PSG Fight Back

PSG Fight Back

Paris St Germain have blamed Middlesbrough FC for the delay in the transfer of Digard, having reached an agreed fee of £3.9m.

The French club have also suspended midfielder Didier Digard after calling his club "incompetent".

“They know the truth but say the contrary,” the Boro taget said.

“When they say that ‘the negotiations are progressing in a confident atmosphere’, I don’t think so, and my words are not ‘erroneous’.

“I prefer to tell the truth. I’m being proposed something much more stable with a president who has been in place for 22 years with a different project in a stable atmosphere.

“For me it’s not a question of money that makes it stall. My departure would be in the best interest of everybody. Paris need money to recruit players and if it’s blocked then they must explain themselves.

“From my part, I’m waiting for it to be finalised. I’m not the kind to have an argument with people or to create controversies. I didn’t expect that to happen with PSG.

“I had a good discussion with the coach, he wants to work with players focused on the club, and he’s right. He’s been a player, a great one, he knows what football is about. He understands the players.

“Well, if they don’t want to sign the letter so I can leave, I’ll be obliged to stay with PSG, but it’s much better if I leave."

A statement from the French club said, "Twelve days after an agreement in principle between PSG and Middlesbrough for the transfer of Didier Digard, the directors are still waiting for bank guarantees from the English club.

"After two hours of discussion an agreement was come to. A rate of instalments for the payment of the transfer was also decided upon.

"Part of the detail of the agreement on the part of the English club was to provide PSG with bank guarantees.

Up until now these guarantees have not been presented. Nevertheless, negotiations continue in a climate of reciprocal confidence.

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