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  2. I'd try Tav at LWB with Payero in Tav's role cutting in on his right foot. I'd then play Balogun as one of the two Strikers in front of them. I reckon that trio would liven up our flaccid left side and get the blood pumping again. Tav has ability but it's just not happening for him. He is left footed, has a great engine, isn't afraid to get a tackle in or take a man on but he has struggled to convince in a series of roles and positions. To me LWB is the obvious role for him to excel in and to nail down as it suits his skill set.
  3. Wilder/Knill like to have right footers on the right and left footers on the left, so i don't see him coming in for Tav. I'm not sure i trust Payero to be as tactically aware as is needed to play in Howson's role. He might get there eventually but he's still getting to grips with English football and it's a critical role. Howson has done well under Wilder on the balance of things. As i said earlier, i don't think we need to throw the baby out with the bath water. We just need to make a few minor tweaks.
  4. I hope to god we ain't playing Mcgree left wing back he was signed to play where Tav does and give competition. Taylor is going to play there.
  5. Wilder specifically mentioned it when we signed him, so I assume that forms part of his thinking.
  6. Good points Rish. Imagine implanting Leadbitter into this team!
  7. At our best, Howson has been fantastic under Wilder. Last night wasn't good from him but lets not just forget his role in the last few weeks.
  8. The next line up will show what he thinks of Payero IMO because none of the CM covered themselves in glory and if there was ever a time for change to try something new, it's now.
  9. I've calmed down after last night now. Felt like the end of the world but can't win every game. Always feels worse when you haven't lost in ages.
  10. Going to put this in the bad day at the office category stupid error lost us the game should have been a draw as neither side were good. How we face and the result we achieve against Coventry is the most important aspect. Number of games being played tonight so we do need to recover quickly
  11. I don't think you'd have to shoehorn him in. No reason he can't take Howsons spot. Hell you could even give Tav a run in the middle with Payero going where Tav is.
  12. A total plodder to give another plodder a bit of competition to see who can be the shittest midfielder at the club.
  13. I actually think it's a good appointment. He did well at Crystal Palace, his age ensures that he'll be fine with the short term nature of the job, and he can go in the summer regardless. I hope it proves to be one, anything to get Newcastle down.
  14. Sadly beating Man Utd at their place, nope do not think so!
  15. There's no doubting he's got talent but if you shoehorn him into the team you lose a bit of balance. Tough for Payero.
  16. We've lost Tav's threat in the attacking third because he's not coming in off the right onto his left foot anymore. I think it's that simple.
  17. True, I guess there's always a balance between getting your best players on the pitch while not playing people out of position where you can help it. The old Gerrard/Lampard conundrum... Wish there was a way to fit him in though as I think he has the eye for a killer pass and a wicked dead ball.
  18. Crooks definitely has moments of pure sloppiness tbf, sometimes his passing is pretty woeful. But he clearly has many good qualities & has definitely been one of our best players this season
  19. Just an easy couple of quid isn't it? Go in, lose a couple of games, get sacked, get paid. Seems a great move for any manager not interested in managing for longer than a couple of months. I'm pretty sure Watford think they're onto a winning tactic when sacking managers all the time, too. Which is insane, really.
  20. Balogun looks like a left winger with pace to me , play him there, with Tav - McGree inside .
  21. Difficult to disagree with much that Humpty has said but I do think the last time we went up we had Leadbitter. His like is not in this team. I always remember his attack on Barton at Burnley. Barton looked - nothing much said. It was a "are we playing or are we fighting ?" discussion without the words Add his tactical naus and "backbone" and will to win. He's not with us anymore nor do we have an adequate replacement. It should be Howson of maybe McNair. When its not going well maybe its get Sol on and move McNair into the midfield. Sol has some of Leadbitters qualities
  22. The two of them could switch roles freely throughout the game too which could cause confusion amongst opposition defences. We need to do something about that left side anyway, Taylor offers nothing going forward, Tav works hard but is lacking a bit of quality in the final 3rd atm, even McNairs distribution has dropped in the last few games and though he gets forwards like wilder wants, he seems to get a nosebleed and his passing deserts him in the final third.
  23. Glad to hear the fan who collapsed during the game is okay. Do think that happened at a time when we were in the ascendency though. Connolly and Crooks both had great chances to score prevented by good Blackburn defending and that wasn't long before that incident occurred. Still not all that fussed about that one performance though. My only concern really is, whilst celebrating a late win is class, you don't want that to be a habit. Last night, our luck ran out on that front and we certainly had a couple of chances to come back into it. Crooks will be fuming he's missed the last one.
  24. I imagine he’ll to be brought in as competition for Howson. If it’s a cheap deal, I don’t see the issue. That would be two players for each midfield spot 👍🏻
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