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    Total credit to Gibson on this. He backed Karanka at the start of the season then when we were in contention in Jan he backed him again bringing in Forshaw and as it's coming to the crunch time he's doing his level best to bring in a proven scorer at this level to push us over the line. I've said it before and will say it again, we have by far the best chairman around. Thank you Gibbo!

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    • I think we do need a foreign manager in as they just seem to have better connections as we would never of signed Kike Stuani, Ramirez if Karanka wasn't Spanish didn't speak the language. That's the trouble hard with English manager they don't speak the language or get the culture that puts us at disadvantage in recruitment when most flair players are foreign 
    • @Erimus 63 I am not sure how from my post you came to conclusion i was in adoration of Gibson. In fact i actually state “gibson is not perfect”. To be fair no owner is. People who are fans of Gibson can point to justifiable reasons why. And people who are not fans of his can also make some justifiable reasons as to why they are not. I can appreciate both sides of argument. However, the point of my post was to simply say “the grass is not always greener on the other side”.   Do I want to see if the grass is greener? Not really. I see other clubs who were similar in size to us during our PL days and look at where some of them are now and I really dont wish to take the risk. Yes under new ownership, we might end up back in PL but there is also just a good a chance we might end up falling down the leagues and as @Blanco rightly said ultimately not end up existing at all.  For that reason I am not actively going to champion Gibson should leave or sell the club. For all his faults I know he genuinely give a sh*t about this club and wont let us follow the journey that unfortunately some of the other clubs our size have in recent years. And that will more than do for me.
    • I don’t want Gibson to sell the club. However, I do want him to delegate his powers to a Director of Football. Much in the same way that whilst Delia Smith is a great cook, she knows her limitations running a football club in an efficient and effective manner so appointed Stuart Webber to do this. Gibson just rates himself too highly to think that anyone could possibly do this better than him. The Evening Gazette and BBC Tees portray any criticism of Gibson as fans wanting him to sell the club, but it’s not that at all. I think the vast majority want him to be our owner, just not the key decision maker as he’s not very good at it.
    • That is absolute BS. There would be no club without Gibson. The stupid vilification of him is what has to stop.
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