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  2. I got banned for calling someone a fanny and they complained to a mod.
  3. it's like Ramsdens consistency go out of their way to ruin our shirts tbh. I can't think of a single shirt they've sponsored that hasn't been completely trashed by their logo... maybe the year in the Prem, but then that kit was so abysmal that they couldn't really go wrong.
  4. 2 consecutive failed transfer windows, simple. Style of football aside, he came out at the start of the season and basically said we'd failed to get the players he wanted and would probably struggle to get promoted..
  5. Heh, the mass banning of 2016. Me, You and Will (who hadn't even done anything wrong if I recall.) My daughter had just been born so I wasn't that bothered. Other than that mod who was banned for homophobic comments, nobody has been banned since have they? And there's been a lot worse since then...
  6. Yesterday
  7. I don't think anyone has heard anything about anything really.
  8. So I'll just continue with what I asked before. Has anyone heard anything about Sheraldo Becker?
  9. Why don't you just call me a snowflake? It's much easier.
  10. I thought they were called the Social Democrats now.
  11. What has King Boro ever done to deserve such criticism? Posted doollaly off-the-wall comments? Posted ungrammatical , unpunctuated comments? Yes. He’s not alone (and I include myself). Has he deliberately set out to offend other users? No. Not as far as I’ve seen (unlike others I could mention). As I understand it, OneBoro is an inclusive site. That means INCLUSIVE. Which means there is room for everyone.
  12. It's just someone *** about on the internet. I doubt it's going to adversely effect anyone's lives on here.
  13. 2 guys holding icicles and a picture of a house?
  14. Well yes. I certainly laughed when I saw those photos.
  15. Checking this thread to see what exciting transfer developments have taken place today..
  16. Howay lads. Surely we can have a laugh. Lifes serious enough. Nothings happening anyway and when the serious stuff starts we can just ignore it.
  17. All individuality gets crushed on here eventually 😭
  18. Guys if we can get back on topic. I've issued a 24 hour posting ban to king boro to stop the madness for now while we figure out the best way forward. I'd appreciate if we dont keep talking about it because if anyone wakes up tomorrow and has to read anymore of this they'll have to chuck themselves in front of a car.
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