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    • You'd be picking fights too with the likes of Woodgate and Downing causing discord in the dressing room.
    • We’ve got the following problems -  1 - a manager with no long term attachment to the club. He will try to do his best but ultimately it’s not the same knowing he won’t be here next season.    2 - a squad of players who are coming to the end of their time with boro. Some are on loan and some are moving on. Reality being that they don’t care about the shirt and will leave boro when we go down anyway. Can a manager who isn’t attached to the club long term motivate players who are about to leave? The last two games would suspect not.    3 - our style of play has again changed with a new manager. Evidence would suggest that it isn’t suited to our players. (We can’t cross or score from set pieces).     4 - coming out of COVID is always going to be tricky, but we are going down without a whimper. It literally feels like De Ja Vu form the prem season when we played Swansea today. Just waiting for that moment to come where the players are revved up and raring to go. Alas, it didn’t come.    5- the final problem we have is that teams around us are picking up points. They look like they want it more and it just pains me to see us shaft it each time we play a game. 
    • I was going to suggest Vatican City FC, but seems that they only have a national team and the head honcho supports Argentina....not that its helping them much either
    • I put this question in the match day thread but, serious question, is there any other club in the land that gives their chairman godlike status and forgives him for every mistake he makes regardless of how disastrous it has been for their club?
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