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    In what respect Prowler, Gwen Stuani believes that the players were responsible for last nights defeat whereas Humpty and I believe that the management carries the can. Seems a perfectly reasonable debate between parties with a different view, do you wish to add anything ?
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    Didn't like the booing at the end of the game last night when a few of the players came over to thank the fans. I was fuming as much as the next person but I'd never stand there and boo at a player who bothered to show their appreciation. Especially when these are our most passionate players, Clayton, Gibbo, Friend.. I mean booing at Fry, poor lad. Granted, we should be beating Rotherham but it's not like we were played off the park and had no chances. I have a bitch and a moan about the performance but I can't see how booing can have a positive effect for anybody.

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    • If we are to be reliant on Grant Hall then I'm genuinely worried. I didn't rate him but figured he would bulk out the squad with some experience so fair enough. He looked very ring rusty at the start of the season but I hoped that with a few months under his belt he would settle in. Now another lengthy injury lay off and I can't see him returning to a standard that we immediately require. In time he may improve but there is always that risk of a Gestede moment just waiting to happen. If Dijksteel is out we need to switch Howson to RB and bring in an additional CB on loan if we can't buy. The Tav injury I'm guessing will mean some time out for him if it is as bad as it looked. If we go with Watmore on one side and Johnson on the other with Spence/Coulson as back ups we can muddle through if Tav isn't out for long but the thin veneer of the squad is very apparent. The obvious would be to use Roberts instead of Tav especially if we are playing Howson behind him but I think Tav's grandmother has a better chance of getting game time.
    • He’s a victim like many Chelsea managers of the expensive signings not working out! This could be down to many factors but it’s a results driven game so makes sense for him to go.   Lets hope we weren’t after any players from Chelsea as this may not happen now.
    • Frank will be a Premership manager in his next role. I don't think there's any chance of him dropping to the Championship, even if he has to wait a little longer for an opportunity. He's very highly regarded by people in high places. He'd be the perfect fit at West Ham, but Moyes is doing a good job so can't imagine them changing manager any time soon. Supposedly Hasenhüttl is of interest to Chelsea. If so Southampton could be a decent fit. (EDIT: Scrap this last bit. It's Tuchel who's got the job by the look of it).
    • Wouldn't have him here myself at all. Think the fact he was in charge with all those top players flattered him.
    • Yeah, I think Lampard will be after bigger roles after managing Chelsea. I don't even agree with the sacking and I imagine there are clubs around the Prem who will be questioning whether they could have it better with Frank or if the timing of it is lining up well with the way things are going. Bielsa's contract is up in the summer, Bruce seems to be on borrowed time at Newcastle.
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