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    • Getting Leo back was a joke the moment it was announced, it was so obvious why the club went for him. Someone posted on here that we wanted him back as keeper coach but he refused so we just offered first team coach job, if that’s true then it’s even worse. If one thing does my head in as much as our local obsession it’s our equally bad obsession with former employees. Even our one target for DoF job was an ex employee. If we had got round in then that would have gave us a management team of 6, of which 4 being former players/coaches. Its maddening how small our pool of options always seems to be, if there are rumours of a new ‘exciting’ backroom appointment you can almost guarantee it will be some uninspiringly boring ex/local.
    • we need a short term fix definitely. Like when Terry Venables came in to steer us clear. 
    • Definitely seems like Woodgate isn't cut out for it. But he's also not helped by his ridiculous backroom staff either, all equally as inexperienced in their roles as he is in his. And what on earth is Leo doing back? I'm sorry, I know his chest beating is popular with a lot of fans, but it just smacks of desperation from Gibson to appease the fans to me. 
    • Gibbo's preparing to fold the club up. That's the only logical explanation. The January window will be interesting...
    • Gibbos new estate is looking nice anyway.  Should distract him from this shower of *** club performance
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