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    • Yes I can’t argue with that @TLF10 this season is a write off. We need to stay in the championship and try build for next season.
    • Agree @Blanco. Happy to have him if sums add up for 6 months. If we can get him, plus 2 wide players n a striker i will be happy.   Maddison seems to be one of the wide players we want Jack Clarke or someone else on loan and a striker. Someone mentioned Clarke Harris from Bristol. Hopefully signings in Jan can be a mix of maybe 2 permanant signings n 2 loan signings. If its only loan signings in Jan it makes a huge job of rebuilding in summer a monumental one. So if we can start the long term rebuilding with 1 or 2 permanant signings in jan that be good
    • Top work @boro-unger. Great post. I do not expect McNairs red to be overturned and if JW looks at it properly its not even worth appealing it. (Now i said that it probably will get overturned) Think team and subs picks itself given lack of numbers: Pears Howson Ayala Fry Spence Tav Wing Sav Coulson Fletch Britt Subs: Meijas, Wood, Bola, Clayton, Marv, Rudy, Walker My heart says a nervy 1 nil win. Am trying to be positive so i wont share what my head is saying
    • I think bringing Ben Gibson back makes sense. He is a proven performer in this league. Bringing players up from the league below is a risk and we have showed that with our summer purchases.  We need players who can guarantee that they can perform at this level. 
    • And there was me thinking after Saturdays game that pantomime season had started a little earlier this year. But it makes more sense now you mention it to keep the wage bill down with suspensions.
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