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  1. Boro v QPR 1-3 1 2 3 4 35

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  2. Boro vs t'Owls (A) 0-1 1 2 3 4 29

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  3. Boro vs Leeds 0-0 1 2 3 4 35

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  4. Boro vs Doncaster (A) 1 2 3 4 25

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  5. Boro V Blackpool (A) 1 2 3 4 33

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  6. Boro V Bolton (A) 2-2 1 2 3 4 26

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  7. Boro V Reading 1 2 3 4 21

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      Missed the match, howd we get on?  Another latte lath goal! Forget 20 this boys scoring 30 next season man 
      There is something else to consider with Ayling.  He's had time here to get to know the club so if he's happy then that gives us an edge over other potentially interested clubs but also I assume he's in the position of not having to mess around moving house while he's playing for us.  At other clubs he might have to do that.  I don't know what his situation is regarding being married/kids etc but it's something I'd imagine he'd think carefully about if his career is likely to only go on for a couple more years.
      I did a feature on here about the Chesterfield game some years back that's probably hidden away in archives somewhere.     Thoughts of their captain Sean Dyche and your then Nigel Pearson in the run up to the game and reaction as it played out.      Didn't know today was the anniversary of the event until seeing some replies before logging out. Is it really 27 years, that's just absurd.    Can remember it all like yesterday, one of the best games a neutral can be involved in and then some.     They went 2 - 0 ahead and were then behind  3 - 2 before some Spireites (?) player scored at the very end to save it.    Even now looking back, it was surreal. Today there'd be no replay, not sure there'd be extra time either.     Back then before corporate greed and sponsorship really dug it's claws in the F.A. Cup was fun to watch and it held intrigue and suspense but it's just not the same any more.     Even to this day I wanted Boro to win against Chelsea in the Final. Must have been a crazy season for all involved up there with players like Juninho, Ravanelli and Emerson and Bryan Robson as manager - reaching both domestic Cup Finals in the same year but at the same time relegated out of the top league by the final game.     I don't support the club obviously but would imagine it to be the most memorable in the clubs history.    Probably not for all the right reasons, but memories and feelings you just can't overlook or that stay forever.       The League Cup win and European Run you had was great but 1997 just stands out for me as Middlesbrough's season and a half.      Incredible involvement for the fans it must have been.    
      Agree with what others said on Ayling - I don't think wages will be an issue. What I imagine will be an issue is the length of contract he looking for and what we are willing to offer. He is 33 in August and I imagine he will want at least a 2yr deal to take him to 35. Whereas I imagine we will want to offer him a 1yr deal. Albeit, I think we as a club are in a comfortable position with Ayling. If he stays, I imagine our fans will be content as opposed to ecstatic with Ayling and Smith as our two RB options. If he does get a better contract offer elsewhere then I imagine our fans wont be devastated he left given we have Smith as the experienced RB option and can look at a more youthful RB alternative.
      I don't know I really don't.    I mean we're on the verge of a great achievement, something unprecedented in 20 years or more and seem unable to finish the task. Maybe we've been away from the top league for so long the players and staff are actually afraid to get back or be involved once again.     It's like a shark attack on a small boat in shallow waters and wanting to get back into open water once again, that kind of thing.     Something that provides hesitation and trepidation and you're trying to find a way round it or overcome your fears.     Can't put it into the correct words but you get the idea.   I fact Boro did well today and could just as easily have taken three points back up the east coast.    Our goalkeeper was called upon more than once to make inspired stops and keep the opposition out.     I knew you'd be no pushovers, on the verge of the top six yourselves and beating Chelsea in a League Cup semi-final game, it was always going to be tough but with all respect I did somehow expect Town to win.    In our position and so close to making it there really isn't any other option in hoping for a win and three points but by each passing game it's becoming tougher and we're dropping points at a time of the season we really can't afford to. I suppose it's still feasible Boro could finish in top six, it remains a mathematical possibility but how much do the players there really want it.    By todays evidence you have the makings of a good team there and Latte Lath reminds me of Hamilton Ricard from years back in that he's a standout regular scorer and becoming something of a folk hero up there on Teeside.      I think you'll look back on the Hull game from the other night or at least by end of season and imagined you'd done better but it's all right, all teams are missing opportunities in this league and having regrets.    I can understand that entirely. In an ideal world I'd have you win as many remaining games as possible in the time left and finish in sixth position.     Either we'll be promoted by that time or we could well play again in the end of season play-offs.      If you play like today and believe in yourselves (and that nearest challengers can fall away) there's still time to make it, I'd suggest not to give up on the season just yet.  

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