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  2. Disgusting attitude to have in my opinion. Gone way down in my estimation. Liverpool fans will defend them but it shows so much disrespect to both the competition and the opposition.
  3. Will

    'Other Boro stuff'

    There was literally no difference between the two 😂
  4. Uwe

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Those blue stick ins were Tony P’s favourite players. I heard he hugged each one and cried when he left. Mumbling “proper players” or something like that
  5. Just seeing if I have lost my touch been a while since I predicted and not to worry I ain't taking anyones place. D Hull v Brentford. D Birmingham v N/Forest. H Charlton v Barnsley. H Fulham v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Wigan. D Middlesbrough v Blackburn.( Savage.) H P.N.E. v Swansea. H Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. A Sheff Wed: v Millwall. H W.B.A. v Luton.
  6. ChipBarrington v Essuuaitch Blanco v RAF smog Smogsterking v Beanflickingchampion DZ v Trekkers OldManGravz v Oslo_Syd UweFuchs v Boro-unger Marvin v Maccarone Cyprusboro v Nawoo SmogDane v DanFromDownSouth Teacider v Boro 86 Misterweed v Xathras bearsmog v Borodane Smogzilla v Barticus ++++++++++++++++ Hull v Brentford. Birmingham v N/Forest. Charlton v Barnsley. Fulham v Huddersfield. Leeds v Wigan. Middlesbrough v Blackburn.(1st Goalscorer.) P.N.E. v Swansea. Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. Sheff Wed: v Millwall. W.B.A. v Luton. ++++++++++
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  8. Why on earth isn’t Howson being considered for the squad never mind the starting XI?!
  9. With a potential bench of Stojanovic, Ayala, Friend, Clayton, Saville, Johnson, Britt. Strongest the bench will have looked for a while
  10. Great to see the lads back in training
  11. They do not. Before Brexit, an inspired decision. They spent something like 60 mil on players in the last 5-6 years and made 69mil profit on the ones they sold, while still keeping some in their team valued very highly.
  12. Pears Fry Benkovic Gibson Spence McNair Wing Coulson Roberts Fletcher Tavernier 343 IP 523 OOP
  13. once we have proper defenders we can play our best team. atm we are considerably weakened by ayala being out and paddy playing in defence. leaves us less creative and weaker at the back. begovic/fry ayala gibbo spence saville paddy tav coulson roberts fletch thats a better team by miles. we'll win quite a few with them on the pitch.
  14. First rule change is as of 1st Feb UK clubs cannot sign under 18s from Europe. Not sure why that particular one but it's a start. I hope it gives teams more encouragement to invest in local players. Team like Boro seem to make a difference to a lot of kids in the region. I don't think Brentford have an academy do they? I don't think the Government can give football a free pass, and the EU certainly won't for players going the other way. It will be interesting if many UK born players abroad apply for different nationalities eg if they play and want to stay in Germany.
  15. Same. I was hoping for one CB and one wide player to compliment Roberts on right.
  16. It does look that way, which is a shame seeing as we are the second lowest scorers in the league. Maybe if we lose a midfielder we can bring in someone pacy/tricky for the left forward spot and go 433.
  17. His 13 year old daughter was on board too..
  18. Football Manager implemented a few different scenarios, including a foreign player limit, contract limits (eg £8000 p/w minimum) before eligible to play in the league. Interesting take on things, but it is certainly going to have a large impact on the non-super clubs. It wont impact FIFA/UEFA competitions, just the squad makeup and transfers. Expect the english player tax to go even higher.
  19. As we enter last 5 days the players we been linked with are all CBs in the last week. 1. Ben Gibson 2. Jack Simpspn 3. Filip Benkovic 4. Carter-Vickers Link in Gibbo is real. Link to next 2 seems to have some substance and link with Carter Vickers (so far) seems to lack substance. Dont think we been linked with a single attacking player in last week or so unless am mistaken. Therefore maybe we are looking at 2 defenders and we are done.
  20. Klopp's just said that neither he or the first team will be attending the replay at Anfield. Way to *** on Shrewsbury's bonfire. Really hope that the kids he does send get comfortably knocked out.
  21. Twas being sarcastic apologies it didnt come across in the post.
  22. ??? Leaving the EU has got nothing to do with FIFA and uefa. English clubs still have to take part in uefa competitions
  23. This is where I'd expect it to go. And that essentially means what could happen is starting with lower Championship clubs who don't give out big contracts, you'll see much less foreign influence. No more being clever in the market looking for cheap developing talent from elsewhere in the EU, no more Brentford's appearing and making a financially stable and developing club on the back of spotting and developing talent from across Europe. Not that it happens a great deal within the current league system but it does mean that top clubs with more money to spend will have a bigger market to purchase players in whilst the lower clubs have to fight amongst themselves to maintain and secure the best talent. That would start to happen with new contracts for EU players too, not just those being brought in from the EU. Every contract is probably going to need a new work permit. So clubs may start to shift out assets who won't be considered settled by the government. The EU settlement scheme is an absolute ***-take I've heard from some European citizens in our country, people who've lived and worked here for 20-30 years, contributing taxes whilst never having a say and still being denied. So whilst you'd think maybe with the spotlight of football has that it might be okay for footballers... I'm just not convinced. I'm sure there's various opinions on the board about whether this benefits the game or the country and whatnot; I'm of the opinion that it could affect a club like us in the transitional phase we're going through more than it could a club in the Premier League and I think there's far too much of that already in our league system what with the financial differences between even just the PL and Championship. Sure, we're not very savvy in the European market anyway but we could be if we actually tried. That possibility may be taken from under our feet. So even if we're just talking about football, what a self-inflicted wound this could end up being.
  24. At least the FA can make their own laws now not by the unelected bureaucrats of fifa and UEFA. We will also get back control of our Fishing so expect Jamie Pollock , Mark Fish and James Perch to thrive.
  25. And if any managers on the defeated side try to say anything about the game afterwards, the press will just shout: "YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!"
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