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    It has though, he's got the job. I suppose it's like if you want pizza for tea, but everyone else decides they want Chinese. You can either sit and sulk looking at photos of pizzas, or just get over it and enjoy your sweet & sour chicken. I've kind of held off on giving my opinion on Woodgate, largely because I don't have one. I wanted Jokanovic because he has a track record of getting teams promoted. I wouldn't have been completely against Karanka for the same reason (though I never thought that was likely). I wasn't overly concerned about Woodgate being part of Pulis' regime, as obviously being a coach under someone else is very different to being Head Coach. I am concerned about his lack of experience, and nothing he says in a press conference makes any difference to that. But having said that, obviously Ferguson, Guardiola, Shankly etc were all new managers at one point. I'm not saying Woodgate will ever be anywhere near that level, but we don't know how good he will be until the season starts. To be quite honest, as a generally positive fan, it's just nice to be optimistic about something again after one of the worst years of following football I've ever had. Until we line up with 5 centre backs and Gestede and Downing up front on the first day of the season, anyway.
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    Weren't we linked with Praet as well. He looks Arsenal bound this summer. McGuire Lindelof Ziyech Meunier and Praet. To be fair De Roon has also done well for himself since leaving us. The problem is not identifying the players , its getting the deals over the line.
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    Bit of an update for those who want it... woody has spoken with Klopp... Keane with Poch... wouldn’t be surprised to see first team fringe players on loan to us
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    This conversation - CT - I dont know why you changed your stance Everyone else - because of these reasons CT - your reasons are wrong, you're not allowed to interpret things differently than I do. Why ask for reasons if you're simply not going to accept them?
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    You thinK Man? Who might that've been?
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    Brunners would be one of my last choices as your "dummie" account - who could actually be arsed to set up a separate account just to argue with themselves? Sometimes I genuinely wonder what goes on in peoples heads - we've got some right ones on here.
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    If you're suggesting that Brunners is a dummy profile of mine then actually I do take great offence at that ? I imagine Brunners wouldn't exactly be thrilled either although it would mean a step up in the world for him at least ?
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    You don't argue with yourself, but you use your dummie profiles to create arguments (them all being silly and radical) and then you try to step in with your reasoning opinions, which have been good at times, but sometimes you really just want to argue for the sake of arguing.. Not to find out what is right or wrong... But it's nice to see, that people are stepping up and talk back ? No offence in this, just a tinfoil hat opinon!
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    Lindelof too, meant to join us on loan, but Benfica kept moving the goal posts. Then they sold him to United for a big fee!
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    I love Howson, have done since he was at Leeds, not someone I'd want us to lose.
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    I don't know why but I just feel more positive than others about Woodgate's appointment, I like the fact we have an ex striker(and a quality one at that) as one of our coaching staff that's a big positive, plus we haven't got a bad squad, Wing & Tavernier will come into their own. A mate of mine was at one of those Boro dinner do's and was talking to Woodgate about Nathan Wood, Woodgate said a better player than he was at his age, he's got the full package he's that good,
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    I have a hunch that Howson will have a massive season for us
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    I think I get what CT has been talking about, even if the mood shift is a bit less pronounced than he is making out. I was disappointed myself when Woody was announced, but I've had a bit of time to calm down, watched the press conference and been mildly impressed at what's been said - although they have to follow through with what they've been saying or it's all for nought. Then I remembered the above post I wrote back in January, and I realised that I was never really against getting Woody in in the first place! I think as names like Jokanovic, Reizeger, Stendel, even getting Karanka back, got dangled in front of my eyes, I was sort of taken in by having someone with a bit of experience, or another fancy foreigner taking the helm, and Woodgate sort of seemed like a meh choice because of that. That doesn't mean that I can't be optimistic about the future, now I've had time to think about it and come around to ths fact that, well I would have been quite happy with Woody 6 months ago so I don't see why I wouldn't be now. Maybe there are others on the forum like that?
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    I'm not a complete Luddite you know, I have heard of Justin Hoyte!
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    No, I think a lot of people (myself included) fell into the trap that woody was some drug fuelled racist moron who would be an embarrassment to have as the leader of the club. When people saw how articulate he was and the attention to detail surrounding his backroom staff we thought, hey, maybe this guy and his team actually do deserve a chance.
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    Could it also be that the people who were absolutely categorically against him are not posting as much as the people who are willing to give him a chance?
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    Dude all you've done is highlight exactly what I'm saying people are doing. He wasn't most of our first choice - I wasn't super against him, but he wasn't my first choice. I have never tried to claim otherwise. I'm a functioning adult with the ability to be swayed when presented with new evidence. Now he's hired and I've heard him talk and heard what the club want to do I'm happy to let him have a go and bring a bit of excitement back into my footballing world. I don't even know what you're arguing about anymore, as far as I can tell you're arguing just for the sake of it - which I suppose is totally in character for you.

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