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    Total credit to Gibson on this. He backed Karanka at the start of the season then when we were in contention in Jan he backed him again bringing in Forshaw and as it's coming to the crunch time he's doing his level best to bring in a proven scorer at this level to push us over the line. I've said it before and will say it again, we have by far the best chairman around. Thank you Gibbo!

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    • It depends which Boro turn up. We're due a win though. Maybe Britt will be firing on all 4 cylinders this time instead of being as nervous as a kitten every time we play them. There's no crowd to put him off. WE need a long run off you Erimus 74. Do your stuff...      7: For those planning to visit Australia when this Covid pandemic ends Burger King in Australia is called Hungry Jack's, due to © issue in Oz They're both crap but Burger King is less crappy, or slightly superior to Macdonald's, which is more popularly known as Macca's here in Australia.
    • Which Pearson?  Nigel Pearson as manager (I'd rather keep Warnock...) or the Preston player that's just signed a new contract there (was mentioned on here before he signed new contract)? 
    • If we're including loans, did Kalas have two loans with us (or was it the other defender we had on loan around the same time)?
    • Interesting how the gazette are starting to run Pearson articles... 
    • Didn't realise they had started to turn the corner, a few years back it didn't matter what form they were in when playing us we would never beat em, this winless run started in 1974 & finished in 1999 We fared better since but I don't like playing Forest at all, it's always one fixture, Leeds been the other when in the same league, that I look for & hope they're out the way early doors 
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