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    I think all this fight or no fight talk is rubbish myself. The simple fact (ok as I see it anyway) is that some players are not up to the task. Very good in the champo but over a long season getting found out in the prem. AK knows that , Stevie G knows that and we know it but getting the players in to change that is not easy. If you look at our players and who would probably get in a best of the bottom 7 teams currently I suspect only Valdes and Gibson would feature. The fact we are still hanging on in there tells me we have (mainly) good honest pros in our squad who are performing at their best and if we are still a premiership team in a few years that they will likely as not all have been replaced.

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    • I always found this crazy it would be £10 you switch your VPN on it's suddenly £5 🤯
    • Thank you as always for the info. When you say there are 2 lists of 8 or 9 players. Does that mean we are looking to sign 8 or 9 new players?  Probs make sense if 5 out the 7 out of contract players are leaving along with a handful of loan players.
    • Do you believe any of the other out of contract players will be offered a new contract if we stay in the Championship? 
    • Whilst the noises from inside suggest Ayala will play I still dont see it... Leeds have stepped up there interest along with Fulham and Crystal Palace. Gibson not allowed to play etc and Djiksteel prob wont be seen until next season. The club are actively pushing ahead with targets... 2 lists around 8 or 9 players on each list dependant where were playing. Also Everton have asked us to keep them up to date if we sell Fry. The feeling behind the scenes is he will move on and money will be used to strengthen in the summer whilst helping balance the books. Howson will only sign once were safe. Other things going on but nothing set in stone. Once it changes in will share.
    • Boro weren't on the red button for quite a while, honestly. I thought it was a flat £10 for all because they upped the coverage?
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