The Middlesbrough manager sounded confident as he expressed hope that the RAF Leeming camp will boost his side’s preparations ahead of today's clash against Brentford.

Speaking in the build-up of his team’s game against Brentford over the weekend, Middlesbrough manager Tony Pulis believes the time his squad spent at RAF Leeming will boost-up their preparation.

Boro, who currently sit 3rd in the Championship after West Bromwich Albion's win against Ipswich Town last night, had the players participate in an overnight camp to get them out of their comfort zone and teach them teamwork and leadership skills.

"It wasn't a physical two days but it was more mental," Pulis said. "Rather than running up and down the pitch the RAF set them out different targets and different problems to solve. From what I can gather it was mentally tough."

Pulis also revealed that in order to increase the bonding among his players, he had their phones taken away in an effort to make them communicate with each other.

"They were set different targets and challenges and from what I gather it was tough for them. They had their phones taken away from them and they really had to communicate with each other and work together as a team."

"It was nice to do something different and the RAF base were fantastic."

Pulis Laments Late Kick-off

Of all the 22 Championship sides that will be on action on Saturday, Boro's will be the last one to kick-off. When asked how this might affect his team’s performance, Pulis lamented that playing in the late kick-off adds extra pressure on his team.

"The worst thing about the late kick-off is that most teams have played so they've got an advantage if they win and that puts a bit of pressure on you to win. But we have to get on with it."

Praise for Brentford

Coming into Saturday’s game, Brentford sit 15th in the table, with their last fixture before the International break seeing them loose 3-2 away at QPR. Still, as suggested by the comments of the Boro manager, he won’t take them lightly on Saturday.

"They've got an identity as a football club and Dean Smith did a fantastic job there and he got a reward by getting the job at Aston Villa."

"They have a way of doing that they stick to and they move into a new stadium. It's a tight ground down there at Griffin Park so it's going to be a tough place to go."

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