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    • Yes but in the vast majority of those games (except for the two L's before the 3 game streak which I assume are Preston and Stoke?) we've played better than the result indicated. Against Birmingham we were just awful from start to finish and that's the difference I think Covid had.
    • No it wasn't, were just an inconsistent team - well have good games and bad games, it's been happening all season. This is our recent form - WLLWLWWWLLWLWLDD   Apart from that 3 game winning streak we've pretty much been win loss win loss. 
    • That's what I heard at the time so I was basing my comments on that. Could well be entirely untrue of course. Although I stand by what I said earlier I don't think he's exactly blameless for the situation, but if he did get differential treatment (regarding getting the sack) compared to the other two, then I hope he does get the pay-out from Derby. I used to play Rugby League with a Semi-Pro Rugby Union player and his union club had it in his contract that he wasn't allowed to play other contact sports. Which of course he was in breach of by playing League with us over in the summer! 😂 He actually broke his thumb really badly one game I played with him in and his excuse to his union club was he slipped in the shower! That was a semi-pro contract, worth less that 5 figures, so I imagine when you start talking about 6 or 7 figure salaries they become a lot more stringent with stipulations within a contract. I also think players/clubs are insured against injuries sustained in "Footballing" circumstances, so the insurance will pay-out the salary rather than the club having too. Could be wrong on that, but I'm sure that is the case.
    • Not sure if this was posted last night. So funny 🤣🤣🤣
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