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    • There was synergy between the Ipswich Players, something that was understandably clearly missing from us. As individuals, Ipswich are a decent team but nothing special at this level. Their togetherness, sympatico and understanding separates them from sides with a similar quality level of squad. The Tractor men's organisation and understanding was in complete contrast to our dysfunctional efforts to get control especially in midfield and attack. Crooks was lost without Jones, Rogers battled but he doesn't seem to have a defined skill set that we understand or utilise as yet. Greenwood was on another planet to the rest of his team mates, even seemingly detached at times. As a consequence ELL had little to work with, Engel got down the left flank but there was no understanding between him and Rogers and as a knock on consequence affecting service to ELL. On the opposite flank RVB doesn't offer any credible attacking threat and Greenwood as mentioned seemed to be going through motions or just completely ignorant of the role handed to him. Crooks was playing balls into areas that Jones would be running into or anticipating but Greenwood wasn't Jones. In fairness to Greenwood he isn't a Jones style of player and looked a fish out of water wide right. Midfield saw Howson and Barlaser struggling in combat duels and largely ineffective in setting up attacking moves because nobody was where they would expect them to be. Overall as Eric Morecombe might have reflected, all the right notes just not necessarily in the right order.
    • Its refreshing to see young managers come in to the game with no fanfare of how good they'll be based on their playing career, the Ipswich manager took over last season & quietly assembled a nice, tidy team that could win 2nd consecutive promition, a nice change from the Rooneys, Gerrads, Lampards & our Keanes of this world, who the media go into overdrive telling us all, these ex footballers  have all the credentials to become top managers based on who they are
    • The constant negativity must have had some effect.  It has been a tidal wave all week.  If you cant think positively - you can't be positive. That includes not only players but management team also It is always good to have one player on the field who doesn't accept defeat "leader" if you like.  That could have made a lot of difference Did their defensive system offer us any pointers that might benefit us ?  
    • @diggerlad07. You heard what positions club looking to strengthen in January mate? I think its safe to assume CB and CF but any talk of a possible RB?

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