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    • Simple answer to this thread title was that we employed him. One style that mainly kept teams from going down not going up. Statistics show to get out of this league you need attacking football. Defending and hoping to nick it doesn’t work, especially against other teams who turn up to park the bus. Fans expect a side struggling in the prem to play defensively away at old Trafford but not when you’re one of the favourites in the championship at home to Millwall or Bolton.
    • I got banned for calling someone a fanny and they complained to a mod.
    • it's like Ramsdens consistency go out of their way to ruin our shirts tbh. I can't think of a single shirt they've sponsored that hasn't been completely trashed by their logo... maybe the year in the Prem, but then that kit was so abysmal that they couldn't really go wrong.
    • 2 consecutive failed transfer windows, simple. Style of football aside, he came out at the start of the season and basically said we'd failed to get the players he wanted and would probably struggle to get promoted..
    • Heh, the mass banning of 2016. Me, You and Will (who hadn't even done anything wrong if I recall.) My daughter had just been born so I wasn't that bothered. Other than that mod who was banned for homophobic comments, nobody has been banned since have they? And there's been a lot worse since then...
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