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    • I was thinking an offer more like £10K but then again I don't think he has fit into any Manager's system since he has been here so unless we build a team around his strengths I don't see what he brings to the table. Due to those limitations I would let him go in January if someone did offer him something just to save on the rumoured £35K a week (around a £1M of wages saved). It would leave us light on Strikers but I reckon we could take a budget gamble elsewhere and save ourselves a fortune and be no worse off. Its not going to happen of course as nobody will buy anyone who has 6 months remaining of a contract, they will just sign a pre agreement but if they did urgently want him I wouldn't stand in his or their way. A Premiership loan could more than adequately cover plus Fletcher would be returning soon.
    • Just to be clear you will author the next game when Boro lose or draw either today or later on. Example if we win tonight I stay onto author the next game and will continue until we lose or draw
    • He's never going to get the same contract anywhere else, so perhaps he'd be open to a new three year contract on say 25k instead of risk being without a club in the summer. Just this season it's become pretty apparent that a lot of players find it hard to get contract offers. I would still assume that he will get offers on a free, but not close to what heis on here. If he is happy he could well think that we will offer him the best deal perhaps with a Prem club release clause.
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