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    Fair point, i'll rein it in from now on.
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    I'd prefer you kept posting, you and everyone who are good enough to share info they've been given. There are posters on here who basically expect it from SG himself or they throw hissy fits. I realise that say - Jacanovic could say on a Wed he's definitely coming and signing Friday, you could share this info then come Friday he changes his mind, that's doesn't mean your info was rubbish but shows how business, human beings and other cogs in the wheel can completely change day to day. I hope you and other people with info keep posting, it's better than reading the "why I don't like Woodgate" for the thousandth time.
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    Reckon teams are looking at the likes of Norwich and Sheff Utd and realising you don't need a 'big rep' name like Bielsa, Slutsky or Pulis to make the grade. Moreso than ever, it's become obvious that getting the best out of your squad is more important than high reputation or big money signings at this level. Clubs like West Brom, Swansea and us have to get it right this time...
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    Sense of relief will ultimately be decided on who is appointed out of the names been touted I’d be most happy with Jokanovic and least happy with Woody. Thats not to say I would be unhappy with JW as I believe every manager/player deserves my support and optimism until they give me reason not too
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    Are you back at school tomorrow? Play nicely KM. I remember not so long ago a excitable guy who got excited by x-factor and transfer rumours (before he got married and was forced to grow up a bit ?)
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    I hope to *** that all your ITKers are wrong and that Stendel gets the job. ? Not that I don't appreciate the info and it being able to be discussed. Absolutely golden to have that on the forum. Just, in this instance, no thanks lads... ?
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    You're trying too hard mate. Need to use a little subtlety I reckon.
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    The Pro-Stuani Clique is still strong...
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    I reckon woodgate can do the job and get promotion the players really like him if you look on his instagram they are really supportive for him one thing that stands in his way are his own people us boro fans he needs to try win them over by playing bright attacking football which i think he can.
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    No, he stopped posting on here because he has this expectation that as he claims to be ITK then people will accept everything he says as the truth and when they didn't he got the hump about it.
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    Are you back at school tomorrow?
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    I'd say to this that for one, a lot of the ITK information provided hasn't been proved true or false because there's zero public knowledge about what's happened barring interest in Jokanovic and Woodgate having been interviewed. But most importantly, like you say, few actually know anything about what's going on. It's rumours and whispers that come out and most the time for most of us, we'll never know what was ever true or not, same probably goes for those that pass on the information on here, pretty sure majority are passing on info from other sources who could be passing it on from others and so on. But that's the nature of the beast. You yourself were part of the Victor Moses chatter a couple of years ago, were you not? Did it ever publicly come out that Moses was at Rockliffe? I don't remember that if it did. But I feel like I remember both yourself and VB confirming each others info on that one and seems to have since been widely accepted on here as fact despite nobody having any public factual evidence of that. It's just part of the conversation. It keeps us speculating until everything plays out. 99% of the time, we'll never know what all the facts are as individuals. But it's nice to feel like we have some potential grip on what's true or not, even if we'll never know for sure.
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    Christ lads, all the misery here and not a thing has changed since last week. Hang in there and wait and see what actually happens. No one had a clue about karanka until the day before.
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    I'm against his appointment for a number of reasons, and I would welcome a challenge to anyone to change my mind. 1- he has 0 managerial experience of a first team in competitive action. I think it's too much of a big risk for my battered and bruised Boro. 2- I have no idea what his philosophy or playing style is. This is then making the decision less appealing as I cant picture a boro squad under him or what formation or what brand of football he will play. With Jokanovic I can. 3- rumours of him failing his coaching badges have now all seem to be forgotten? I'm sorry but a month ago he failed his exams. He is the definition of a rookie manager but that's okay because he loves the club.. 4- I personally believe he will have a hard time winning over the senior members in the squad. Will he have their respect? 5- Woodgate has had stories about him speaking out against other members of the managerial staff, Karanka and Pulis. That doesn't seem like someone who is a good fit. Seems a bit back stabby for my liking. If I was a player in the dressing room, those thoughts would certainly cross my mind. 6- for me, it also signifies Gibsons white flag for a couple of seasons. It feels like hes fobbed the fans off with *** football with Pulis, we've sold our best players and now we are being punished with a cheap option. 7 - if he gets the job no matter what he does, he will always be compared to a "if only we got Jokanovic". Typical Boro, he will go to West Brom and get them promoted probably. 8- personal problems off the pitch and his reputation. 9- there are plenty of other managers out there. I thought this was a "plum job". For the sake of the club, I hope he works out. But it just has a feeling of Southgate mk 2 and that set us back and it seems that history will repeat itself. *rant over*
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    I'm fairly confident that if Steve Gibson wants to give Woodgate the job, a reference from Southgate wouldn't really be necessary.
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    Don't worry, this place gets called clique-y too. In fact at one point there was an official Pro-Stuani clique, back in the day.
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    Don't forget the throw in king Barragan
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    Cant we get Valdes, Negredo, Ramirez, De Roon and Bamford too?
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    I promised the person who told me I wouldn’t. It’s not me waiting to say I knew that was going to happen it’s just I said I wouldn’t share. Keep checking on here to see if there’s any mention of it.
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    If the club are restructuring I suppose they will give the coach the level of autonomy they will be comfortable with, knowing there is a possibility they will have to rip it up again in a year or 2. It will be interesting to see how that develops.
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    Grayson is an experienced head, always done alright, apart from Sunderland which was a poisoned chalice from the start. I'm not a fan of his, but, if you want someone to just get things organised, he's probably a fine choice. If that allows Woodgate to coach the side and not have to deal with things outside of his comfort, it's fine.
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    Yeah, at least KM uses punctuation.
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    If as we're being told Kenyon has carried out the second interview, maybe SG has decided an impartial person should have a input into the decision making. Trying to take away any perceived bias.
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    He's truely lost the plot if that's true
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    Care to share what you have heard?
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    My gut instinct says all the names being leaked to people are just to keep the rumour mill going. My guess would be that like AK, Gibson knew who he wanted and has been working on getting it done. I think Woodgate will be assistant manager. i don’t mind Grayson as DoF as before Sunderland he’d done OK.
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    Keep transfers to the transfer thread mate. This is managers (and possible DOF) it helps keep the conversations together and prevents duplication and thread derailment ?
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    From everything that's been said and from reading the statement that Gibson made, it seems fairly likely that Gibson wanted to keep him on regardless of how the fans felt about him.
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    Schteve McClaren is available. He fits the Dutch market we are trying to tap into.
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    As I said in my post last night, I don’t mean to offend any of the ITK’ers as their contributions cause serious debate and give everyone things to talk about. So on behalf of everyone I can say that we all appreciate any information that get posted. My point was a lot of it has been wide of the mark so far this summer but that doesn’t mean to say anyone should stop posting or get upset about it. Once again, any information is appreciated in this or the transfer thread.
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    I really think there will be pressure on Gibson next season if this little ‘experiment’ goes badly
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    I'd really like Gibson to see all this dissent already its like Pulis has never left.
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    ? Just put us out of our misery and announce Woodgate the cheap and uninspiring option.
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    His name has only really popped up in the last 24 hours don’t see the Gazette ruling anyone out on a Sunday give it until tomorrow morning once they’ve put the question to Gibson.
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    Ok I wold be excited by this if it is true. Sounds like he’s exactly what we need ticks all the boxes!
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    I recall someone mentioned Xabi Alonso as a potential option a while back. He has just been appointed Head Coach of Real Sociadad B. Apologies if its already been mentioned, too much garbage to delve through on this thread.
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    Middlesbrough are keen on making Barnsley’s Daniel Stendel their new manager following the departure of Tony Pulis. From the daily star And we also want Dwight Gayle? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/782839/Newcastle-United-transfer-news-Dwight-Gayle-Middlesbrough-latest-news Don't believe that.
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    As said Gibson had his shortlist after 1st round then handed them to Kenyon. Gibson has been out of country with some other business (believe new hotel stuff). Kenyon is a lot more involved with this club if not more than bauser now an unofficial chief executive as such.
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    It's alright for you, you don't get pelters thrown at you.
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    Yeah, I didn't mean that the interviews were a smokescreen, just that Gibson went into them with Woodgate in mind, instead of going in with a more open mind. Either way, we'll soon find out. If Woodgate gets the job, he might go on to do well and I really hope he does. On the face of it just seems like a (potential) appointment that lacks ambition and adventure.
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    I'm not sure I buy the 'smokescreen' theory, but I definitely buy that Jokanovic is out of our budget. I think we're making a mistake if we go with Woodgate, I'm certain that there are better options in our price range. I really hope if he does get the job, it's because he actually did well in the interview and has a clear plan of what to do with the club, and not just because he's a Teessider and won't cost that much.
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    Not at all, mate. No-one thinks it's a waste of time, and like I said I enjoy reading it. Keep posting what you hear, and I don't think anyone wishes for you not to post!
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    That’s the one!
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    Let’s be honest the writing has pretty much been on the wall from the very beginning that Woodgate was getting the managerial job. The season hadn’t even reached its climax yet there were already strong rumours that Woodgate was going to take over from Pulis. It does feel like the Gareth Southgate appointment all over again with the way it has all panned out should it be confirmed.
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    Missed your chance to "shine"
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    Will SG have time to announce a new manager at the concert? i suppose “it only takes a minute girl” ?
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    Transgender weightlifter goes to the doctor and say "Doctor, i've been taking steroids and I think i've grown a cock" Doctor says "Anabolic?" Weightlifter says "No, just the cock"

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