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    To be honest I think people are underating Espinosa, he's had mainly good reviews from his time in La Liga and could turn out to be an absolute bargain. To me the Maguire signing is a good thing, in that they're obviously confident that Ayalas signing his contract as otherwise they would of probably gone for a higher profile name. Think people need to remember we are newly promoted and the only reason we had a chance of signing Subotic was he was mainly injured all of last season. Also if Karanka has now tried to sign him 3 windows in a row he must be highly thought of and we've seen what Karanka has done with other defenders. If he'd of come from abroad and been called Hernandez people would be raving about him but he's not. Anyway I'm happy with him, he's not going to be a starter but if needed I'm sure will be a great back up.

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    • I know this seems far fetched but lets say Warnock does stay as a manager but open to been dof, Chris Hughton is unlikely to come unless hes got a team behind him that he trust and can help him out. Hughton and Warnock if memory serves me well have alot of respect for each other, i have certainly never seen a spat between them when theyve been against each other. So wouldn't a really good management team be Hughton as a manager, Warnock as Dof and Kevin Blackwell as Hughtons assistant surely that will be enough to turn the tide with the right players coming in and to get some of the players with potential playing. 
    • Yeah we did. Think we were fortunate as Randolph pulled off a couple good saves in last 10mins if i recall.
    • I suppose another positive is that we've already beaten them this season.
    • Stojanovic Shotton Fry Friend Dijksteel Howson Clayton Marvin Roberts Fletch Britt I gone for Dijksteel over spence just for some fresh legs down the right. Clayton n Howson might seem defensive but i feel we need that against a passing Reading team. Plus them 3 up front and width from out wide should hopefully provide us with something going forward. In terms of result. Even at my maximum optimism i only see a draw unfortunately.
    • Reading have nothing to play for, we have everything to play for. Just got to hope that Reading are on their beach chairs, and our defence cuts out their mistakes. Win and we're safe, lose and the agony continues.
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