. I think he's going to become a very very good centre half indeed. It would take an outrageous offer for me to let him leave.

Friend £3M ...Turned his fortunes around after an awful start to last season. Seems like Karanka know's how to get the best out of him. I'd like to see him be consistent over a whole season.

Leadbitter £4M ...Mr dependable. The oil in our machine etc etc. Very hard to replace.

Butterfield £1M ...There's a good player in there but i'm not sure whether we're ever going to see it. I'd like our money back at least.

Carayol £5M ...A game changer. Not many of these players about for cheap.

Adomah £8M ...10 goals from midfield and plenty of assists. An important player to our team. Would be very difficult to replace.

Ledesma £1M ...I don't think he'd be a great loss. Didn't contribute a huge amount last season.

Reach £5M ...I think there's a very good player in there. Technically i know there is...much depends on his application, but if he can pull it all together he can be brilliant. I wouldn't like to see him let go cheap whilsyt he's still developing.

Tomlin £5M ...I think it would take around £5M to replace him. Same price as Vossen???

Kamara *** do one. FREE!
Main £500k ...a workhorse
Tickets for Leeds

Afternoon All,

Any idea when the tickets for the above away game go on sale?

Trying to organise a trip from Devon with my two youngest to meet up with my eldest and brother in law who will be travelling from Norton.

Trains, tickets and accomadation - logistical nightmare

Player sponsorship

I am thinking of sponsoring a player for my business! I know that we did it on the forum, can you show stats that proved that it was a success for the forum and worth the outlay?
Destiny Beta

Anyone else been playing this, love it so far. absurdly amounts of love thrown its way.
2014/2015 Match day volunteers

Ok so with the season fast approaching thought it would be a good time to ask those who are brave enough to volunteer to originate this coming seasons match day threads.

Usual format please ie

Boro V Whoever for Home games with a (Whichever cup competition)
ain this seaso
Boro V Whoever (A) with a (whichever cup competition) ie Boro V Oldham (A) (Carling Cup).

Some of last seasons originators have already stated they would stop to allow newcomers to have a go for example Neverbefore and though I did step in due to a pull out and had a decent run I will refrain this time unless circumstances force me into it.

I do hope the unique style of Boro_Unger and Boro Badger is seen again this season if they want to participate.

Usual conditions originator stays on until Boro either lose or draw.

Due to his winning streak this season will open with Cornishboroboy and I just hope he can break the usual first game Boro start.

Will limit the originators to 15 max but remember that there are some tough acts to follow so research on the opposition, away fans forums etc is very useful.

So as of now the running order is

Cornish followed by whoever stakes their claim in order.

I will always remind the next originator that they are up for the next game
Boro on Fifa

After the recent rush of transfer news I was thinking we might actually have a decent team on fifa, so I was just wondering what starting line up does everyone else use whilst playing ?
If you thought "woody's new bird" was bad...

sleep well in the knowledge that Blackburn are doing marketing much, much worse...
Aitor Karanka and The Chairmans support

Ok this has been touched upon and mentioned within the transfer rumour thread but in my mind deserves it's own thread to discuss and debate our Manager.

Whilst it is great to speculate regarding who will be signing for the Boro I will ask whether members feel that due to his influence and without doubt his improving managerial skill this will have any influence on players that Boro are trying to attract to the club?

Has AK shown, during his half season spell that he is a guy to take seriously and worthy of respect, not just fans but players and staff too?

Has he shown enough so far to encourage fans that there is far more to come and what kind of team could we or should we expect to see moving on?

I do myself like the "rapido" attitude he has already declared but I am also very sure that we as Boro fans should not worry at all about his credentials and that we will accept and trust him totally in the times ahead.

Someone recently mentioned that they thought AK was possibly the best thing for Boro since the early Robson years, I find myself agreeing with that comment but having far more trust in the mans ability to sustain the required improvement.

Exciting times ahead indeedSmile
The Infallible, Definitive FM 2014 Test!

As I have some spare time on my hands before heading off to work 12-13 hours a day again for the whole of August (boo...), I thought i'd give this a test.

In the Transfer Rumours thread, we occasionally like to discuss how good a linked player is on Football Manager, and sometimes the topic of how well scouted the games data generally is.

So, to the point: I've downaloded, and further updated, a database with all of this summers transfers to date (15/07/2014), and am going to run three test seasons - without a human manager at any club.

Current Boro Squad, including Kike & Meijas - plus Vossen, Clayton & Omeruo

Current Boro Squad, including Kike & Meijas - plus Clayton & Omeruo

Current Boro Squad, including Kike & Meijas - plus no-one.

I'll run it in Holiday mode and post periodic updates on this page and the game system does it's magic. Should be interesting to see how each pans out! Smile


Update 1 - Competitive at Christmas!

League Position: 8th
Carling Cup: Quarter Final vs. Spurs (Lost 1:3)
FA Cup: 3rd Round vs. Sunderland (tbd)

Top Scorer: Kike (27 Apps, 16 goals)
Top Assists: Kike (27 Apps, 10 Assists)
Top Player: Kike (Av R: 7.18/10)

Boro surged up the table with a 6 game unbeaten streak before falling apart a little around Christmas; a 3-1 loss away at Charlton preceding a 4-0 mauling by Blackburn at the Riverside aren't exactly the best spring board into the New Year...

In terms of the new signings; Kike has been immense. Voseen very good, Omeruo & Clayton solid, Meijas decent as No. 1. The chosen Right Back was a lad from Sporting Gijon - Luis Hernandez - on the recommendation of Karanka.

New Signing Stats:
Kike - P: 27, G: 16, A: 10, PoM: 4, Av R: 7.18
Vossen - P: 25, G: 9, A: 5, PoM: 4, Av R: 7.06
Clayton - P: 27, G: 2, A: 3, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.93
Omeruo - P: 27, G: 1, A: 0, PoM: 1, Av R: 7.00
Meijas - P: 27, C: 34, Cln: 5, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.70

Championship Table:
1 - Blackburn - 47 pts
2 - Norwich - 45
3 - Watford - 44
4 - Cardiff - 42
5 - Reading - 40
6 - Wolves - 39
7 - Millwall(!) - 38
8 - Boro - 36

Update 2: Narrow Margin Heartache for Boro...

League Position: 7th
Carling Cup: Quarter Final vs. Spurs (Lost 1:3)
FA Cup: 3rd Round Replay vs. Sunderland (Lost 2-3)

Top Scorer: Jelle Vossen (51 Apps, 22 goals)
Top Assists: Jelle Vossen (51 Apps, 15 Assists)
Top Player: Albert Adomah (Av R: 7.17/10)

Boro miss out on the Play-Offs by 2 points, with Jelle Vossen taking the Drivers Seat after Kike went on a dire run of form which saw him go 14 games without a goal - thus losing his place in the team... With Carayol back from injury, he took Tomlin's place wide-left, meaning Tomlin coming inside to the No. 10 role and Vossen leading the front-line in place of the mis-firing Kike.

New Signings Stats:
Kike - P: 37 (8), G: 17, A: 13, PoM: 4, Av R: 6.99
Vossen - P: 51, G: 22, A: 15, PoM: 6, Av R: 7.06
Clayton - P: 49, G: 6, A: 8, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.94
Omeruo - P: 50 (1), G: 2, A: 0, PoM: 2, Av R: 6.94
Meijas - P: 39, C: 58, Cln: 8, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.71

Final Championship Table:
1 - Blackburn - 97 pts
2 - Norwich - 92
3 - Cardiff - 90
4 - Watford - 89
5 - Reading - 81
6 - Wolves - 78
7 - Boro - 76


Update 1 - STILL Competitive at Christmas!

League Position: 7th
Carling Cup: Quarter Final vs. Chelsea (Lost 0:5)
FA Cup: 3rd Round vs. Derby (tbd)

Top Scorer: Kike (27 Apps, 18 goals)
Top Assists: Albert Adomah (21 (1) Apps, 6 Assists) / Emmanuel Ledesma (23 (3), 6 Assists)
Top Player: Kike (Av R: 7.29/10)

A fantastic start to the season which saw Boro keep 5 clean sheets in their opening 7 games gave us a great foundation to build upon in the first half of the campaign. Ledesma really stepped up to the task of filling the boots left by Voseen and Carayol's injury by chipping in with 12 goals and 6 assists - with Tomlin playing the all-important No. 10 role and Ledesma operating from the Left Flank. Kike has another great start to his Boro career - netting 13 in the league with only Fulham's Mitroglu having scored more (19). Meijas, interestingly, hasn't been first choice in this game, despite Karanka favouring him in Season 1!

New Signings Stats:
Kike - P: 27, G: 18, A: 5, PoM: 3, Av R: 7.29
Clayton - P: 13 (3), G: 2, A: 2, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.76
Omeruo - P: 23, G: 0, A: 0, PoM: 1, Av R: 6.81
Meijas - P: 4, C: 7, Cln: 1, PoM: 0, Av R: 6.65

Current Championship Table:
1 - Reading - 50 pts
2 - Wigan - 44
3 - Leeds - 44
4 - Derby - 41
5 - Norwich - 41
6 - Blackburn - 39
7 - Boro - 38

Update 2: Boro Narrowly Miss Out on Top 2...

League Position: 3rd
Carling Cup: Quarter Final vs. Chelsea (Lost 0:5)
FA Cup: 3rd Round Replay vs. Derby (Lost 3-2)

Top Scorer: Kike (53 Apps, 30 goals)
Top Assists: Albert Adomah (46 (2) Apps, 14 Assists) / Emmanuel Ledesma (46 (4), 14 Assists)
Top Player: Emmanuel Ledesma (Av R: 7.19/10)

Boro suffer automatic promotion heartache as they narrowly miss out on the Top 2 by just 2 points. New star Kike smahes in 30 in his debut season, despite a gruelling 11 hour goal drought towards the back-end of the campaign. Still, his 24 Championship goals are only bettered by that man again - Kostas Mitroglu of Fulham. Emmanuel Ledesma is the biggest surprise of Boro's season - notching up 21 goals and 14 assists, picking up 9 PoM awards along the way - more tan twice the ammount of any other Boro player. After an injury to Jason Steele, Tomas Meijas took the No. 1 jersey and kept it for the second half of the season.
Boro are set to play Norwich in the Play-Off Semi-Final, with either Leeds or Derby awaiting the victors at Wembley.

Final Championship Table:
1 - Reading - 92 pts
2 - Wigan - 84
3 - Boro - 82
4 - Leeds - 82
5 - Derby - 76
6 - Norwich - 75

Play-Off Semi-Finals (1st Leg):
Norwich 1-1 Middlesbrough
Derby 0-3 Leeds

Kike rescues a late draw for Boro to give them the slight home advantage of the second leg. Leeds give a great performance at the iPro to whet the appetite of a possible bad-tempered grudge match at Wembley!

Play-Off Semi-Finals (2nd Leg):
Middlesbrough 1-0 Norwich (2-1 Agg)
Leeds 3-2 Derby (6-2 Agg)

Kike again comes to the rescue with the only goal of a closely contested 2nd leg. Norwich dominated possesion with 57% of the ball, but Boro matched them shot-for-shot going forward. ring on Leeds! "Que Sera, Sera!"

Play-Off Final:
Middlesbrough 0-3 Leeds

Boro are heart-broken again... Sad
Despite having 16 shots, 4 more than their rivals, Boro only managed a solitary shot on target as they put in a wasteful performance in an otherwise even game. Leeds were simply the more clinical team, and will be playing Premiership football next season as a result.
Ipswich fan needs a favour

Hi, young ITFC fan here. I am writing a piece on our forum about how the other clubs in the league see us and what they think our chances are of promotion or relegation in the coming season, plus our new signings. I understand that there will be a few more comings and goings and that you lot may not be aware of all our deals so far but I would really like it if you could write a decent sized paragraph. I shall return the favour, if any of you are interested in the same sort of thing!

you improved immensely last season after Mowbray's dismissal ( which was a shame as he is a club legend for us too!) and I was originally unconvinced by Karanka until he took you on a run to the play offs. Your form tailed off at the end but I think you can be encouraged by the second half of the season. I have noticed a few Spaniards coming in, clearly known by the manager. Anyone working under Mourinho must know a thing or two! Danny Graham will be a miss but Kike should be a decent replacement, and Adomah will create chances. I saw that Emnes has left, he must have lost his way a bit because I remember him being a very good striker at this level?
I think we will be in a similar position to you this season, chasing the play offs as we both were last season.
Good luck except for two games, I would like to see Boro promoted as have always liked them since the 2006 UEFA cup heroics. All responses will be appreciated!

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