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    • I've given the board a bit of a break from my rantings so apologies in advance for those of you who'll read this.  I'm so so sick of how amateurish this club is being run right now. Honestly this season is the first where results don't even particularly bother me anymore, honestly id forgotten about the result until my dad told me about it.  This season is absolute car crash. The summer should've been the perfect time and opportunity to bring in a decent manager who can work with low budgets, but instead we've just wasted it on an amateur who's almost been given a blank card to do what he likes with little repercussions from the above because it would mean Steve having to admit he was wrong.  Having to rely on untested youth just simply because successive managers have spunked money on absolutely awful players, and the top brass have refused to intervene, or at worst they've encouraged these signings.  I'm so fed up with this appointment in particular, because I can't see how any other manager who's only produced 4 wins this close to Christmas would stay in a job, with his only main attribute being that he's a Teesside lad.  And that brings me to the Crux of the problem. The parochialism, the whole "local lad, he's a local lad, proper Boro, Boro through and through him" is killing the club. Karanka, an outside appointment was the first time the club seemed to be even vaguely professional, yet after being failed in the Transfer window, he was sacked and replaced with a god awful manager in Steve Agnew.  The club's transfer policy refuses to look further than the south coast for players, yet some of our best value players were overseas.  Club is an absolute shambles from top to bottom at this moment and nothing at all will change. Well just plod on from loss to loss to draw to unconvincing win. 
    • 4 wins all season is a joke.  Any other manager that wasnt Woodgate would be long gone by now.  In the summer, fair enough, give a rookie a chance. But by christmas time more damage will be done by not getting rid of him.  It is a results business. Repeat. It is a results business.  Woodgate should do the best thing for our CLUB and walk away. Admit defeat and that he was out of his depth.  Gibson should have done this weeks ago. But alas. Here we are.  4 wins all season. 5 points off rock bottom. With the squad we have???? Just when will the tipping point be?
    • It's becoming quite comical now isn't it seeing Woody come up with the same excuses and then the player doing the player reaction more or less saying the same thing lol
    • Just another one to add to the ‘unlucky’ list...
    • Swansea v Boro 14-Dec-2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WHSDQWP
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