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  2. @SmogDane I've moved the posts about the shooting into the chattybox thread.
  3. When you say disgusting acts, are we talking about going around shooting people or derailing the thread?
  4. I'm just surprised that Borodane hasn't been on to suggest that we sign him.
  5. The thread has been derailed by crisps before… probably quite important we all learn and talk about what causes people to carry out such disgusting acts and maybe spot the signs early.
  6. Awkward subject change. Remind everyone fellas, what do you think of Aaron Connolly?
  7. Fair enough But it shouldn't be the first time this thread gets derailed .. 😉
  8. I’m among the belief you shouldn’t ever share any of this as it’s what he wants, infamy and to have his face over the internet. Let him and his awful beliefs die out please
  9. I know I'll probably come across as a dickhead here, and it's obviously a tragic and upsetting event, but I don't think a Middlesbrough transfer thread is the place to discuss an ongoing shooting incident.
  10. They have changed the story from four shooters to one shooter .. And they want people to send their videos to the police before sharing .. This is the youtube channel belonging to the captured shooter .. Shocking stuff
  11. Today
  12. As York play in red for a home strip so reckon we will see the away kit this week before the friendly
  13. That’s awful, my heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine how terrifying that would be.
  14. That's my thoughts aswell, I'm really hoping he's not there as that would probably mean that any deal is along way off
  15. Heard several dead 4 white shooters .. targeting muslim looking people in the mall - One shooter is captured
  16. I do think if he goes early this week things will start to move quicker towards the back end of the week and wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new names linked especially in those striker positions. Must admit I really want Armstrong though
  17. Yes, it should tell us a lot about how far along the deal really is. If it is anywhere near as close as was reported at the back end of this week you'd think we'd tell him not to bother coming back.
  18. Well yeah I’d agree with that. I think we probs will sign one before then though.
  19. Think it's Martin carter you're thinking of mate. The scout that picked out Djed and Izzy.
  20. Yeah, as I said but only if we sign a LCB before the first game. If not it will be those 3. No way is Bilongo starting v WBA. He won’t even be on the bench. The window is open for another 2 months. It’s entirely conceivable that we won’t sign a LCB before the first game, as much as we need one.
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