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    • I think if we were in the middle of April rather than October we would just be counting the weeks down until the end of the season and a fresh start in the summer. I'm guessing that is the hope of Gibson and Scott. Having to "act" now is not part of the plan and like as not who or what they want isn't ready/available plus they will probably fear the Club isn't prepared.  Problem now is that it becomes difficult if the incumbent Manager loses the fanbase and with it survival in the Championship. Any action taken now will not have been planned or prepared for although I suspect that they may have been at least thinking of a contingency plan over the International Break just in case. Which is best? Warnock goes now and we start a new era half cocked (Typical Boro) or we grind it through to the end of this season with the players and fans becoming increasingly demoralised and toxic?  It's one of those damned if we do and damned if we don't. The best outcome as unpalatable as it feels for most of us would be for Warnock to splutter to safety and then retires while the Gibson/Scott masterplan is developed and then unveiled in a timely fashion. Should he go now I can see Woodgate being handed the reins for the remainder of the season and then heaven forbid then what, another bodged fudge. Perhaps the best outcome for all parties however unpalatable is for Warnock to start Managing, stop scapegoating and start getting some wins and points on the board.
    • I think he has yes. Have you heard he's playing there?
    • Quick question has JLS played left back before?
    • Gibbo must see that it’s worse than ever in terms of morale 
    • I’ve felt like this for the past couple games now. Not going to change until everyone associated with this *** negative regime leaves the club. Our manager only ever sees the negatives, from his presser, to his lineup, to the way we approach the match tactically. How can fans expect to be positive when the focal point of the club is nothing but the opposite. All he does is feel sorry for himself and play the victim.

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