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What would you do ???

As many Boro fans know there is one name that makes the hairs on the back of their necks stand up... The name is no ordinary name... The man is no ordinary man... This man is from Belgium and this mans name is Jelle Vossen !!! There has always been whispers of of a move to Middlesbrough and over this summer the V man has stressed his desire to leave his club Genk, An angry Scottish ginger man was appointed to try and help the situation but not even he could convince Mr Vossen that Genk was the right club for him. The transfer deadline is soon upon us and Jelle still does not want to be at Genk, what I want to know is what would you do if the V man did sign for are beloved club Middlesbrough FC ???
Boro Pride Card

A mate of mine has a Boro Pride card and I have his details listed under my login for buying tickets online. I tried to buy admission for him using the online option but when it came to payment it quoted an administration charge (£2+). I thought that one of the conditions attached to Boro Pride cards was that there would be no administration charge. Has anyone else come across this problem?

Also, there was no sensible option for activating the card for the match, though I was later told that I should select the 'by post' option for the card to be activated.
Squad, tactics and formation

Could anyoneone imagine a team of

--------------clayton----r williams------------

I think I've just creamed. Can't happen can it????
Capital One Cup Round 3 draw

The draw for Round 3 of the Capital One Cup will take place on Wednesday 27th August live on Sky Sports immediately after the conclusion of the Bradford City versus Leeds United match.

Draw numbers

1. AFC Bournemouth
2. Arsenal
3. Bolton Wanderers
4. Brighton & Hove Albion
5. Cardiff City
6. Chelsea
7. Crystal Palace
8. Derby County
9. Doncaster Rovers
10. Everton
11. Fulham
12. Hull City
13. Liverpool
14. Manchester City
15. Middlesbrough
16. Milton Keynes Dons
17. Newcastle United
18. Norwich City
19. Nottingham Forest
20. Reading
21. Sheffield United
22. Sheffield Wednesday
23. Shrewsbury Town
24. Southampton
25. Swansea City
26. Tottenham Hotspur
27. West Bromwich Albion
28. Aston Villa / Leyton Orient
29. Birmingham City / Sunderland
30. Bradford City / Leeds United
31. Burton Albion / Queens Park Rangers
32. Stoke City / Portsmouth

All Round 3 ties are to be played during the week commencing 22nd September 2014.

So then, who do you all want to play in Round 3?

I would personally love one of the 'big boys' at home
Safe Standing

I thought the below might be of interest and possibly spark a debate about whether it would be good for the club to introduce safe standing zones to the Riverside:

"The Liberal Democrats commit to reform health and safety laws to allow Premier league and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing facilities as part of their 2015 General Election manifesto.

After the Hillsborough Disaster of April 1989, the Football Spectators Act 1989 required safety authorities to ensure that fans attending games in England's top two divisions are seated. This was introduced following Lord Justice Taylor’s report, where he commented: “There is no panacea which will achieve total safety and cure all problems of behaviour and crowd control. But I am satisfied that seating does more to achieve those objectives than any other single measure.”

While this works well in theory, the practice in all-seater stadium around the country remains one of persistent standing. As a result, there are whole sections of stadiums designed for sitting which are occupied by people who choose to stand. In response to this, the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) launched a campaign for “safe standing” areas. The solution proffered is: “rail seating”.

Rail seating is a seat that is attached to a rail or barrier. Rail seating offers a flexible solution for clubs who still wish to install standing sections to lock the seat in an upright position and fans to stand leaning against a barrier. Alternatively, the seats can be unlocked to comply with the all-seater stadium rules, as and when required. Rail seats have been tried and tested in many football grounds across Europe including in Germany, Austria and Sweden.

The Football League has also lobbied for a change in legislation, given that a number of its 72 clubs would like to implement standing in their grounds. The chief executive of the Football League commented: "We recognise that this is an extremely emotive issue and that significant change isn't necessarily going to happen overnight. However, a logical first step would be for safe standing products, such as rail-seating, to be licensed for use by the relevant authorities…This would give everybody greater insight into the use of this type of accommodation and help take the debate forward in a cautious and responsible manner, as it would not require any changes to the existing law as these clubs are already permitted to have fans standing at their matches."

In Scotland, the Scottish Premiership clubs are also strong backers of safe standing. However, Celtic's application to install a section of rail seating was rejected by Glasgow City Council earlier this month.

Safety in football stadium, and at any sporting venue where crowds gather en masse, has been a focus for many years and the proposals are no relaxation of the requirement to maintain a high level of health and safety at all sporting events."
Arriving from Aus

One boro friends

I am looking for some help n guidance - I live up north in bonny Scotland and in feb I am meeting a member of my family for the 1st time ever as they are born n bred Australian....

However I know he is a massive boro fan n would love to take him to a game

How do I go about getting tickets for games?
Boro vs Reading

Hello!! If you are reading this then I have managed to get a second match thread on the trot, and for this I am happy!

Unfortunately for the forum (not so for myself) Aitor is sending me on a top secret scouting mission in the Albufeira region of Portugal, which has cleverly been disguised as a holiday. Therefore I have been forced to create this match thread in a bit of a rush! Enjoy!

So! A good 3-1 victory over Preston North End has taken us into the 3rd round of the Capital One Cup. I think we can all agree that it was a bit of a mediocre first half before the second half exploded into life with a great free-kick from Tomlin! Unfortunately it seems that a few teams have started to find our weakness in defending set-pieces which must be addressed. 2 more Boro goals followed this and pretty much finished the game off.

Now we look back to the Championship at the weekend and to the visit of Reading F.C to the Riverside. Many will hope that we can repeat the heroics of the final home game of 2013 which gave the Boro a convincing 3-0 over the visitors. This would surely get us back onto the rails after the game that shall not be mentioned last weekend.

This is the 25th meeting between the 2 sides in all competitions. With a total of: 9 Wins-9 Draws-7 Losses Our last 5 meetings with Reading at the Riverside do not shed much light on how we may expect the match to go:

29/12/2013: Middlesbrough 3-0 Reading W

25/02/2012: Middlesbrough 0-2 Reading L

18/09/2010: Middlesbrough 3-1 Reading W

20/03/2010: Middlesbrough 1-1 Reading D

01/03/2008: Middlesbrough 0-1 Reading L

Both sides will be looking to forget about their last league game in which both sides were outplayed by their opposition and to push for a victory. Boro will be bolstered by the fact that Reading's 2013/14 player of the season Jordan Obita is out injured alongside striker Pavel Pogrebnyak. Boro have no new injury concerns.

My prediction for the line-up may be out of date by the weekend in regards to transfers but I will try my very best!!


I am sure if we see any new additions (Bamford) they may wriggle their way into the match day squad. Unfortunately for the forum, me and my lottery numbers I can not predict the future!

I now leave you with the big questions for the weekend!

*Will Mejias be able to show us what he is capable of?
*Will we have Bamford before the weekend?
*What other positions do we need players?
*If Jurassic park was real would you visit it?
*Why does your nose run and your feet smell?
*Do people with bad spelling have the best passwords?
Are we better than last season?

Given and Dimi > Mejias

Abella > or < Varga [insufficient data]

Friend [no change]

Omeruo/Woodgate [no change]

Gibson/Ayala [no change]

Leadbitter [no change]

Clayton > or < Whitehead [insufficient data]

Adomah/Nsue [no change]

Tomlin/Williams [no change]

Carayol/Reach [no change]

Kike > or < Graham [insufficient data - bit we know that DG can do the job of lone frontman at this level]

Overall, not much change in the first eleven; just the keeper [worse], the rightback [unknown], one central midfielder [might be better] and a striker [again an unknown quantity].

So are we any better than last year? The first team is roughly the same in my opinion except the keeper is much weaker. The reserves are the main difference, do we have enough depth...

It's going to be an interesting final week in the transfer window, but one thing I don't get based on the above is why AV is saying that Gibson is really going for it, because looking at that and the players we have sold, I just don't see that much difference or where we have spent the money.
Loan keeper could be coming soon

Apparently Chelsea have signed a wonder kid great pedigree, but needs first team experience. Jose is keen for AK to nurture the lad. Eighteen years old goes by the name of Johnny Durex, never missed a shot.
Boro vs Preston 3-1 (Capital one cup)

Middlesbrough vs Preston north end (capital one cup)

Kick off time: 19:45

Hello and welcome to the first ever martonboro match day thread! I know this is the moment everybody has been waiting for so I will not hold you back any longer.

I think we all understand that this weekend was a wake up call and has shown us that this season may not be as perfect as our opening game against Birmingham suggested. However, that is not to say that AK does not know what went wrong and how to remedy this. So in my opinion, a short break from league football could be a perfect time for us to get our heads back up, swap a few players around and push for another victory in front of a home crowd.

But that is all just my own thoughts! And in an effort to get the opposite view of this tie I journeyed into the previously unknown area of a PNE forum and asked a few of the natives a couple of questions regarding Tuesday! Here is a pick of the action:

1: Were you happy with the tie? Or would you have preferred a bigger name?
* Obviously wanted united but to require a good chance to win we would've needed a smaller team so pretty much one of the worst ties possible.
* I'd have preferred a bigger team like Newcastle or Sunderland, but an easy path to the next round will do.
*You don't get much of a bigger name than Middlesbrough do you?
*Worst tie ever, would rather have Billingham.
*Possibly the worst tie we could have got, championship side away who should beat us that play at a lifeless soulless goldfish bowl stadium.

2: Are you looking for a cup run or would you rather focus on the league?
*Focus on the league 100%. We've also got the JPT which means we could be playing 2 games a week on a regular basis if we have a cup run.
*The league has got to be the priority ...also I'd rather a run in the FA cup rather than this one .
*Promotion priorty, but a cup run would be nice, however would rather have got united away and took the defeat and the money as not really arsed about the league cup. That said hope we get through.

3: Who are looking to be your danger men this season?
*Joe Garner as the danger man our only hope!! And Clarke is worth a mention as a steady Eddie at the back.
*Our danger men are Kevin Davies and Lee Holmes, though you may be spared the wrath of Lee Holmes due to injury.
*Garner. Garner and Garner.

4:Is there anyone in the Boro squad that you are particularly worried about?
*Ledesma? Do you still have him, think he used to be decent?
*Tomás Mejías seems to be the best of a bad bunch. (ermm..)
*Couldn't name any Boro players if I tried. Think you've got an ex-Bristol City winger but he's ignorant and refused to anglicise his name so I've no idea what he's called.
*Juniniho & Ravenelli.

5: Score prediction?
*On a bad day, you may scrape a draw, being realistic, I'll go for Middlesborough 0-3 PNE.
*2-1 Boro
*2-2. PNE on pennos.
*Can see us losing 2 or 3-0 ....we will be outclassed unfortunately

6: Your best joke?
*What do you call 6 dogs 4 cats and a giraffe? A hen party in Middlesbrough!
*Apparently, Colonel Gaddafi's gone into hiding and has surrounded himself with forty virgins.
Well, at least we know he isn't hiding in Newcastle.

So those are the thoughts from the other side (except for one bloke that would not answer because his car nearly got torched back at Ayresome park).

Line-up prediction: (Not my best team but what i think will be picked)


I recon we are looking at a comfortable 2-0 win with Clayton getting the first and Abella also getting on the scoresheet and putting us back on track for Reading at the weekend!

*Score prediction?
*Will AK keep playing Mejias?
*Will we see any new signings before the match?
*Was the person who proofread Hitler's speeches a Grammar Nazi?
*Once you have a PhD, does every meeting you go to become a doctor's appointment?
*If your shirt isn't tucked into your shorts, are your shorts tucked into your shirt?

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