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Discussion for all things non-Boro, including other football (Premier League / England / international and non-international football), other sports, music, television, gaming and the 'Chattybox'.

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    • We've got to come out of the blocks fast and on the front foot, vital that we get that early goal, because the more the game goes on without scoring, that's when we get frustrated and allow the opposition chances. We have got to create  the goal scoring opportunities for Britt, its no good him feeding off scraps, but other players are going to have to start weighing in with a few more. McNair needs to be getting in the box and Tav and Wing both can hit a ball outside and around the box and Woodgate needs to encourage them to do this. I think the only way I see Woodgate changing the side is if we have an injury beforehand. No excuses or hard luck stories, anything less than 6 points from the next 2 home games is a failure, we have got to be winning them.  
    • They have a goalkeeper on their books called Will Mannion, which is just one letter away from the great man's name.  One letter in a game like this can be crucial. I assume we'll have the same team out unless we've suffered some injuries over the break.  I haven't heard anything though.  My instincts would be to switch to a back four but that's more about me not being convinced that the current set up is the way to go for us.  We've got to hope that Assombalonga's confidence is up a bit because he looks like the only person capable of scoring goals for us with any regularity - it's time that a few other players stepped up and contributed goals. We might have a problem defending our flanks given we'll have wingbacks and they won't and they are good on the break, which is another problem as I think our midfield is crap at defending counterattacks in general.  Their away record is actually pretty good, which is a bit of a worry as it may well suit them.  I don't fancy going a goal down against this lot as I think it will play into their hands.
    • The issue of Russian interference on Oneboro has been massively overblown ♟️
    • Why does the MFC Fans Forum have to be about things affecting the average Boro fan as a priority?  Read that question to yourself a few times and see if you can come up with an answer.  If you can't then I'd suggest you are the one missing the point rather than anyone else.  Let's start a forum for dialogue with the club and then prioritise the interests of the smallest number of Boro fans possible and indeed people who aren't actually Boro fans at all.  That seems like a logical use of such a vehicle assuming of course that it's less about being a method for Boro fans to communicate with the club and more about being a socio-political group. In terms of race and sexuality, I haven't seen anything in the minutes regarding either of those subjects.  So whilst you may well feel they are massively important, they don't appear to be taking up much of the time of this forum.  I'm also not sure what the forum itself can do that the individual groups aren't already doing as I assume the likes of Boro Fusion and Rainbow Reds are groups devoted to this stuff? I couldn't give a *** who the chairman endorses as a political party candidate.  It has absolutely nothing to do with me and it has absolutely nothing to do with this group.  He's entitled to vote for, endorse or think whatever he likes about politics, as is everyone else.  The fact that you've brought this up illustrates the political side of this and why the priorities probably won't be the average Boro fan unfortunately and of course why you'll be fine with that. It isn't a choice between supporting people in poverty or reducing the price of tickets.  One has nothing at all to do with the other and only one of them has anything to do with a Middlesbrough Fans Forum but you seem to be confused about which one it is.  Again, that's because of your own politics, which should have no place in a forum like this.     
    • Of course we can, not saying we can't, apologies that I misread your response and I was partly tackling CT's response too and maybe conflated both responses into one in mine. I was simply trying to tackle the idea that there is any triviality in tackling those things, the idea that they're not important for a supporters club to help deal with and really that ticket prices are more important than those things that have been tackled by the group. Of course I don't agree that the conversation is always in the direction I'd like too, thus why I'd like us to be able to be part of it and put our heads together and come up with a reasonable proposal that both explains why what we're doing is bad and examples of how we could be doing better, why the current status quo is considered among fans on here to be so unacceptable. As I said, without being part of the discussion, we can't affect anything. We might not affect it by being part of it either, we might get hounded out for holding a different stance but we certainly won't have a significant voice if we don't try to get involved to begin with.
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