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    • ive been scrambling around asking for any bits from the guys i know that have access to info and what i can disclose is slightly more encouraging than some of the suggestions ive read thus far.  None of the CURRENT loans will be here after they expire but we have looked into financing a way of signing Bolasie, doesnt look promising so far though. Ive managed to worm out four names regarding genuine interest , two of which are from premier league clubs so im assuming loan deals the other two are a champpionship striker and a left backfrom div 1. the two premiership loans could be good if they happen as they are key positions( gk and central defender)and both internationally capped .
    • It's not on tbh, he can have whatever political views he wants but whilst representing the club in any kind of official capacity they shouldn't be aired.
    • Didn't really want to bring it up because I didn't want to start a political discussion on here. But it's embarassing, unprofessional and completely expected. He's done it before at other clubs, doesn't give a damn that he might be alienating half of the fan base. One of the major reasons I didn't want him here in the first place and id actually been pleasently surprised that he'd not gone there. Till now
    • I wasn’t a fan of the content particularly but he shouldn’t be using official channels to air his own political views imo. He should stick to his mandate.
    • Boro squad only getting 3-weeks off before they return on a staggered basis for light training https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tough-summer-programme-boros-injured-20559964

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