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Sky Super 6

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Soccer Saturday Sky Sports Super 6

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    • Wasn't Am I Evil Diamond Head (NWOBHM) rather than King Diamond?
    • The Mackems I know are all delighted he's gone.  The football was terrible apparently, amongst other things.
    • Respectfully disagree. Two thousand people make most of the noise in the Riverside, so if we just let Red Faction in, I doubt the players would notice any difference in atmosphere compared to a pre-COVID matchday!
    • There are some really weird things happening in my web browser - and as I typed that sentence, I suddenly got an 'advert' from Sky which I couldn't click back from, and had to close the browser to get rid of. On full-screen, ads are making the on-page content appear less than half a page wide, but when I have the OB forum half-screen in Chrome (on a Windows 10 PC), I have to scroll left and right to read every post. The uncancellable pop-up ads are also getting quite annoying. Screen grab attached for reference. (I am a Sky broadband customer, BTW) 
    • I'm not sure a couple of thousand people will make much of a difference?  I can't say I'm too bothered about going back until everyone is going to be back, if for no other reason than the atmosphere will be rubbish.  May as well just stay at home and watch it on a stream.
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