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    • We were and would still be keen but man City want to offload for £3.5million and have knocked back numerous loan offers from us and elsewhere for him. Later, he's still there in the window there is a chance that he could re-sign but it's extremely slim.
    • That's fine I haven't taken it as a dig. Of course stats can be misleading. But I think in the right context (which is important) they can certainly help either shape an opinion or backup what you have seen firsthand. Personally you need a balance of visually seeing things within a game of football, and also the statistics to back that up or disprove, if you catch my drift. Didn't Spence have Danjuma to cover in the Bournemouth game? (who I think is also a very good player, much like Brooks). I wasn't able to see the Bournemouth game in full, so I cannot pass much judgement on Spence/Johnson. I did watch the Watford game and personally they were both pretty average in that game. In my opinion if we went to a back 4, I think Dijksteel could slot into the right back position fairly comfortably. But I think we'd need a more "solid" left back.
    • So do you know if we are actively after roberts? Just that warnock made out he wasnt 
    • Thanks mate, honestly not having a dig at you but for me stats can be misleading (sorry CT). You are coming up against different type of players so it can restrict how you play which inevitably will affect stats for example Johnson came up against Brooks at the weekend so he was always going to be more disciplined in his play. I really don't rate Johnson for the record, but he gets a lot of hate on here which annoys me when I see him as the better of the 2 wing backs since lockdown. Ideally I'd love to drop the fu***g wingback formation and go to a flat back 4 but that would mean a whole new full backs and attackers. Anyways I will stop here because I am coming off thread! Who's next through the door? I'm just clinging onto hope that somehow we can persuade man City in freeing Roberts up on loan again. He's the difference for me.
    • Jen, thanks for attending tonight. I will get some sort of MSF communication sorted this week announcing OneBoro is joining the group as a new permanent member.    For info I will get the minutes typed up and circulated this week. 
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