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  1. Once again Pyro has the correct score, that is 2 games in a row now with the correct score #predictinggenius To be fair pyro I predicted 1-1 on Monday :P
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    • Just had a snoop in the Norwich club website to see if there was anything "official". Seems like it is an obligation to buy upon promotion rather than an option.
    • The last 4 years have been genuinely horrendous but I can’t agree that this is worse than it was under Pulis. I mean under Pulis there were times we played a flat back 5 of shotton, ayala, flint, friend, Saville. 4 plodders in midfield and Britt stood up top with literally no one within 50 yards of him.  At least this season Neil’s brought a bit of flair in general played people in their actual positions. Admittedly he appears to have lost his *** In this respect in the last few games. I’m not making a case for Warnock’s long term vision by the way, whatever the *** that is. Just that he is marginally less crap than Pulis.
    • Warnock was never going to be the long-term solution, with him in charge expect another mid-table finish next season at best. We'll be lucky not to finish in the bottom half this season, tbh.
    • I absolutely knew that was coming yesterday when I saw he played the same players line up aside from the keeper. From the parts of the game I could stomach to watch and highlights after, the keeper seemed to do a solid job so he should defiantly get another game too see if he does the same again as actually he might be a okay backup keeper (as long as first one is Betenelli) for next season.  Question, can anyone justify or understand why he played Britt? surely he of played someone who would be here next season and ideally as the game didn't matter someone like Fletcher who needs to get his confidence back or Coburn you tell him to relax, go out their show me what you can do and see if you can get a goal to get us back in this. That way your evaluating your options for next season as well as giving yourself a chance as Britts not likely to be motivated to play for you.  Tell you what annoyed me most about that game however, why start out with 5 at the back? qpr don't usually do this but they set out to with an attacking formation because the game didn't matter we set out to what keep them out and try grab a goal?! Warnock seriously why would you do that you may as well of attacked and given the fans an spectacle how good would have it been if the rest of the games this season we had given youth a chance and had a high scoring end to the season even if we conceded a lot as well. In my opinion you could have got a lot of fans back on side by doing that as they'd of been a good feeling around the club, instead of alienating fans like me who supported what he was doing in a large part this season and last season. Warnock in my opinion next 4 games you must reverse this decision if you setout too keep the position out in the next 4 and grind out an 1-0, not playing youth you are as bad as Pulis.        
    • When Johnson was playing pre Christmas he delivered to the best of his ability which was more effective than that which we have seen since January from his replacements. At the end of last season when his contract was up and others jumped ship he stayed and fought so I doubt Johnson is in a clique but if he is, it is only that which Warnock has created through his own actions.  Sadly for Warnock those cliques he has talked about within the Club are now manifesting within the fanbase in terms of attitudes and confidence in him. There were those who were totally against him from the off and those totally supportive of him with a few undecided which is often the case in any newly appointed Manager. Now we have those who were against him having the ammunition to say "told you so", the undecided now joining them as the mess just keeps getting bigger week by week and those in the supportive camp now wavering or indeed fully shifting to wanting him gone in the summer. Groups of like minded individuals are not uncommon, its when they become destructive or disruptive at least in the minds of one party that they usually get labelled as "cliques". Footballers are flesh and blood like fans and they will inevitably have their doubts and their belief tested when things are going wrong so it is little surprise to hear that cliques exist, we had it when Karanka was winning promotion and far worse followed in the Premiership. That said, how on earth does an experienced Manager and Coaching staff allow a clique mentality to evolve in the first instance assuming there wasn't one already? There again how can an experienced Manager be so damning in his assessment of the playing staff and then pick several Players who have regularly underperformed and let the side down repeatedly? Putting Britt on yesterday is right up there with the most bizarre of Pulis decisions. It's hardly surprising that a clique (or as I suspect several) has evolved.

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