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    • And fans also are quick to criticise the likes of Britt, Saville, Clayton 😅. Honestly some of the fans on here have rose tinted glasses. Just because he's young and raw doesn't make him exempt from criticism. I just don't see what he offers right now and would much rather have Fry CB and Dijksteel as RWB . Not clever enough to be a winger and defence position play extremely poor in a back 4. (Reminds me so much of Justin Hoyte especially in his younger arsenal days). I agree he's raw but if he isn't offering anything and hasn't been for a while so I'd rather just be solid and put fry in there. Out of the wing backs we look more dangerous with Johnson on the left which just shows how poor our current situation is.
    • He's been in the team for 6 months, don't we know that's the length of time he needs to make the role his own? We should sell him for a tenner, no chance he'll ever improve now. In all seriousness, I don't think he's started this season well but he's hardly alone there, is he? Like most others, he did improve against Bournemouth. Can't see why he'd be the wing back you'd single out though. Marvin Johnson has more than half a career's more experience than every other full back we have, he's unlikely to improve and yet our manager thinks he's the dog's ***. Spence, Dijksteel, Coulson and Bola all have time on their sides.
    • Again, what praise? He gets nothing but slated on here and people just wilfully ignore the good stuff that he does do.  Just this weekend he made some good defensive plays - one of which I know @Changing Times at least noticed. His runs and movement are still raw and yes he seems to be lacking in confidence right now, but the lad is what, 20? With less than a season of professional football under his belt. Cut the guy some slack ffs.
    • Thats fair enough but most people always put new wingers in there team and its pretty obvious we arnt gonna get one of them never mind 2. I just think feel that were gonna be playing wingbacks all season. And id thats the case i domt think the 2 we have are good enough. If we get another centre back id like to see djicksteel play there and 100%beed another LWB
    • I think the praise he gets his unreal... please tell me including the last last 8 games of last season, what he has contributed to the team? 
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