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  1. Fixtures for the next round will be up later in the week. Despite it being more to do with me not managing to find the required time, soon enough to publish fixtures in time for everyone to predict, I'll blame the fact that Boro don't have a league fixture this weekend... Cheers.
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  2. Ladies and gentlemen, your head to heads for Round 22... Premier League, Round 22 [table] [tr][td] boro 86 [/td][td]v[/td][td]trekkers[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Borodane [/td][td]v[/td][td]smogsterking t..[/td][/tr] [tr][td] boro-unger [/td][td]v[/td][td]BeardySmog[/td][/tr] [tr][td] cyprusboro [/td][td]v[/td][td]misterweed[/td][/tr] [tr][td] DonnySmog [/td][td]v[/td][td]Raf smog[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Downsouth [/td][td]v[/td][td]Barticus[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Maccarone [/td][td]v[/td][td]Essuuaitch[/td][/tr] [tr][td] Oslo_Syd [/td][td]v[/td][td]PompeySmo
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    • I have a dark premonition our defence will be So-Leaky, we will ship goals and the fans will Peltier Warnock until he puts his Hernandez up and admits he made a right Halls up. Will likely see refuge in the nearest Tavernier. 😉  
    • They'd have a statue of him erected outside Pride Park. 😂
    • That is why the EFL are trying to reach agreement with Reading. Then there will be no appeal.
    • It definitely would be, but I'm fairly confident we won't have  given how much effort has been put in to limiting spending since 2018 and how aggressively Gibson has called out other owners. He'd have egg all over his face and look like a right ***. Still if we broke the rules, we'd deserve the punishment.
    • True. I won't argue Karanka did a lot to bring about his own downfall with his poor man management skills. However, I don't think we had a particularly strong squad, when it contained the likes of Forshaw, Guedioura, Stuani, Clayton, Leadbitter, Fry, Friend, Gestede, Fischer and a bunch of others who you'd consider solid / above average Championship players...but not really PL quality. Think there are also some parallels with Farke and Norwich. A manager with no previous PL experience, with a squad that maybe wasn't up to scratch.  Even for a good man-manager with great motivational skills, it would have been a tough ask. For a tactician and disciplinarian like Karanka, when things started going wrong, it was always going to end in tears.   Just checked Wikipedia and I may have to retract my comment about Gibson not backing him properly. If the figures are right, we had a net spend of around £20m that season. Fischer - £3.8m  De Roon - £12m Barragan - £3m Fabio - £2m Traoré - £7.5m Gestede - £6m Bamford - £6m Guedioura - £4.5m Thats nearly £45m worth of signings. 😮 Though of that lot I only regret us losing Bamford & Traoré.    We also sold several players, but the only disclosed fee was Reach for £5m.  

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