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    • I've always kind of enjoyed being that ugly team that no one wants to face (or watch) 🤠
    • good win that. its great going onto the other teams messageboards and seeing the same comments after every game. here are the typical ones.  Boro are terrible, diabolical, very poor, awful team etc etc. often the same posters comments say we(not us) cant pass the ball, we keep hoofing it long, our midfield are awful. only 1 shot on target all game --------------------------------- for any oppo fans, yep other teams struggle against us because, we work harder, close down faster, tackle harder and we are more organised and actually have several really good players. just want to hope we dont start scoring more because we'll take some stopping.
    • We haven’t conceded a goal from open play yet in 8 games. Penalty and corners only.
    • BBC Tees said that the touted McNair swap was with Stoke for Sam Clucas. McNair has been brilliant so far this season so it seems like it was the right decision to keep him.
    • I'm delighted with the win. Warnock has worked absolute wonders with Fry, Dijksteel and McNair. This season I think we're going to be similar to our promotion winning team under Karanka, with the way that we'd do well against the better teams and struggle against the not as good teams. Finding a knack of winning them games like today is going to help us repeat them gritty wins against the lesser sides. Our style of football is going to be frustrating at times, sure, but I can easily accept it as we're going in the right direction after several years of drifting backwards in a seemingly unstoppable manner until Warnock came in. Considering the shambolic state that we were in last season, the incredibly tough opening fixture list and the disappointment in the transfer market, Warnock has done a fantastic job to turn us into such a highly effective team in such a short space of time. Some fans were similarly moaning about Karanka's style of play in our promotion season. However, he got us promoted in the end and even the most idealistic of us will have fantastic memories from his time here; certainly more good memories than the three and a half season since he left when we've had next to no good memories. If Gibson's track record is anything to go by then we're going downhill whenever Warnock leaves anyway so maybe we can stockpile the negativity to one side for then? We may as well try to enjoy these times of *fingers crossed* getting results ugly before Gibson plays “Teesside managerial roulette” again and appoints Roy Chubby Brown as our next manager after he convinces him through a Powerpoint presentation that he can get us playing football just like Liverpool. It's also worth noting how much our home record has improved. Even under Warnock’s games last season we really struggled at home. Last season overall we won 6, drew 8 and lost 9. So far this season we've won 2, drew 2 and lost 0. We're undefeated in 7 league games now too. Lets try to enjoy it.
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