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    • Come on though, we never really had a "process of creating a positive footballing identity", we had some talk about a "golden thread" and then instead we hired Woodgate and his merry band of inexperienced coaches, signed up three league one players who were eventually sacked off on loan, had about three games where we played this high press attacking stuff that was talked about before we dissembled to random team selections and tactics and sank into the relegation zone.   So long as we're not actually making any substantive changes to how the club is run (hire a DoF, get in a manager who actually fits this identity, sort out the scouting, actually look to Europe for players, etc) then it's all just a PR exercise to talk about an "identity". Warnock took Cardiff from relegation zone to promotion, rebuilt the team, didn't spend a fortune doing so, etc. I could understand Gibson deciding on giving him a year.
    • Gibson took a huge risk last summer to get to this point. I’m sure when Woodgate was appointed, one of the ITK posters on here said success would be finishing 4th from bottom and getting the wage bill down and players moved on. Warnock might be able to get us out of the bottom 3 - if so, we’re where Gibson wants us to be.    So big decision next. Does he trust a new manager, with or without experience to build a team long term. Or another short term fix? 
    • It worked for the last game so I am repeating the same for this match. Oh and I swear I had a small win on the lottery..   I can’t honestly predict a draw or a win without feeling hypocritical. I am a empty vessel and sorry to say I simply have no faith or hope left in me. I think we will be lucky to pick up any points and it’s just a painful period until it’s official and the last nail is hammered into the coffin and we can officially go into mourning.    I believe it’s terminal and it’s just a waiting game.    From the mood of those I talk to there is not a soul who believes we can stay up.    I hope as I do when I buy a lottery ticket but the chances of winning are probably the same. I’ll buy one tomorrow because if you're not in it you can’t win it. 
    • Revolutionary thought, but we could go for a young manager that is not totally inexperienced! It has been either dinosaurs or newbies under Gibson because he won’t “poach” another club’s manager. Dinosaurs tend to play negative football, e.g. Pulis, and get hate from the fans. The newbies have generally been awful at recruitment (Karanka the exception - but we had a DoF). If the next man’s job is to rebuild a passable championship side then a little experience or/and a DoF is a must have. Equally if the manager won’t commit to 3 years then they are not committed to a full rebuild so not suitable
    • I'd be quite happy to give Warnock the season and transfer windows, even if he just brings in some solid pros and we have a middle of the road season that's fine with me. The squad needs gutting and there's a lot of players leaving so maybe a season of having a decent manager who can build a good base for the next manager to build off rather than having them try to do it with a rag tag squad, similar to the Mogga and Venus(?) Era just before Karanka took over.
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