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    But for the fact that we may well have to win our final game against Brighton to win promotion, i doubt there are many Boro fans who would begrudge you winning promotion. The style of football your team plays is good to watch and you have done extremely well to get where you are and personally if it turns out that you end up in the play offs then i will be cheering you on from then. However, i don't think the bookies are underestimating you, they are just pricing up the odds based on what games are left. They see Burnley as good things for promotion as they don't have to play one of us. They have based their odds on their assumption that Burnley will get maximum points from their remaining Two games meaning one of us will miss out. Based on the fact that we have home advantage against Brighton, they make us slight favourites to finish runners up.
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    What a great job your managers done, that big black cloud from last season is well and truly gone.
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    our high intensity pressing game takes it out of the players, thats probably why we get worse as the season closes out. its not an excuse but is could well be a factor, it might work on the continent for the Spanish sides but they wont have 3 games a week for 2 month running at the back end of a long season.
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    Id love nothing more than for us and Brighton to play keepy ups for 90 minutes to send us both up and make Sean Dyche the angriest man on earth. It's not very likely but it is the stuff that dreams are made of.

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