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  2. If he was available for a Championship club, I would presume someone at the top end would want him.
  3. Seriously Bart I thought long and hard about that. I wanted to give all 3 points to you because at least you posted, then 2 of the no shows played each other and I wanted to just dock the game off without any points. But at the end of the day I thought to keep the peace I will just give 1 point each. Which I really thought was being unfair to you but ? I just wanna see the end of the season and we are not even halfway through it yet. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Ahh I see. He’d be a class signing if we could pull it off but can’t see it happening given the noise coming out of the club over the last 18 months or so.
  5. No source, just saw something saying he’s being called back to Chelsea. Would do a job for us as wing back or winger but yes I think you’re right about £ sadly. I know we’ve been in for him a couple of times in the past.
  6. Source? Surely we can’t afford his wages.
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  8. My comments are on the current team not teams of the past. I have not followed England with any particular interest over the years but the current side are young vibrant and fearless. They play a lovely brand of football and if you can’t enjoy them in their current guise then maybe international football is not for you. For you to pick holes in a defence that has conceded less than a goal a game over the entire campaign is pretty poor form for me. England look like some good times are coming for supporters. Enjoy it while you can.
  9. Jinx away my friend 🙏
  10. How much time have you actually spent watching England, over the last couple of decades? Did you follow them in 2010 in South Africa, or 2016 in Brazil? Or pretty much any tournament going back to 1996? Until last year, England have been "flat track bullies" to use a cricketing metaphor, or "dirty seal clubbers" to use a videogaming one. i.e. we're great at stomping weak opponents, but look pretty clueless as soon as we come up against decent opposition. Russia was the first time we'd made the semis of any tournament for 22 years. Not really that impressive a record. Yes, we have some great attacking players...and given good service they will score a boatload of goals. However, our defence is suspect against even "weaker" teams and we've kept clean sheets more by luck, or opponents' inability to finish, than good defending. Better teams are also more likely to dominate the midfield and make it hard for us to create scoring chances. We look particularly susceptible at set pieces and to counter-attacks. Thats not just me saying it - thats what the pundits think too. Also, with the greatest of respect, Ireland aren't usually expected to do well in tournaments anyway. IIRC the last time they really did well was USA 1994. Whereas England have had at least a couple of so-called "golden generations" of supposedly world-class players, who were great for their clubs, but failed to deliver for their country. That kind of repeated hype and failure can make one a tad cynical. So call me a miserable git, but I don't think England have done anything to justify some of the hype and praise on here. Last year was a good platform to build on, but thats all. Yes the current team has lots of potential, but also some glaring weaknesses that WILL be ruthlessly exploited by better teams. Prime example was last night's game. Good result (more impressive than Montenegro) and another clean sheet, but still some worrying signs at the back and careless midfield play.
  11. The Republic of Ireland may face Northern Ireland in the play-offs if they fail to beat Denmark, so that's fun.
  12. You know you bad when you can’t even beat a no show,
  13. D Bournemouth v Wolves H Blackburn v Barnsley. H Brentford v Reading. D Bristol Cty v N/Forest. (Weimann) A Derby v P.N.E. H Huddersfield v Birmingham. A Luton v Leeds. H Stoke v Wigan. H Swansea v Millwall. H W.B.A v Sheff Wed
  14. H Real Madrid v Paris St Germain............(Higuan) H Atalanta v Dinamo Zagreb. D Lokomotiv Moscow v Bayer 04 Lever:...(None) H Juventus v Ath:Madrid. A KRC Gent v R.B Salzburg.....................(Håland) A Slavia Prague v Inter Milan. H Zenit St Petersburg v Lyon. H RB Leipzig v Benfica.............................(Werner) H Valencia v Chelsea. A Lille v Ajax.............................................(Promes)
  15. Hehe. I've got so used to there being no goals in our games, I just assumed it was like that for everyone... Thanks though bud!
  16. Here comes the Jinx .. Denmark haven't lost in 20 odd games .. Including the world cup .. We drew with both France and Croatia .. The finalists .. Schmeichel saved 3 pennas, but Eriksen, Schöne and other missed .. against Croatia in a game we could have won in regular time .. I hope for a good game tomorrow and that Randolph have a good game .. only letting in the winner from .. hmm . Maybe braithwaite? 😄
  17. Yesterday
  18. Almost forgot - This day back in 1973, my favourite season following the Boro 17th November 1973 Boro 3 Cardiff 0 Thiscwas our 9th home game, we had lost the 1st fixture 2-0 & conceded 5 goals at home, now we are starting to find our feet, clicking as a team & motoring through this league & the return of Graeme Souness after a 2 match suspension, with deputising Bill Gates, his only start that season standing down With goals from David Mills, surprisingly his 1st home goal of the season, 2nd in total, John Craggs with his 2nd goal also & Malcolm Smith with his 3rd goal of the campaigne, keeping the Boro in the driving seat at the top of the table Big Jacks team Jim Platt John Craggs Frank Spraggon Graeme Souness Stuey Boam Willie Maddren Bobby Murdoch David Mills John Hickton Alan Foggon Davey Armstrong Sub Malcolm Smith - Coming off the bench to score our 3rd
  19. Don’t blame you MM. we all signed up to the same situation. Keep an eye on the predictions league and you will be fine
  20. Trouble is last season it was just a question of me posting PMs on Friday nights and getting peoples attention which is why we had good turn outs . This season however because of the new set up I cannot PM most people and I also cannot get in touch with most people on the @ connection as well. Very irritating to write a PM and then have the message come up that they are not excepting messages. Made the replays in the last round of the cup a farce with 2 moderators unable to receive messages. So now I have given up trying to do it at all.
  21. And there was me thinking I will give everyone a better chance by opening it up and making it "THE" first goalscorer not just from one team. 😄
  22. @boro-unger give yourself a better chance. Name who you think will be the first goal scorer in the Bristol v Forest match
  23. A Bournemouth v Wolves H Blackburn v Barnsley. A Brentford v Reading. H Bristol Cty v N/Forest. (A.Weimann.) A Derby v P.N.E. H Huddersfield v Birmingham. A Luton v Leeds. D Stoke v Wigan. H Swansea v Millwall. H W.B.A v Sheff Wed:
  24. Changing Times, the thing is for the past year, or so, I've been posting music threads, now & again, usually on a Saturday night I post often, this is the 1st time there's been any hint of an issue, not going to get in to rights & maybe's but unlike oneboro everything is under one roof, I honestly don't think I've done anything wrong
  25. Was supposed to be going to the game in the Aviva tomorrow against Denmark, but can't make it now. I'm sure it will be awful but hopefully we squeak a 1-0 win somehow.
  26. Cheers for that Motor Mouth, I love anything of old, I haven't been going as long as you, I started going late 71, well done on your continued support of our football club My mam lived on Canon Street
  27. And @SmogDane being your best mate on here? I’m shocked CT 😂😂😂
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