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    • It depends which Boro turn up. We're due a win though. Maybe Britt will be firing on all 4 cylinders this time instead of being as nervous as a kitten every time we play them. There's no crowd to put him off. WE need a long run off you Erimus 74. Do your stuff...      7: For those planning to visit Australia when this Covid pandemic ends Burger King in Australia is called Hungry Jack's, due to © issue in Oz They're both crap but Burger King is less crappy, or slightly superior to Macdonald's, which is more popularly known as Macca's here in Australia.
    • Which Pearson?  Nigel Pearson as manager (I'd rather keep Warnock...) or the Preston player that's just signed a new contract there (was mentioned on here before he signed new contract)? 
    • If we're including loans, did Kalas have two loans with us (or was it the other defender we had on loan around the same time)?
    • Interesting how the gazette are starting to run Pearson articles... 
    • Didn't realise they had started to turn the corner, a few years back it didn't matter what form they were in when playing us we would never beat em, this winless run started in 1974 & finished in 1999 We fared better since but I don't like playing Forest at all, it's always one fixture, Leeds been the other when in the same league, that I look for & hope they're out the way early doors 
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