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  1. I am probably going to get crucified for this but here goes anyway. Monk was a professional footballer and has managed in the Prem and in this league, so he is not a wet behind the ears dummy and can see the same faults that we do. I think it is about time this squad of players took their fair proportion of the flak going around. We have no backbone, no graft, an inability to adapt, get kicked off the ball far to easily and our heads go down at the first setback. That is not a defence of Monk,s tactics but quite clearly the players are not doing on the pitch what has been agreed on the trainin
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    • I think I remember reading that you are allowed to eat at different times or something like that if it effects your work.
    • Well yeah. One is observing religious doctrine while the other is just laziness!¬†ūüėĀ¬†But I was thinking it must be far more difficult to fast during daylight hours, for a prolonged period of time, while still maintaining pro footballer levels of fitness. But as Sanddancer explained, there is some flexibility for people in certain situations where it may not be practical. ¬† Thanks for clearing that up. I was not aware of this.¬†ūüĎć ¬†
    • There was Zemmama as well during Mowbray's time. I seem to recall¬† Mogga using him sparingly during Ramadan because of him fasting or did I just imagine that?
    • Having lived and worked in Asia¬†(Dubai) for 34 years I can vouch Ramadan is upheld by many and they still go about there work, well more now then ever. There was a time when food outlets closed before sunset to help calm¬†temptation but recently they are open as usual, and even alcohol. Just be aware and show some respect and it's fine. The middle east celebrates many cultural festivals and just¬†recently, Jewish..¬† I have recently heard they may be changing Friday weekend to coincide¬†with the western world. Actually when I first went to Dubai it was actually a Saturday. Obviously this has a lot to do with business.¬† The idea that all Muslim must fast during the Holy month is incorrect as they can fast at a given time more suitable. These could include travel, pregnancy,¬†medial reasons¬†and a host of others. However as its one of five pillars of Islam one really should adhere..¬† The point being it cannot be made an¬†excuse..¬†¬†¬† https://www.zakat.org/valid-exemptions-for-not-fasting-ramadan

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