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  1. Is it really that bad playing Dimi? I'm afraid it would be. Without Valdes this season we'd be a fair few points worse off and bottom of the league probably. I realise Dimi has not had games, but he kept us in alot of games or made saves that gave us the win last season. Lets not forget he was the keeper that gave the defenders confidence at the start of karanka reign i think he deserves a little more credit. In my opinion it was wrong of karanka not to give Dimi the chance of retaining his place in the first team at the start of the season.
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    • That one reminds me of Paul Robinson scoring with a free kick from just outside his own box. Think he beat The Cycling GK Ben Foster with that one.
    • @DurhamRedi get that concern but at moment if you look at the possible first 11. We got Dijksteel, Fry, Bola and Tav all under 25. Add to that Lumley and Paddy who are both 26. That is 6 out my first 11 that are 26 or under.  In terms of 30 or above we only really have Howson and Morsy.  And Hall but I dont think Hall starts if Fry and Paddy are both fit. A bit more experience probably wont do us any harm in terms of grinding out results. Fully respect some posters might not see it that way mind  
    • It's more because this is the route I want the club to go down sign players with potential not 30 year olds who are passed their peak. That is the case with Smith and hoillet 
    • Just seen Hull close to signing Dion Charles from Accrington, he's one of the standout L1 strikers in my opinion would've liked us to have a look 
    • If distance is all that matters, then hard to beat this one 🙂

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