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    Slow down fella slow down. I would much prefer where we are through a lot of his help than knowing every other game we were going to concede late goals...... on a regular occurrence. Plonkers like you looking at league positions at this time of season really show that i should not reply to you.....that's my mistake. Plonkers.....interesting. didn't really care about the league position. More the fact that they are really good at conceding and yet we didn't try to capitalise on that. Maybe blinkered??? I don't care at what stage of the game we concede goals. 8th minute or 88th. Today we scored none and conceded one. This was mainly due to tactics. If you are happy with this then fair do's. However,I buy my season tickets and my merchandise so I think I'll state my reservations. Even if just for one game, I don't like my team being second best
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    Alright lads. I'm not a mod but I think everyone might want to take a breath here.

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    • "Guys, we really need to decide on the colour scheme for our away and third choice kits, Puma said we've got an hour until the deadline"    
    • Bristol City doing a boro and going with Dean holden- big call that
    • Probably not footballing wise although didnt he give Ravanelli a black eye leading up to the FA Cup final.  I do remember him scoring against Liverpool in my first game I went to at the Riverside which we won 2-1.
    • Sliding scale makes a lot more sense to me...say a maximum of 50-60% of a club's annual revenue. Bigger clubs that draw larger crowds, ticket & merch sales etc. and better sponsorship, should be allowed to spend more. Just not to the point where they risk putting the club out of business if they get relegated, or a financial crash, pandemic or other event outside their control impacts their income.  
    • Must admit I'd completely forgotten about him. Don't think he was the kind of player that really stuck in the memory. As you say, solid enough in the 2nd tier, but like a few of our lads at the time, struggled to cut it in the top flight.  
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