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    • Hi Erimus. I trust you are well. In the photo you've posted on the other forum (I'm not a member there, hence my reply here!) the date on the sign is correct except that the sign writer has got the year wrong. He's presumably forgotten that January is the start of a new year. It's one of a series of photos that were taken at Ayresome Park by a freelance photographer working for the Daily Mirror on Sunday 16 January 1972. The supporters are queueing for tickets for the FA Cup Third Round Replay against Manchester City, Boro having drawn at Maine Road the previous day. The happy days when a draw in the FA Cup on a Saturday would mean a replay on the Tuesday and not much time to sell tickets!
    • https://www.boro.support/middlesbrough-supporters-forumminutes-42-with-neil-warnock/
    • Background or gender should not matter, only issue should be competence, may have just been a day where something put her off...   I assume facts about each club are relayed through earpiece and if person relaying info mishears, then she is sold down the river, I've seen better and I've seen worse and I am sure that they are already discussing what went wrong. If it was down to her, then it's a learning experience and if it wasn't hopefully she lets them know it....   if she does next round draw and handles it better, she will be Ok, but for whatever reason, tonight did not show her at her best
    • Where is the transcript please mate?
    • Ah she's on the radio mostly I think?  Sure I've heard her on Talksport before.
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