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    • It’s ok, we haven’t finished discussing wingbacks yet👌
    • I’m certainly not knocking the government for the support schemes, I’ve benefitted myself from the self employed grant, I’m just hoping that it will be continued as I’ve done just eight days work since lockdown.    My argument is, if governments can find money to fight unnecessary wars (the two listed above in particular) it can find the resources to keep the economy going.  I’m neither a Tory or Labour voter, but I do think the Tories acted too slowly and that the Labour Party have been ineffective in opposition, although I think part of the reason for that is that Labour don’t want to oppose the measures too strongly for fear of splitting opinion and causing disruption amongst the general public.    As for football league clubs, it’s not their fault, but the fact that mediocre players are earning more in a week than the PM earns in a year does lead me to question the way clubs are run financially. In a lot of cases it’s all a massive gamble to get promoted and as my old man used to say if you gamble, you have to be prepared to lose. 
    • So its okay to spend a million quid on something completely non essential and ego driven in the middle of a global pandemic leading to a global economic crisis? And then call it dumb to criticise it?  To be honest I could spend all day listing the ways in which this government (which has been picked by boris on the basis of brexit support rather than any form of competence) has failed its people, but i learned a long time ago that facts mean nothing to people when it comes to this stuff, its all tribal.  For the record, I do not support Labour, or any British party. Id like us the hell out of the "Union". But thats a whole other topic that I'm really not getting into on a boro forum!
    • It is hugely worrying. The only glimmer of light is that all sports have been suffering due the lack of crowds...football, rugby and cricket most notably. They've all been sending representatives to speak with Oliver Dowden (Culture Secretary) to highlight the seriousness of the situation. They are all now saying they can't survive much more of this. We can only hope this leads to some action.  
    • They won't. That's the simple answer. None league clubs will go under for sure, all the national league clubs will, 99% of leagues 1 and 2 and probably 50% of the championship.
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