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    • Agree. He is still a bit green. But I think he's acquitted himself pretty decently, considering the circumstances. I also can't understand why Mejias wasn't the default replacement for Randolph. Guess Woody doesn't like him for some reason.  
    • In as much as he played one game against Man United in the League Cup, and in the subsequent defeat to Everton. Pears has already played more English league football than Meijas, and Meijas is 30. There's a reason we started playing an aging Greek journeyman over a keeper we'd signed from Real Madrid, and it wasn't because Dimi was an outstanding keeper. Plenty of time for Pears to develop his game, even if he's let in some questionable goals this season. Doesn't sound like West Ham will pay for Randolph from their fan writers, so he may well be here beyond January.
    • You can't judge any player on 1 game. Pears actually made a good double save when Swansea were only ahead by the penalty. He's also made good saves in other recent games. Check the highlights of the Charlton & Burnley games. But he's young, inexperienced and will make more mistakes than you'd expect from older players. Also, in fairness, its not like he's getting a lot of help from our defence.  
    • Pears is not a bad keeper, he's just not ready for the Championship. Why on earth we're not playing Mejias instead I have no idea, the guy has PL experience FFS!
    • Which is why it is SO urgent that Gibson takes action, sooner rather than later. Bad morale is like a disease that eventually infects everyone. Even the keen youngsters like Spence, Walker etc. will see whats going on, not see any light at the end of the tunnel and start thinking they may be better off elsewhere.
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