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    • I posted it a few days back. We can’t afford to pay Roberts and Bolasie. If City take PB back then there is a chance that YB could be back on the agenda.
    • So this exclusive source is just a punt based on zero info. Lazy journalism ah he's not playing they must be thinking of ending his contract and getting a replacement surly. 
    • I wonder when Warnock wins us the playoffs end of the season and retires. We maybe able to get Lampard in 😉
    • 1 Did Sunday’s game make you wish you’d never got into football in the first place? 2.       Since we lost the last game, should we be expecting to win this one? Totally expecting a bounce back win  3.       Can you name eleven fit Boro players and put them into some semblance of a formation? Bettanali  Spence Dijksteel Mcnair Bola          Howson Saville Morsey  Watmore.                                    Johnson                             Britt 4.       If we could resign one Boro player from the last ten years, who would it be, and why? Ramirez as he's exactly the type of player who we kinda need to sign again to truly have a shot at promotion. 5.       Have you been in an accident in the last five years that wasn’t your fault? Nope lucky to say I haven't 
    • He played 3 games to be fair, not sure you can read a lot into 3 games
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