Is your glass half empty or half full?

Football supporters are notoriously difficult to please and there are many who have unrealistic expectations for their team as each season comes around.

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Some fans will always feel their plastic pint glass is half empty, even if that pint was free with their season ticket, like it is at MFC.

I happened upon the NUFC post-match phone-in last week after Newcastle lost 3-1 away to Ipswich Town, and I was fairly shocked at the lack of optimism from those calling in.

The general consensus was that the Toon have been poor all season, Lascelles is a liability, Benitez is not the man for the job, and they should have walked the Championship.

I’ve heard various people over the years say the Championship is an easy division, and I’ll admit there are some fairly average teams you can come up against.

But it’s never easy getting promoted out of the Championship, just like it’s never easy staying in the Premier League after a season or seven down in the second tier.

The problem with getting out of the Championship or surviving in the Premier League can come down to a multitude of factors, but a common one can be classified as ‘other teams’.

No one bother’s to tell the other team’s in the league that they are just there to make up the numbers, they look worse on paper, and they should always know in a game when they are beaten.

And sometimes you get one of the opposition’s players who has forgotten he is only good for 6 yard tap-ins and goes and scores a ‘worldie’ from outside the box, ala Christian Stuani vs Sunderland.

I do also think football whinge-ins have cornered the market in finding the vast percentage of the half empty crowd to pick up the phone and call in, leaving the rest of us more positive types a little bewildered at their viewpoints.

One Boro fan phoned in last week after our 2-1 loss to Arsenal and stated we shouldn’t have celebrated promotion last season as we only finished 2nd, which wasn’t a success at all, and we should have ‘walked the Championship’.

He then went on to suggest by the same token that fans should also be celebrating relegation this season, shortly before a voice was heard asking him to put his straight jacket back on, followed my much shouting and the line going dead.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, and expectations can often run high, especially after a first season back in the top tier following several years in so called ‘footballing wilderness’.

As a ‘half full’ Boro fan though I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect better from our current manager after a 4-0 away drubbing against a team we ‘could’ have beaten on paper than him pointing out it had nothing to do with the team’s ‘shape and system’.

If you are 2-0 down within 20 minutes it would suggest you may perhaps have got something wrong tactically, and I’m sure we wouldn’t hold it against the boss if he’d decided to shoulder some of the blame.

Now don’t get me wrong, I happen to like Steve Agnew, I mean he seems like a nice fella and the team in general seem a bit happier since AK left the club, especially Stewart Downing, but his post-match talks are all a little bit McLaren-esque for my liking.

I’m starting to wonder if Aggers has read the same book as Macca, “Post-match summaries for footballing drubberies”, available in all good bookstores, ERP £9.99, or free with your UEFA Pro Coaching Licence.

Maybe I’m being unfair here, the problem is I can’t decide, but it feels as though Agnew has had enough matches in charge for us to start to see improvements in results, before it’s too late.

And before you tweet/mail/whinge-in to tell me it is already too late, I know I know, that rather large lady who has had one Chicken Balti Pie too many is already onto her third chorus of PigBag.

So with my glass half-full I’ll admit it, I believe the mighty Boro are going down, as it will take a minor miracle looking at our remaining fixtures to survive and I don’t think we’ll do it.

Of course I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not it will be interesting to see how long Gibson will give Agnew next season if he doesn’t start to show some management promise via results on the pitch.

Currently it’s starting to look like we’d have been better off keeping Karanka in charge, even if some of the comments he was starting to make about the club and fans were suggesting we might need to bring out the aforementioned straight jacket.

Either way, I have no doubt, like much of the rest of you I imagine, that I will look on the new season with renewed optimisim, whichever division we are in.


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