Season Preview - Hull City

Season Preview - Hull City

Relegated from the Premier League, Hull City are a club in turmoil as the new season approaches.

We spoke to Ian from City Independent and Andy from Amber Nectar about the upcoming EFL Championship season.

"Dreading it" said Ian, "it appears our owners, the Allams, who are selling the club within 24 hours (they're words, not ours) are still here three and a half years on."

"They don't want to be here, but... they're still here. Great, isn't it? So, it's going to be yet another season of petty name change shenanigans, no concessions, attendances falling off a cliff and zero communication with the fans. Marvellous!"

Andy said that "being a City fan at the moment is like possessing a permanent itch that cannot be successfully scratched or ignored. It’s irritating, there’s nothing you can do to make it better, and you just have to hope it sorts itself out at some point."

When asked which position Hull City will finish, Ian said "couldn't tell you, because the board haven't set out their intentions to us."

"Last season, following promotion, the club did nothing apart from allowing all our contracted players to leave, meaning we had a 13 man squad, until a summer trolley dash and a rummage through the bargain bucket transfer bin the day before the transfer window shut consigned us to relegation before a ball was even kicked. This is how we roll under Allam rule at Hull City."

When it comes to key players, Ian isn't convinced. "Players? Players? Don't bother us with such piffle. We had 9 in our team photo pre-season training camp in Austria last year. The perfect preparation for the Premier League I'll think you'll find. Reckon we could scrape by with 7 for a 46 game Championship campaign, easy."

Andy added, "it’s hard to answer that, because the club suffers an unhappy combination of a) recent Premier League relegation b) owners who are not, shall we say, averse to divesting themselves of valuable playing assets. It’s not really clear who’ll actually still be here."

"Most clubs view the transfer window as an opportunity to strengthen their squads; the wretched Allam family appear to see it as an opportunity to get rid of those pesky players."

Finally, which fixtures are Hull fans looking forward to?

"Last season, the Allams triumphantly wrote in their programme notes ahead of the Manchester United match, that this is likely to be their last in charge of the club. Regrettably, it wasn't. So, wake me up when they scribe the same again - but this time - actually leave. That will be the fixture I'll look forward to the most. It's been a long 24 hours so far..." said Ian.

Andy added "Burton Albion away. It’s a tick ground and has a proper terrace. What’s not to enjoy? See also Brentford on the final day, minus the tick ground, but with the added interest of it possibly being their last fixture at the splendid Griffin Park."

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