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    • I honestly can't see passed a 1-1 or 0-0 draw and I don't know whether that would be a good result or not. I reckon if we can get 4 points from Bristol City and Reading we will have cracked it. I once saw Ronan Keating in a Starbucks queue at Manchester Airport and as your all dying to know what he had he went for a Latte 
    • I can't help thinking that Warnock is being lined up as a DoF for next season, the way he talks about how the club needs to change with how they recruit and who they recruit seems to me that he may be here but more behind the scenes.
    • Only 2 home games left and we've not won at home in 7 months. I feel like we're bound to win one of them.
    • Brizzle have similar issues to us in a sense that they seem to shoot from distance or want to walk the ball into the goal. They are definitely there to be got at and have shown really poor form since their return from lockdown.  However we have the worst home record in the league so I’d happily take a point from this game    Met Keith O’ Neil on stag do in Leeds. However as I was a bit pie eyed and his hair has gone completely grey I accidentally directed a question to his brother rather than him (after about 10 mins of chatting🤦‍♂️)  But it was all taking in good humour 
    • The game against Millwall was the first chance I have had to see us play this season and I was quite impressed. Especially after what I have been reading all season. I predicted a 1-1 Draw against Millwall. So I will go for the same. TBH I will happy with anything other than a defeat.   I met Dave Lee Travis when he was a radio one DJ. (Only oldies will remember him) in the NAFFI at Church Fenton. Decent bloke. But didn't buy a round. 😁
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