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    idiotic comment, you obviously know absolutely nothing about football and have embarrassed yourself. thoughts on game.......it was an unsurprising scrappy derby game. we got infront and bar one decent freekick and the long shot from ndong that randolph couldnt see due to sun they never troubled us. we probably should have converted a few more and really should have won by 2 or 3 at least. but 3 point is 3 points and another game were we looked compact and solid, with a large threat going forward. these grinding wins are the way you get promoted, braithwaite is class btw.

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    • That's two meltdowns now¬†ūü§¨
    • Yeah, he probably skipped the game and did some chrimbo shopping¬†ūüĎć
    • I don't have a soft spot for him.¬† I wasn't convinced when we bought him unlike most on here and I rated Bamford as the better player as I also said repeatedly on the forum, preferring to keep him and sell Assombalonga if I had a choice.¬† But he is the best we have right now and it's not even close.¬† We have a big problem with goal scoring within the rest of the team but he's the one taking the flak for that as well, which is just nonsense.¬† The other players aren't missing chances because of anything he does.¬† Wing and McNair have had almost the same number of shots as Assombalonga this season.¬† Assombalonga's shots and chances are¬†better (closer to the goal) than either of them of course so quite rightly he will be expected to score more goals.¬† But as a team we have the worst goal scoring record in the league and Assombalonga is the joint 9th highest scorer in the Championship so how is that his fault?¬† Look at the league table -¬†West Brom's top scorer has 6 goals, Swansea's top scorer has 6 goals, Bristol City's top scorer has 6 goals, Leeds top scorer has 5 goals.¬† There are plenty of teams who don't have a single player who has scored 6 or more goals this season, we do but it's his fault that we're struggling? I have no idea what you mean by needless runs.¬†¬†It's a strange thing that some people criticise the bloke for not working hard enough and now you appear to be saying he works too hard?¬† ¬†He does make runs behind the defence, he does it repeatedly and doesn't get the ball.¬† Because he's playing up front on his own mostly he is also having to play the role of target man as well, coming short to try and get on the ball, which clearly doesn't suit him as you say.¬† So he's effectively trying to be two different players and I think he's caught somewhere in between. He doesn't spread the play well enough and he does dwell¬†on the ball, I completely agree with that.¬† These things do¬†my head in because it really should be an easy thing to fix and it hasn't been done by now, which either means they aren't working on it or he's just not improving that aspect of his game.¬† I don't think he's a particular intelligent footballer, which might have something to do with it.¬† He's missed some chances he should have scored this season but then I bet every player in the league has done the same.¬† It's standing out more for us because nobody else is contributing anything that's why he has scored as many goals as everyone else.¬† A few more stats that are worth noting;¬†we have the 2nd highest number of shots outside the penalty area and I believe the 3rd lowest inside the penalty area.¬† In other words, we're taking a lot of longer shots and we aren't scoring from them.¬† It's not Assombalonga who is doing that.¬† I suppose what I'm saying is criticise him for the things that he is responsible for rather than placing all of the failings of the team on his shoulders.¬† He should be doing better this season, but all of them should be, and our goal scoring issues are a team wide problem, not just his.
    • 24 years ago today on the 12th November 1995 seen the official opening of the Riverside stadium when Samodoria were the team who accepted the invitation, Juninho, Robbo, Barnby us fans had to blink twice to 1st see the surroundings we were sat in & 2nd who were on the pitch playing for the mighty Boro, crazy days¬†
    • No, old Codger, the game when KK wasn't happy that our defence, team, restricted him & marshalled him the whole afternoon was on the 2nd October 1976
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