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A home for all Match Day threads for the 2019/20 season

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    • Birmingham  v  Blackburn. D Millwall  v  Cardiff. A P.N.E.  v  Leeds. A Q.P.R.  v  Reading. H Sheff Wed:  v  Stoke. H Bristol Cty  v  Charlton. D Derby  v  Wigan. H Fulham  v  Luton. H Huddersfield  v  Middlesbrough. H (NO Scorer) N.Forest  v  Hull. H
    • The big worry for me is not only is woodgate not getting the best from any player, but a handful have actually regressed. Wing, Clayton, Fry, Britt are looking pretty poor this season. Thats why I think it’s harsh to judge Dijksteel and Bola when even our established players are not playing well.
    • It’s ironic that the gazette slated karanka after he got sacked saying stuff like he took total control over the club etc, now Gibson wanted it back.  Well if that’s true that he took total control maybe karanka should be the one running the club, he took us from bottom half to premiership in 3 seasons. Yes it went pear shaped but he left us £180m better off and in a far better state than he found us. Now that the saviour has took control he’s took us right back to where we started within 3 seasons.  Interestingly, a team down the road who are apparently a ‘laughing stock’ employed another villain from that era, victor Orta, who has spent a total of £11m (not including loan fees) putting together a team that is 2nd.  All the evidence is there that our hierarchy can no longer run a football club, badly let down our best manager in years and we’re to egotistical to accept any of the blame after ripping up anything karanka had touched.
    • We have had spells of better play in other games too... Bristol City, Luton and Brentford springs to mind.  And last WBA was the most recent game and hopefully an indicator of more like it to come, which will se us harvest enough points to survive this "transitional" season 😉
    • Yes. Even if it meant selling Randolph. We badly need strategic governance and a long-term plan. Since Aitor left, we've been rudderless and disorganised as a club, which is largely why we're now staring into the abyss of League One and comparing ourselves to STID-season-one Sunderland. It feels like nobody has really been in charge behind the scenes for a long time, and I don't believe for one second Pulis was involved in the 'root and branch reforms he claimed to be. A well chosen DoF could develop a five-year plan for the club and oversee it's execution. Without a plan (or even a recognisable identity on the pitch), we will gradually sell all our best players and then limp along in the lower reaches of the Championship until either (a) Gibson sells the club or (b) we luck out with another manager who can take £100,000 signings and turn them into players who are among the best in the league. A plan, a plan, my keeper for a plan...
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