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    Just quit it please, Randy and opponents! No need to argue about this petty crap. Suggestion: Go out in the sunshine and drink a beer. Come back and discuss FOOTBALL with us.
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    If you don’t like the forum, or people on the forum, why waste your time on here? Never understood it. ??‍♂️
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    Just chill out mate! Your not exactly contributing much yourself with all these negative posts
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    One person said they'd rather live in the UK, that was me. My point wasn't that i'd rather live in the UK than travel around, it was that i'd rather live here than in a place where you can be sentenced to death for being attracted to a member of the same sex, or merely being a woman.
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    Tbh i'd rather live in the "dump UK" than a backwards country that oppresses women and homosexuals and has a horrific human rights record, but you do you, eh.
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    Guys various boundaries have been crossed within the last page or two where most of us have agreed that we would not go there as it is not football related, also ensuring offensive name calling is displayed and pedantic attitudes being shown. Please, please stop this and get back to some decency between all members.
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    can we give people negative points for pointless/none transfer related outbursts? too many negative points and then automatic time out etc?
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    Two things, you said a week or two ago that you'd heard we had £15m to spend. If you keep giving contradictory information then you are almost certainly going to be correct at some point. That's not a dig just an observation. Borrowing money is just borrowing money. Where do people think that the money comes from that we spend? Companies often borrow money for liquidity i.e. so that they have actual cash to spend and then borrow against future earnings, which I'm assuming is what we've done here but I haven't taken a look at it yet.
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    I know, we should all just agree that all gods are *** and all religion is ***, it would save so much hassle.
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    Why are you signalling me out? read back - all I've done is respond to posts made directly at me, I originally made a post which I thought was now done with and all the forum fanny's jumped on, you know the ones who were OK to slag king boro off and criticise his posts as it's "fun" - but make one comment about them and they come in skreeching and throwing hand bags at you. Tossers.
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    8 pages of school yard insults and some Paddy rumours and finances ? We need some actual rumours and signings. Some of the first members of the negative brigade against Pulis, miss the Guy so they can hate him,... Now they just hate randomly daily... Cheer up everybody - it's summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumping... ??
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    Burrell's an interesting inclusion he's the striker with serious pace we signed from Grimsby he's took him ahead of other options I'm guessing it's because he wants a pace option alongside Fletcher/Armstrong/Braithwaite/Gymnast, The 1 to watch is Hackney young midfielder broke in the U23 team last year at 16 years of age he's just turned 17 has a ton of energy he could catch the eye for sure I rate him. Wearne as well is a nice little footballer plays between the lines I like the thinking here.
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    Essentially we’ve took out a posh pay day loan. “gibbo we need Lowe in ASAP!” gibson: ‘......quick quick THINK!?”
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    Adam, I have just warned the forum about crossing boundaries and here we go again within minutes another insulting post labelling the Manager. You are entitled to think what you like but to directly name call someone is bad taste especially on a public forum. It really is about time to stop this attitude and I would ask all to consider getting behind the team and management instead of tearing it apart, and yes I see the irony about my attitude towards certain players however never stooping to pathetic name calling
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    Imo, the local rags have been hyping stuff up way too much. Acting like we are doing stuff in training that other teams can't do. Proof is in the pudding. Soon find out who we are in pre season games and the first 6 games. Fingers crossed though, but jurys still out for me
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    I think it will be interesting to see how all our midfielders play in our new system. The shackles have been pretty much on for the past 5 years. Saville and Howson have been better in different teams. Wing played well in his maiden season for us and Malley seems to be rated. Clayton didnt have his best season last year but I have always liked him. He is probably the most natural defensive midfielder we have.
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    It needs to be wet sand because dry sand would move around too much
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    Can't you guys just nip it in the bud. Literally pages full of crap
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    Villa have sold Villa Park for 56.7m to the owners. Gibbo is going to go spare here haha
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    Ahhhh so you're King Boro, the pieces are all falling into place!
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    Yeah because his value on our books will be lower than it was this time last year when we signed him as one year has passed and his book value has depreciated in turn. So for FFP purposes it will show as a profit if we sold him now for the same price we paid for him.
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    Your sugar daddy must be a very generous man ?
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    If you look further down this guys tweets it also shows Brighton submitting a similar document taking out money against future TV deal revenue. TBH I think it more than likely signals us making a signing soon as we're trying to generate some liquidity against future revenue.
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    Bit hypocritical- whole argument started because YOU tried to police what people post when you complained about people sharing whole articles.
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    Just a long term member who had not posted in a while, no-one special, well maybe to his Mam! Whilst we are at it do you want to change your user name to Denzel Zanzibar still?
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    Might be busy at rockcliffe with announcement of contracts and players having talks. Haven't heard of Moses coming that's a new one on me. Lowe we have had 2 bids knocked back in with a 3rd but so are a lot of clubs. Woodgate looks like he might be pulling a few flavours from past clubs he has worked with including Liverpool and spurs. Expect incomings may be tomorrow but likely early next week. Brahimi has just about left would take a big u turn with clubs that are after him.
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    Oh i agree. Hope to hell we succeed. Be nothing better than a local crop doing well, just not convinced yet. Happy to hold my hands up though if im wrong, and ill still be at the games haha
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    I feel Clayton could be a big player under JW if he adopts the style of play we are anticipating which is a quick moving and high pressing 4.3.3. That sort of play requires a very disciplined defensive midfielder and Clayton is best we got in that role imo.
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    Ye, given a choice out of keeping McNair or Howson I'd rather keep hold of McNair
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    They are probably waiting for Boro to do it so they can stitch us to the wall
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    I know it's not illegal to do so but it still feels incredibly shifty, I wonder if it's a loophole they'll try and close in future.
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    As a wise man once sang, no Pulis no cry
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    Howson is having a baby, well his wife is, walker and fry are injured
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    Does anyone know if the Grazer AK friendly will be live-streamed? I seem to remember the Austrian games were last season? Also Howson is on Paternity leave.
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    My post was meant to be agreeing with what you were saying ?
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    I thought that was me? Are you trying to muscle in on my racket, Denzel? ?
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    Will of course give him a chance, but dont say I didnt warn you of what he is like.
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    Beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/01947851 No idea haha have a look yourself. Go into filing history and the two top pdfs.
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    Looks like we are borrowing money.
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    I hate it and don't understand it, the "my god is better than your god" crap and tribalistic behaviour is the most backward garbage I've ever seen
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    You're the most hilariously hypocritical person on here
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    Dael Fry 10 year contract probably
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    Well why don’t you do something about it? I got onto the club about playing my home team Bray Wanderers in 2009 and they obliged the following year and came over in 2010

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