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    Can’t believe that people on here are condemning a possible signing because of rumours that he dealt drugs. One thing or squad is crying out for is someone that can distribute well 😳
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    Fletcher is close to signing a new contract.
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    Brentford fan here. What an odd game. Felt the Boro had bigger chances to be honest. Main reason I wanted to come on here was to say that during the 20 game unbeaten run, the Boro games were 2 which standout as games that could’ve gone the other way . It feels weird saying that after a 1-4, but at 1-1 there were clear moments which could have twisted the game. Seems Warnock is building something to me with a good window which will need time to bed in. Personally, I can see Boro/Blackburn challenging Reading for playoff spot. Might not be the last we see of each other. Could easily be a 3rd vs 6th playoff! I’m hopeful of top 2 and think we have the quality, but with injuries and bad luck you just never know. Anyway, good luck for the season and here’s hoping we can go see our respective teams in action in person soon
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    Hi all, Cardiff fan in peace always had a soft spot for Boro ever since seeing your support in Cardiff early doors in the FA cup in the 90's. Anyway after reading some comments about it will be a walk in a park for Cardiff, I dont think it will be. We are beginning to look tired, we are not used to the high press we are currently playing at the moment, if the scores are remaining level after 70 mins then I can see you sneaking something. You have a manager who knows how to grind out results in this division, so its not all doom and gloom for you. Anyway i hope we win on Saturday, but after that I hope you at least make the playoffs. All the best to you 👍
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    In terms of ability, Fisher is a good defender. He has good pace, is very aggressive, can get up and down, and is good 1 vs 1. However he is quite a volatile character and gets booked very regularly for silly things, and at times ends up being a bit of a liability. One of his defensive weaknesses is that he isn't strong in the air defending his back post. If Warnock can get the best out of him, like Neil has in spells, he will be a decent signing for you on the cheap. He does miss a fair few games with small niggles sometimes and that maybe hinders his consistency. Not sure why he is leaving, his contract is running down, manager apparently likes him yet he wasn't offered another deal.
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    The amount of people here writing spence off is full on depressing. He's 20 years old. 90% or players his age are playing in the u23s. He's got a long way to go and a long time to get there so how about we support him instead of nailing him every chance we get?
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    Thoughts and prayers with Robin Johnson at this difficult time.
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    👀Thanks for the invite, really appreciate it.
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    Derby v Boro. 13th February 2021. 15:00. Pride Park. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the second edition of Choose your own Boroventure! Some of you may remember, many years ago in the Pre-pandemic era (November 2016 to be precise): Boroventure part one. Well, the stars have aligned as it turns out it’s my turn to author a MD thread on the same week I’m off work and have bugger all to do thanks to a global pandemic... The premise, if you've never read the books when you were little (did you not have a library card?!), is simple. I will spin a wonderous narrative with many different paths down which you can wander. You must pick between the two or more options at each point by clicking the link you prefer. But beware! some of the paths lead to misery, heartbreak and your untimely demise. What adventure will you go on with the mighty Boro today?! Be sure to share which ending you get first (although you can retry as many times as you like.)! Important Note: after clicking a link, don’t scroll! Please give your browser a few seconds to finish loading after clicking to take you to the correct post. Also note: No cheating by reading Ahead! Begin here: It is a chilly morning. You look at your car dashboard, which tells you it’s 08:03 on Friday 12th February 2021. You are going in for your first day at your new job, First team coach at Middlesbrough Football Club. As a lifelong Boro fan, the job is a dream come true (and you are still quite surprised that Neil Bausor head-hunted you from your job stacking shelves at Lidl, but who are you to argue…). You can’t wait to get in and meet Neil Warnock and the players. You park up at Rockliffe in your Fiat 500 and head into the training ground. A man at the door sprays some chemicals in your face and tells you to put a mask on. You oblige. As you walk into reception, the (rather attractive) receptionist looks at you, surprised “Oh, are you the new cleaner?” “Oh, no, I’m here for the First team coach position. Neil said to report to reception” "Err, yeah"
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    There is almost zero chance of this happening going by past behaviour from Gibson. He will be happy with finishing top half with his mate, just like he was with pulis. Also like with pulis, he's going to offer Warnock a new contract in the summer, Warnock will either accept and we'll have more of the same or hell reject and we'll end up with a rookie or another championship weathered manager. There is zero invention, vision or ambition in the way that we make footballing decisions, there hasn't been since karanka, orta and kenyon were involved.
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    I tried 17 times and couldn’t get past the fit bitch on reception 🤷‍♂️
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    Boro V Bees Sat 6th Feb 15:00 Riverside Stadium Introduction Well after a age of transfer markets not to mention Deadline Days that have left me as disappointed as a 16yr old boy that realised that there IS NOT any Horny Singles in his area that want to meet him, we finally have one that cheered most of the oneBoro faithful up. Quick to ignore the dark shadow of experience so that we can once dream again that Neil and the boys in red can put us into the fight for a chance to the promised land. And that journey stats again when the Bee's of Brentford come to town. Boro News Boro made two transfer deadline day signings with Nathaniel Mendez-Laing (NML) & Neeskens Kebano who will join up with the other January signings of Jordan Archer, Darnell Fisher & Yannick Bolasie as well as the rest of the first team squad. We bid farewell to Patrick (Bench-warmer) Roberts who has now signed for Derby and Lewis (Rocket-Foot) Wing who secured a loan deal to Rotherham Utd. Boro Form (Through the Media of Interpret Dance) Last Time Out Boro convincingly 0-0 the crap out of the league leaders. Regardless that they went down to 10 men on about the 70 min mark they had zero shots on target and didn't really threaten at all. The only downside is that once we had the man advantage we should have pressed on and won the game. Other positives were the new signings, Bolasie did OK which considering how out of match fitness/practice he is, is a great achievement. Fisher on the other hand played a blinder and squeezed all the space that Cantwell would've like to operate in making him completely ineffective and forcing him to be substituted after 75 mins. I hope they both can progress once match fitness and sharpness returns as i think we will have two very handy players on our hands. Brentford Form (In Emotional Expression) They have only dropped points once in the last 6 league appearances and that was a draw away to a high flying Swansea. Beating Wycombe 7-2 in their last outing. They do play tonight so hopefully heavily linked to Boro Diedhiou can show us what we saw in him by scoring a hat-trick before Kung-Fu kicking Ivan Toney of the park so him and his 19 goals this season have to sit this one out. Boro Line-Up A View From The Other Side https://griffinpark.org/index.php. Understandably nothing about our match on there yet as like i said they have to play Brizzel tonight. But i will update it in the next day or two. Important Questions Will any of our deadline day signings start? Will Britt try and put himself in the shop window and up his game? Will/can we win? When was the last time you cried at a film? (Think mine was The Champ) Bookies Odds (BET365) Boro Win - 12/5 Draw - 21/10 Bees Win - 5/4 Uwe's daft quid bet - Britt to score anytime and Brentford to win 2-1 -- 30/1 Anyways Guys & Girls its over to you!!!
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    I'm just imagining Woody giving the exact same presentation he gave here but because he couldn't work out how to delete the Boro Badge and replace it with a Bournemouth badge it's just this on every page:
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    Sorry our worse player didn't want to come to you, do you want the better player instead?
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    Let's stay clear of the Adam Johnson debate. It's not really relevant here. Or anywhere on the forum.
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    I came to the conclusion that Britt couldn’t possibly the murderer because he would have shot and missed.
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    I’d love England to win the World Cup. The best thing about it would be that all the nations in the union could take pride in it and have a common celebration they otherwise would never achieve #strongertogether
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    Mendez-Laing reminds me of those battledroids in Star Wars.
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    More ambition? We had an absolute barrel full of opportunities today. Those shots on target do not count the opener either. The manager cannot legislate for players missing chance after chance, after chance. The way people are going on, you'd think we'd cowered in our box for 90 minutes. The substitutions can rightly he criticised, they're often bizarre, but in no way did we not go for it today.
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    Apologies .. I should have used a smiley face... was just trying to say that people have been saying all season that SG was happy to settle for a consolidation season but even when he does roll dice, he gets few credits for it ... I am hoping as much as anyone else that it works out, so if I haven't made things a little clearer then all I can say is UTB
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    Warnock over 2 windows has managed to work miracles on a relative shoestring compared to his predecessors I can't fault the man honestly we'll see where we finish but give him next season if he wants it regardless of where we finish, he's the most competent manager we've had since Karanka.
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    You got your favourite player Bolasie, don’t be so negative!
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    My favourite bit of transfer deadline day, the bit where we all turn on the ITK.
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    Can I be first to say.. Kamara at Boro.. Unbelievable
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    I’m going to hope this is tongue in cheek and designed to wind people up mate. But just in case it isn’t
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    This message board: Woodgate coke bad Mendez-Laing coke good
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    Had a busy/nightmare month so not been on. Britt still on to go, was Bristol City who I expected him to go to earlier on and I can see the swap happening. From seemingly nothing happening it looks like there’s loads of moves going on all over. No idea who the players are that we missed out on. Think Spence might go too. No way Tav leaves. Been offered Gilmour from Chelsea but not that interested. Can see us getting a forward, winger and CB
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    We should never have wasted so much in transfer fees and wages on the attackers Assombalonga, Braithwaite and Fletcher in the summer 2017 window; Baring in mind we’d also clearly wasted £6 million on Gestede at the same time that we signed Bamford in January 2017. That created the financial pressure to sell Bamford in the summer of 2018. The blame for that lays at Gibson’s and Bauser’s feet for letting Monk go at it like a dog in heat in the summer 2017 window, leaving a huge financial mess for a Pulis to clear up. That led to Leeds exploiting us by signing our best striker for a knocked down price as we couldn’t shift any of our other strikers. In Summer 2017 any competent club in our position would have made Bamford the number one striker - as Leeds did the season after - and aim to build a team to around him. Any Boro fan who saw Bamford for us during the 2014-15 season knows that he was a top quality Championship striker that should have been a guaranteed starter and, instead, we should invested the majority of our budget on a signing creativity from midfield. I think Gibson got a bit sidetracked by his aim, as he explained on his BBC Tees interview shortly after our relegation in 2017, to have pacey and powerful attackers to break away from Karanka’s defensive style. In amongst that he lost touch with reality and logic. Then we meandered in the wilderness for several years as we struggled to clear up the long term financial mess that we created for ourselves immediately after relegation.
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    Just stopped by a garda checkpoint in Cork whilst out shopping.the guard saw my Boro Mask,smiled & said 'drive on,looks like you have enough problems!' How very dare he!
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    "The short-term deal is appealing because there is no loan fee, with clubs only required to pay his wages" That'll rule them out then
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    Introduction I don't know where to start with this thread, our season appears to be in a state of flux and Boro fans are struggling to know how to feel We could probably do with a nice easy game next where we can get a win, who is it? In form Cardiff? Great.. The match sees two of the leagues spritliest young managers come head to head in what is sure to be a mouthwatering battle of wits.. We can rest assured that we have one of the best goalkeepers in the league between the sticks in Bettinelli Footage emerges of Boro defenders reaction to an approaching Bristol City attack from last night Big questions With Fletch injured can Britt and Akpom find their goalscoring boots? Will we be able to coungure up some sort of miracle and get Tav and Bolasie back playing to support our ailing attack Or will it just fall on the shoulders of Duncan Watmore to save our season? I need a win in this one as I live in Cardiff and have married into a City supporting family.. Will I have bragging rights after this one? Bear out..
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    It’s my absolute dream to someday be able to be in a position to get over to the Riverside for every home game. The year I retire from work I’m going to go all out for it. Some of you guys don’t know how privileged you are to be able to go every week
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    Terrific result today. Apologies if anyone has already mentioned this, but our run in couldn’t be much better if you hand picked it. We play the current bottom 3 in our last 6 games and no one currently above 10th. If we are within 3-5 points off the play offs after the Watford game, we have a great chance of making it. Especially, if we are within 3 -5 points of 2 teams. (I think it’s important to be within reach of 2 teams as it massively improves the odds). Also importantly, we play nearly all the teams around and above us, with the exception of the top 2. We have an absolutely crucial run of games coming up and we seem to be on the up. 2 wins in a row with important players coming back from injury, could be great timing for a solid run to the finish. Today’s result and the results of those around us will give us massive confidence going into this tough run. We now have a squad with competition for places, where we can rest players (so important with so many games), play different formations and we actually have a bench that can change a game. I’m so hopeful we can make the play offs. If we’re already in a play off spot going into the last 6 games, I don’t see how we don’t make it 😁😁. If only we had got Warnock in instead of Monk. I totally believe we would’ve gone straight back up, or at the very least the year after, without spunking all our money up the wall. Anyway, if wishes were fishes .... 😁
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    Left to right - Myself, @trekkers, @Ever_the_optimist, @Downsouth, @dunnerzzz and @Borodane. STill in pretty good spirits considering we'd just lost a play off final!
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    I'm at that point where I don't even think the team selection really matters- as long as we play hoof ball it doesn't matter who is in the team. That said, because we play hoof ball we certainly don't need three static midfielders. 4231 or 442. Hopefully Fletcher can start as at least he can link up play a bit. Regardless, with apathy a plenty, defeat is of course inevitable.
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    Looks no different to how he did at Cardiff. That Cardiff picture is from when they beat Man United 2-0, and he scored twice. I think it's just people not familiar with how he looks assuming it's him being overweight when it's how he always looks.
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    I would love to look forward to a Boro game confident in the belief that we will win. OK, nothing is written in tablets of stone, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that if we play a team in the bottom half, we stand a halfway chance of winning. But such is not the case with Boro, and it hasn’t been the case since the days of Karanka. If your team loses, the first reaction, of course, is to look at the players. Actually, I don’t think we have bad players at all, on the whole – they are just not used to their best advantage. That has been a chronic problem since 2017 and it’s not going to get any better any quicker. Since Karanka was booted out, we have been plugging gaps, and this has been mostly down to cash. Woodgate must be the ultimate example of that – bargain basement management that almost got us relegated. Warnock rescued us from that but surely nobody had any illusions about him being the messiah leading us to the promised land. I’m guessing, but his remit was probably to lead us to mid-table security, which he will probably do. As I see it, the future does not look rosy. Thanks to Brexit, Bulkhaul is probably experiencing major difficulties. If Gibson was reluctant to splash cash before, he will be even more shy about it now. But a major cash injection is what is needed. Somebody mentioned on this thread the difference that Bielsa made to Leeds. Check on their form before he arrived. Nothing to write home about. Now look at Bielsa’s record, and how Leeds have done since his appointment. He was the bloody manager of Argentina for six years! Do the maths. We need a good manager with a different view on football. We need someone from left field who is a disruptive influence. We do not need tried-and-trusted, English, good-at-this-level stop gaps. I would far rather see money splashed on a good manager than on a hopefully prolific goalscorer. Rant over. I will now retire to my place of darkness and not trouble you for a while.
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    Can’t wait to see our line up against Brentford with a front 3 of Johnson, Akpom, and Spence up top with a bench of Assombalonga , Fletcher, Watmore, Mendez Laing, Bolasie and Kebano 😂😂😂
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    Wing could be on his way out. Two clubs pushing hard for him.

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    • I think we do need a foreign manager in as they just seem to have better connections as we would never of signed Kike Stuani, Ramirez if Karanka wasn't Spanish didn't speak the language. That's the trouble hard with English manager they don't speak the language or get the culture that puts us at disadvantage in recruitment when most flair players are foreign 
    • @Erimus 63 I am not sure how from my post you came to conclusion i was in adoration of Gibson. In fact i actually state “gibson is not perfect”. To be fair no owner is. People who are fans of Gibson can point to justifiable reasons why. And people who are not fans of his can also make some justifiable reasons as to why they are not. I can appreciate both sides of argument. However, the point of my post was to simply say “the grass is not always greener on the other side”.   Do I want to see if the grass is greener? Not really. I see other clubs who were similar in size to us during our PL days and look at where some of them are now and I really dont wish to take the risk. Yes under new ownership, we might end up back in PL but there is also just a good a chance we might end up falling down the leagues and as @Blanco rightly said ultimately not end up existing at all.  For that reason I am not actively going to champion Gibson should leave or sell the club. For all his faults I know he genuinely give a sh*t about this club and wont let us follow the journey that unfortunately some of the other clubs our size have in recent years. And that will more than do for me.
    • I don’t want Gibson to sell the club. However, I do want him to delegate his powers to a Director of Football. Much in the same way that whilst Delia Smith is a great cook, she knows her limitations running a football club in an efficient and effective manner so appointed Stuart Webber to do this. Gibson just rates himself too highly to think that anyone could possibly do this better than him. The Evening Gazette and BBC Tees portray any criticism of Gibson as fans wanting him to sell the club, but it’s not that at all. I think the vast majority want him to be our owner, just not the key decision maker as he’s not very good at it.
    • That is absolute BS. There would be no club without Gibson. The stupid vilification of him is what has to stop.
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