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Hello From Down Under

Hello Forum!!!

As a long-time Boro Fan who had never seen the boys strut their stuff, that all changed on Saturday just gone. I had been at work in England for a week and by chance had Friday in Brighton, half my luck my flight left at 22:30, which meant I could attend my first Boro Game.

After searching the net for a possible pre-game hookup, the pub mentioned on this forum was 1 min walk from my hotel and I took the punt and headed over.

From there I was fortunate enough to bump into E_T_O who was heading up to meet with a bunch of other forum members, to which I will be forever in debt to for one hell of an afternoon.

A great hour and a half of pints and banter with the crew gave way to kick off and watching the boys run out was half through misty eyes, this was a dream come true.

Which turned into absolute rapture after just 7 mins when Adam Reach fed back to Tomlin who scorched into the top right corner.

This was the stuff dreams are made of, I thought of all the great times I had watched Boro at stupid o'clock in the morning (most games start at 1am in OZ), but here I was and less than 100m away, my boys were knocking one in to send the faithful BONKERS!!!

For the next 40 mins, I stood as one on the terrace, singing my heart out as best I could - picking up the chants as we went, but the smiles and the banter was priceless.

Half Time came and went in a blur - quick pint out the back then into the terraces again. I was suitably impressed by Abomah in the 1st half, he and Kike were building to something on the right hand side and in the 2nd he was jolly on the spot, thanks to Daniel Ayala's brilliant lead up work and again the faithful went BALLISTIC!

From there on in the Banter was confident, chipping the early leavers as they snuck out the side, letting everyone know we thought we had it in the bag, as the clock struck 81 mins, my time in the game had to finish, I had to be back at Heathrow by no later than 7:20 to make my flight, and if I missed that flight, I might as well stayed in England!

From the sounds of it, there was post game Hi-jinx I missed out on, but to the entire crew from oneBoro, you guys just made my day, week and almost year! To be in the terraces with a bunch of folk who had the 'Boro so close to heart was the stuff that memories are built on, again I cannot thank you all enough.

To the rest of you, [u]NEVER[/u] take supporting your team for granted, for the one guy who traveled half way around the world to share one awesome afternoon with a bunch of like hearted BORO FAITHFUL, always remember there are plenty of us here in OZ who would give his left nut to be there week in and out, yet watch every game at STUPID O'Clock just to feel a part of what I was lucky enough to live through on Saturday Afternoon, one I will never forget!

A year since Mogga left

It a year today that Mogga left and I thought it would be a good time to consider his legacy as Boro Manager. I read somewhere last week that he will perhaps be thought of as our "Stan Anderson" in that he created the groundwork for big Jack but to me he is more our Willie Maddren - A legend of a player , loved the club and brought in some great signings (Slaven , Pears , Laws et al) but managed us at one of most difficult times in our history and ultimately left.

Mogga came in at a difficult time and had to clear our Krankie's mess with very little money to spend and a town desperate to get back to former glories. Ultimately it all went sour and whilst I was gutted at the time I think we can all see that it was for the best and that AK is the real deal

As for Mogg'as legacy though .. Well half the current team were bought by him (Dimi, George, Grant , Muzzy , Ledesma , Albert). Not all his signings were a roaring success but that lot combined would turn a very healthy profit if sold. In my opinion he was a good manager (maybe not great but good) who wanted to play football the right way and I think he deserves a job somehwere to prove it (Now his rolling contract will be up , perhaps Birmingham?)
Brighton report

Afternoon folks.

Hope you enjoyed your trip South. Gutted we didn't give you much of a game.

Read our site's miserable (from our pov) report on the game, here:

Or don't.


The Away Fan Experience

Having enjoyed a great afternoon out at Brighton on Saturday, it got me thinking.....The hospitality shown by them was first class, posters thanking the fans for travelling 633 miles, guest ales from the away fans region, an attempt (all be it ill fated) at making parmos, free travel by bus or train to the stadium from the local area even applause from the home fans for the away attendance figure. The bars stayed open after the game so that fans could mingle, compared with most away experiences, we were all very well looked after.

Now I've never been in the away end at The Riverside, has anyone got any idea how we treat the away fans, do we look after them or resent their presence?

At the end of the day, football is a commercial enterprise and it's all about bums on seats, the away pound is as good as the home pound, how do we as a club fare?
oneboro predictions league 14/15 round 9


here are saturdays fixtures, the games are disappearing thick and fast and with this being the quarter marker for the season so are some predicters hopes and dreams...

Division 1
boro-unger v stephenmilne
Misterweed v Neverbefore
Barticus v stubbzy69
oslo syd v legend misfit
Treknut v mctom123
Ollie10 v Maccarone
Tellerion v Foggansflying
Somerset Boro v Donnysmog
Borodane v motormouth
workington v Kier

Division 2
raf smog v BoroInBishop
Cstephenson01 v Bnflickingchamp
Smogsterking v Bugrit
Vectorboro v Marvin
boroboy84 v Cornishboroboy
boro86 v cowman4boro
prowler v Southern Smog
tho_e v Jonatk1
Boroboy1980 v Marz
batmalan v weekly average

Division 3
2plus2 v hoyteforleftback
jamesp v MRe
Weasel v OldManGravz
cyprusboro v division 2 average
division 3 average v Welshy
Jesus v Welly1972
division 1 average v Aphex_Boro
xathras v DanfromDownsouth
Nawoo v downsouth

and here are the fixtures....

Birmingham V Bournemouth
Bolton V Brentford
Brighton V Rotherham
Derby V Wigan
Ipswich V Huddersfield
Leeds V Wolves
M'boro V Watford (boro scorer)
Nottm Forest V Blackburn
Reading V Blackpool
Sheff Wed V Norwich

pleae remember to vote on the poll. deadline is Saturday 25/10/14 3PM

best of luck
SomBo Smile
opinion poll please reply

hi all

it seems that the new league table format isn't to everyones liking so on that note i need to see how many prefer seeing the table without having to click the link.

to make it easier for me and less time consuming if the majority of people prefer seeing the table on the thread we will have to see all future predictions given in a set format.

this will be the format that ALL predictions will have to be given in

H Birmingham v Bolton
H Bournemouth v Charlton
D Brighton v M'boro (No Scorer)
D Fulham v Norwich
H Huddersfield v Blackpool
H Ipswich v Blackburn
D Millwall v Wolves
A Reading v Derby
D Sheff Wed v Watford
H Wigan v Brentford

if they are added in any other way they will NOT be accepted.

please bear this in mind when voting.

many thanks

Sombo Smile

after discussing with Bugrit we can also accept the following

D (No Scorer)

so just to clarify one of these two options only. Smile
oneboro predictions league 14/15 round 8 results

good morning

another great win for the boro as they are now 7 games undefeated. it seems the international break did nothing to stop the momentum, but who did it effect in the oneboro PL?

lets find out...

Misterweed 4 - 5 boro-unger
stephenmilne 5 - 4 Barticus
Neverbefore 4 - 4 oslo syd
stubbzy69 5 - 5 Treknut
legend misfit 4 - 5 Ollie10
mctom123 5 - 3 Tellerion
Maccarone 2 - 4 Somerset Boro
Borodane 6 - 0 Foggansflying
Donnysmog 3 - 3 workington
motormouth 4 - 3 Kier

Division 2
BoroInBishop 4 - 0 Cstephenson01
raf smog 5 - 3 Smogsterking
Bnflickingchamp 3 - 0 Vectorboro
Bugrit 4 - 4 boroboy84
Marvin 0 - 4 boro86
Cornishboroboy 0 - 6 prowler
cowman4boro 3 - 5 tho_e
Southern Smog 4 - 1 Boroboy1980
Jonatk1 0 - 3 batmalan
Marz 2 - 3 weekly average

Division 3
hoyteforleftback 0 - 5 jamesp
2plus2 0 - 0 Weasel
MRe 0 - 4 cyprusboro
OldManGravz 6 - 2 division 3 average
division 2 average 3 - 0 Jesus
Welshy 0 - 4 division 1 average
Welly1972 3 - 5 xathras
Aphex_Boro 3 - 3 Nawoo
DanfromDownsouth 2 - 3 downsouth

SomBo Smile
Boro v Wolves (A) 0-2

[Image: danceswithwolves.png]

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Middlesbrough
Molineux Stadium
Tuesday 21st October
Sky Bet Championship

After a well fought win against Brighton on Saturday we can see this squad has character. Now we've got two tough back to back games with possible fellow promotion contenders in Wolves and Watford. Damia, Carayol and Williams the only outs for this game so far, which is a positive. These two games are going to show us how good we really are and if we're ready for a promotion push campaign.

The Opponents:
Having recently been promoted from League 1 you could argue that Wolves are flying in the league, they're currently sat in 7th just outside the playoffs but only 3 points behind us. We have a much better goal difference however so unless they battered us they wouldn't jump above us. Kenny Jackett will be fancying a top 10 finish and hoping to win back to back promotions so this game is just as important to them.

Possible Key Matchups:
[Image: 179613.png][Image: 205346.png]
Sako vs Fredericks
No doubt that Sako is Wolves best player and can cause problems to any defender on his day, he already has 6 league goals for Wolves so he is their main goal threat. Fredericks has really impressed but he's going to have his toughest opponent yet in the championship, maybe Nsue starting over Adomah could be a possibility due to tracking back?

[Image: 195037.png][Image: 176137.png]
Bathh vs Vossen
Bathh is an absolute solid defender and I can really see Vossen starting this game on Tuesday, he's looked sharp and I really think he's due a goal. If not him starting then probably Bamford but I hope it'll be Jelle. Bathh is Wolves main defender at the moment with Roger Johnson out injured.

[Image: 175314.png][Image: 186385.png]
McDonald vs Clayton
McDonald was Wolves runner up player of the season behind Sako last season and he really is crucial to them in the centre of midfield, he creates chances and gets backwards so the battle between him and Edwards and Clayton and Leadbitter will be crucial. Everyone knows what Adam does for us and Wolves have a strong midfield so I think we'll need a performance from him and Grant.

Talking points:
1. What would be your starting lineup for this game?
2. Attendance on Saturday if we win/draw?
3. Who do you think will have the biggest impact?
4. Would you rather face 11 actual Wolves or 11 Bakary Sako's?
5. Who has the best hair in the Boro squad?
6. Ledesma somewhere in the squad?
Get behind Boro U18 Alex Pattison - Goal of the month vote

His goal vs Man Utd in the 3-0 win has been selected as one of the possible goal of the month candidates.

Please go on the LFE site linked below and vote for him.


Latest News from Middlesbrough Football Club

African Cup of Nations to shake up leagues - 10 Oct 2014

As 2014 approaches the winter months, January is just around the corner and one of the biggest disruptions in the football calendar is set to take place once again.


Kei Kamara: Gone But Not Forgotten? - 5 Sep 2014

There won't be a huge number of Boro fans who'll be bitterly regretting the departure of 30-year old striker Kei Kamara.


Boro Signings To Begin Championship Surge? - 3 Sep 2014

There’s Christmas and then there’s Transfer Deadline Day. But for Boro fans this week it was like all our Christmas’ came at once with the build up to September 1 enough to whet all our appetites.


Man of the Match v Birmingham - 12 Aug 2014

Kike scores and impressive 9.3 rating on his Boro debut!


The Feeling to Headline New Music and Community Festival - 3 Jul 2014

BRIT award-nominated rock band The Feeling have been confirmed as the headlining act for Teesside’s newest music and community event, The Middlehaven Festival.


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