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    I am probably going to get crucified for this but here goes anyway. Monk was a professional footballer and has managed in the Prem and in this league, so he is not a wet behind the ears dummy and can see the same faults that we do. I think it is about time this squad of players took their fair proportion of the flak going around. We have no backbone, no graft, an inability to adapt, get kicked off the ball far to easily and our heads go down at the first setback. That is not a defence of Monk,s tactics but quite clearly the players are not doing on the pitch what has been agreed on the training field. I think Monk will now go but do not expect miracles from the next manager as he will inherit the same squad, which begs the next question, how much say did the manager have in putting this bunch together.

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    • Two scoring draws last term between the teams and always a close call before that. Forest you would expect to shrug off their poorish start and to progress, but they will also be desperate to start winning. However I would suspect Houghton will be content with a point at the Riverside but for Boro we need to start winning back to back games and I believe we will be too much for Forest and achieve a rare event of late. Maybe travelling teams will be showing a bit more respect towards us as a whole but I do think the game will be very different than seen against Coventry. Going for a home win though at start of season would have been ok with a draw  
    • Forest have so many attacking options, IF we win this it'll set a great marker for where we are heading.
    • I can see Spence dropping to the bench and one of bola or Johnson stepping in, with tav on the right. I assume that was the purpose of the subs the other night. roberts back to the bench as well perhaps.... if no akpom, I’m comfortable with Browne starting, he has done everything asked of him so far. Midfield and defence picks itself, barring injury 
    • So I've seen lots of highlights recently where both penalties and red cards were given, I thought they'd moved away from red cards if it was a penalty, or is it still a red card for being last man?
    • Hopefully Akpom is fit and if he is I would go to a 3.5.2. I would also bring Coulson in. I want him to succeed here and NW said he looked bright in training. Betti Dijk Fry Paddy Tav Howson Morsy Sav Coulson Britt Akpom I would love a win but i rate forest. Would not be too disappointed with a draw.  
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