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    • Don’t think it has changed. A club is allowed to “lose” £5m per year and on top of that, if the owner injects funds they can lose whatever he injects, up to another £8m. Therefore if the owner injects the maximum of £8m in cash, the club can lose £13m. As the assessment is over 3 year rolling period, the total losses have to be less than £39m over the three seasons. If you break even for two years in a row, then you could lose £39m in next year and still be OK. Remember however that the £39m loss  would then be included as part of the total calculation for the two subsequent seasons, so you would have to break even for those as well. All  those figures ignore the cost of operating your academy  and one or two other small items, but include both  income from  and expenditure on transfer fees as associated costs such as agent fees etc.
    • You can sponsor your club from your own company but you have to make it a fair amount.  If they believe that you're overpaying then that's when they will have issues.  From Gibson's point of view, as he's already funding the club then it probably seems pointless having Bulkhaul as a sponsor as well.
    • Very little, but the stats do and they are pretty damming. 
    • Loose against Barnsley and Woody should fall on his sword, or someone should help him do so. It’s atrocious to think under his reins he has lowed expectations to a point we have little confidence of beating teams scrapping the bottom. I have listened and read what Woody had to say about lost and drawn games, and more intently to try and understand his vision, and conclude, I honestly don’t believe Woody realizes how poor he is, so how the @@@@ can he learn anything. 
    • But he beat the team that’s currently top of the league, so what does that say about his ability as manager?
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