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    • I’m guessing no one knows the answer then? 
    • Started off with a Sinclair ZX81 then when i asked for a Spectrum or C64 like my friends my parents bought me an Amiga 800xl instead. Owned a few Amiga 500's, N64, Sega Saturn, PS1, Gamecube, Xbox 360 & 1. Recently built myself a PC for gaming & streaming and I'm currently enjoying Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
    • Moses..........with our scouts, we would probably end up with the original version........mind you, if he could split a defence like that day by the Red Sea, he would be worth having  
    • Boro this day 18th November 1972 My 2nd ever away Boro game when my dad took me & his ICI work colleague to the Sheffield Wednesday game, my previous away game was Boro's last away game on the 11th which seen us win 1-0, courtecy of a John Hickton goal I remember we went in a pub before the game, I was 12 so drinking soft drinks At the game we sat in the seats that were put in for the 66 world cup took   John Hickton scored a penalty to put the mighty Boro in front, this was his 3rd goal v Sheff Weds in 5 games against them since we signed him from Sheff Weds, his 1st goal at Hillsborough though  The afternoon didn't turn out to good a day for big John, or the Boro fans         Jim Platt saved a 1st half penalty from Tommy Craig, the referee deemed Jim had moved to soon & the spot kick was retaken, again jim Platt was to be successful a 2nd time & dived the right way to save the 2nd spot kick                                                                                Sheff Wed equalised on half time & the 2nd half was one way traffic, eventually we couldnt cope & Tommy Craig, who missed the 1st half penalty, scored a scorcher, I can still see him running away towards their kop with his arms aloft We had led, Jim Platt had saved 2 penalties & we lost 2-1, 2 away games for me, one win & a loss, welcome the the Boro son   Stan Andersons team Jim Platt Peter Creamer - 5th appearence out of 6 that season  Frank Spraggon Nobby Stiles Stuey Boam Willie Maddren Bill Gates Eric McMordie David Mills John Hickton - 4th goal of the season David Armstrong Sub Gordon Jones - Final appearence as sub,  he started a further 8 games
    • So we shouldn't get too excited about this England team despite recent youth injection, attacking style of play, Russia World cup Semi-Finals and a comfortable Euro 2020 qualification because of past failings ?
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