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    Sorry to contribute to an off topic subject but... I like to check the forum periodically throughout the day so I sometimes miss out important things such as what has caused some big argument all I've seen is someone who doesn't know how to turn off caps lock. As a new(ish?) member of the forum and not a frequent poster I don't know how the rep system works or how people get points, I don't know if there is an agenda behind posts and I don't know the inner politics of the forum. I understand mods have an important job in keeping the forum going and sometimes that means turning off the humour. I don't know any members outside of the forum so I have no clue on reputations but I think most individuals are level headed with only a few moving towards insanity at times. I think this forum is the best place for news about the Boro bar the gazette and AV's Twitter feed however at times I think people can get a little carried away, the recent example of Pato shows how a rumour can spread like wildfire but other then that I enjoy seeing us linked with a wide range of players. I enjoy reading comments from everyone and occasionally joining in the conversation. I don't like reading idiots or personal attacks on people but I don't think that happens too much on this forum. I think we should draw a line under the things causing arguments and get back to the important things like convincing Messi to sign! Sorry for sticking my oar in where it may or may not belong.
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    I slated Sterling for doing this kind of thing with Liverpool to City. But stuff it, I can have double standards for my beloved Boro. Run Rhodes Rum #RhodesRunner :D

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    • Merson, Gazza, Maradona and Best had their demons but were brilliant players. Jones is immature and has little natural talent to compensate for his indiscretions. Not much correlation between him and the others, IMO, and very little reason for us to spend money we don't appear to have on him.
    • He was banned from driving after a dangerous piece of driving around Glasgow which showed his decision making isn't particularly clever not to mention being irresponsible and selfish with scant regard to others. Thankfully he didn't kill anyone like others in the profession before him have. It's sad that the likes of Merson, Gazza, Maradona and Best etc. all had their demons but were still able to perform and function, the majority crash and burn, destroying their careers in the process.
    • Until we realise whatever another club is prepared to pay for them we can only estimate what we think their value is worth. McNair wasn't cheap and until this season he looked just about OK for the money we spent. We spent a million pounds Goalkeeper now out on loan replacing him with a nomad in footballing terms (Stoj is still on the books but not in the squad). Then there was the ridiculous fee paid for Saville (not his fault nor Britt's come to that). If you think that the squad isn't decreasing in value then you are entitled to your opinion but I only see a downwards trend. The sale of Bamford probably was the defining reality from which we haven't altered direction then we have Randolph's replacement who wasn't to the same monetary value (or ability). Without doubt we have some good prospects but that doesn't alter that we are now trying to buy cheap and sell high as oppose to years of buying high and selling low. I haven't a problem with following that business model, it's how we existed for decades before SG arrived, selling the likes of Souness, Mills, Johnson and later on Pallister etc. but to me the value trend of our squad is a diminishing one.
    • He was banned for 7 matches after attending a party, he's not even made the bench since. Before that he'd finally got back in to the side and scored. He's burned his bridges, but it's not just down to ability. Funny thing is, dozens of players have done the same thing in the top flight in England and gotten away with it without punishment.
    • I don't think Jones has the ability at this level so I wouldn't want to bring him back. Then the off field issues that led to him leaving Boro in the first place don't seem to have improved any at Rangers. We have had some of the best from the Old Firm that seriously struggled down here before in the Championship. That he can't even force his way into Gerrard's thinking tells me where his future level is.
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