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  2. That is conjecture, we have no idea why he didn't crack the Burnley team.
  3. The club will be well aware of what condition Gibson is in, he's been training here for half a season!
  4. I totally agree with you, we have no idea if Gibson is up to the job he’s not played for 2 years and clearly wasn’t motivated enough to get anywhere near the Burnley team, if he wasn’t SG’s nephew, there is no way that we would be signing a player with that sort of track record. I’d rather hold on to Fry and bring Nathan Wood through.
  5. didn;t our CFO come from Charlton?
  6. Today
  7. Aye. The old "Bamford wanted to move to Leeds" tactic.
  8. It would also perhaps make it more understandable why Lee Bowyer's response is more one of acceptance rather than of anger.
  9. We have no idea what kind of player Gibson is anymore considering he hasn't played football for two years going into next season and you can gurantee that he will be on much bigger wages than Fry. And I'm still not totally convinced on Moukoudi, certainly not enough to brand him a better player than Fry or with more potential. I agree that if Gibson is as good as when he left us and Moukoudi can develop even further then yeah it sounds like smart business. If it somehow panned out like this: Sell fry at 20 mil Buy Gibson for 5 and Moukoudi for 3 It would be shrewed business on paper and would allow further strengthening elsewhere. But Gibson is sounding like an expensive gamble.
  10. That seems to be what nunthorpered is hinting at. They have been going through some major issues between their owner & their chairman, so it adds up. No concrete evidence yet.
  11. Boro given credit to season card holders accounts for the remaining four home games.
  12. That's the insinuation from various quarters - @nunthorpered mentioned it yesterday, and some journalists have started to pick up on it too. They needed to raise £700k by the end of last week, but each takeover fell by the wayside, mainly due to the make up of the debts at the club and how toxic their finances have become. It seems Taylor, Solly, etc have told the club they won't play and won't extend their deals to see out the season when they're not getting paid to do so. There's far more to it that meets the eye, and it's expected to come out into the open in the coming days. Charlton are in deep, deep trouble.
  13. If we can sell Fry for any kind of inflated fee and then put it towards perm deals for Gibson and Moukoudi, it sounds like smart business. Both much better players.
  14. Why are people saying Taylor is a disgrace? Do you go to work during a pandemic of a deadly virus without payment...? Doubt it.
  15. I agree. I’m really not interested in signing him. A total of what few resources we have.
  16. Will be much the same I would have thought. A few stinkers and some nerve-shredding wins against poor sides too. Our best defender and best attacker are back though, so that can't hurt.
  17. @RiseAgainst hope your family are all doing ok now. I hope we are ready as i hope we are in a better position than we were 3 months ago. We got some key players back who were not available last time. Ayala, Fry and Roberts who are huge for us. Fry has had an up down season but little doubting Ayala is our best defender and Roberts our best attacker so having them back i hope makes a big difference on pitch.
  18. FC Union Berlin v FC Schalke. D Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich. D Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin. H Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz. H FC Augsburg v FC Koln. H Fortuna Dusseldorf v 1899 Hoffenheim. D RB Leipzig. v FC Paderborn. H SC Freilburg v Borussia v Monchengladbach. A Werder Bremem v VfL Wolfsburg A 7th June 16.00hrs (Danish League) AC Horsens v Brondby IF. D
  19. Duvel

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Couldn't care less about Gibson to be honest.
  20. No, but then I'm not sure anybody else is. Luton have made a change in order to better prepare themselves I guess but generally speaking, I suspect clubs are not in a good place going into the restart. I suspect it will be much of a muchness across the relegation battling teams for the first couple of games and there won't be a great deal of momentum built. So taking it one game at a time is perhaps more important than ever.
  21. I've no issue with the club signing Lyle Taylor, at least not when it comes to his attitude. He's 30, and has played one half season above League One level, he'll probably never get a bigger move than his next one, the only chance of him moving beyond that is giving his all.
  22. A.FC Union Berlin v FC Schalke. A..Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich. H..Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin. D..Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz. D..FC Augsburg v FC Koln. A..Fortuna Dusseldorf v 1899 Hoffenheim. H..RB Leipzig. v FC Paderborn. H..SC Freilburg v Borussia v Monchengladbach. D..Werder Bremem v VfL Wolfsburg 7th June 16.00hrs (Danish League) A..AC Horsens v Brondby IF.
  23. It's impossible to tell before a ball has been kicked. We just started up last week in Denmark and only one full round of fixtures has been played and my own team has played one extra game that was previously postponed. It'v very clear to see who has been keeping in good shape during the lockdown and who has been taking it more relaxed. Some look like they've come back with a bang and a point to prove and others have come back looking heavy and not fully focussed. I guess it's like after any other pre-season. But the games are very competitive though and it's good to watch. By adding some crowd noise you don't ge the feeling that it's like a pre season training game.
  24. Shocking if true. I'd imagine Burnley aren't paying him if his refusing to come to work! If he wasn't a Boro lad I wouldn't go near him, but having those ties with Boro I can't imagine him ever doing something that could harm the club.
  25. I love how people are saying they don't want Lyle Taylor because of his attitude and refusing to play for Charlton, yet they are all for signing Ben Gibson. Ben Gibson didn't refuse to play for Burnley but he refused to train at Burnley which for me is just as bad.
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