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    What a great start to the season, wiping away the memory of last years with Monk in charge. Unrecognisable, now solid and we dont look like getting beat. We are already 5 points better off than corresponding fixtures last year with a top class manager getting the best out of the talent he has. I haven’t enjoyed watching us so much in years.
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    • Thanks mate, honestly not having a dig at you but for me stats can be misleading (sorry CT). You are coming up against different type of players so it can restrict how you play which inevitably will affect stats for example Johnson came up against Brooks at the weekend so he was always going to be more disciplined in his play. I really don't rate Johnson for the record, but he gets a lot of hate on here which annoys me when I see him as the better of the 2 wing backs since lockdown. Ideally I'd love to drop the fu***g wingback formation and go to a flat back 4 but that would mean a whole new full backs and attackers. Anyways I will stop here because I am coming off thread! Who's next through the door? I'm just clinging onto hope that somehow we can persuade man City in freeing Roberts up on loan again. He's the difference for me.
    • Jen, thanks for attending tonight. I will get some sort of MSF communication sorted this week announcing OneBoro is joining the group as a new permanent member.    For info I will get the minutes typed up and circulated this week. 
    • Statistically (if you believe them), Johnson and Spence have made the same amount of tackles (5), the same amount of interceptions (3) too. Spence has a slightly lower tackle %. They've both blocked the same amount of crosses too (1). Johnson has a pass completion of 50%, Spence has a pass completion of 65%. They've both made the same amount of key passes (1). They've both made the same amount of successful crossed (1), but Spence has a successful cross % almost double Johnson's. Just some unbiased stats, to show actually statistically they are similar as it stands.
    • well, that's where you hope that an experienced Manager like Warnock, picks the right team McNair is also our best LCB at the moment. I thought his switch with Howson worked well on Saturday, allowed us to overload the right hand side.
    • @TarmoI'm sure he's neither left or right footed
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