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    If you call completely unable to play football to any kind of acceptable level an injury then yes, hes been crippled with that for most of his career.
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    Did fans want him gone or did fans just accept that unfortunately he's the most saleable of our 500 central midfielders.
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    God help me if it's Wing I'm gonna have to kill someone.
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    Randolph is arguably better than both Forster and Begovic. I don't care how much we'd get for him, we can't replace him with similar quality.
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    Long range shots are what I remember aswell, could definately understand why he never got a look in in the premiership.
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    Do you think that you meeting him when you were over here and trying to steal his car has traumatised him mate? ?
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    If China and Asia clubs are involved then push for more. £25m.
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    Good decision Woody! Can’t believe some fans wanted Paddy gone already without giving him a proper chance.
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    I'd argue that Hugill was pretty consistent.
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    They could have just put a shirt on a traffic cone and saved themselves even more money.
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    Someone on Twitter earlier said he wasn't expected until this evening.
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    It looks like fletcher is getting a lot of training from Robbie Keane in particular looking at pictures and videos. Seems to be a lot of focus on him. I doubt he’s leaving
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    In my opinion I think this summer will be a fairly quiet one (in terms of the senior squad). I can't see a mass clear out happening, but can see the usual suspects of Gestede, Braithwaite and Marvin Johnson leaving. Potentially can see us selling 1 or 2 players if the above 3 can't be shifted out. And I don't think we need huge amounts of players coming in, if we are to utilise the youth teams more. I can see us going after a No.2 as back up to Randolph, a fullback and 2 wide players. As others have said previously I think the spine of the team (centre backs, centre mids and centre forwards) are well stocked. Now that I have said that I imagine Boro will do the exact opposite.
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    I'm pretty sure that KM was before he got a job, he's now a working adult! How they grow up ?
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    If he does not at end up at Sheff Wed with Steve Bruce i will be surprised.
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    Randolph to Stoke is absolutely not happening. Imagine the pelters the club would receive if they sold their best ever GK since Schwarzer to a rival club in the same division. If he is going to leave this summer it’s going to be to for a club in the league above or abroad.
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    We must be remembering that season very differently then clearly as I recall him making a number of mistakes that in the PL would have led to goals, most of them from long range shots where our defenders could hardly take the blame.
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    I don't mean to poke fun at you, well ok I do, but 'ridiculously awesomely defensively'? If this is what twitter does to people then I'm even more grateful not to be involved in it ?
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    Why would Randolph want to go to Stoke? And why on Earth would we possibly consider selling him to a championship rival who finished lower in the league than us last season?
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    I wouldnt sell Gandolph for less than 15 m
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    He told me, he had to replace the leather seats, to get rid of the stench!
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    thought he'd be doing test etc. before joining in................... if he's there
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    I agree with the later part of your second paragraph but the issue there is that we dont know how serious interest was in those players. Let's take bolasie for example. I think that's one that we can all agree we were very interested in - however we were unwilling to budge on our valuation of him - one third of his wages. Villa came in with the whole lot and he went elsewhere. Clearly we weighed up the risk and decided what the most funds were that we were willing to spend on that risk and stuck to it. I'm absolutely fine with us looking at these players so long as it's not every player we look at and that we stick to our guns on our risk/reward valuation. The ceiling must be a high one to mitigate the potential of a low floor. I'll say it again - its the final decision that matters and the thought process that got us there- not the fact that we are considering the players in the first place. Same goes for former players - I think we know that we fundamentally disagree on that too.
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    Also everyone is forgetting that our Medical department is now a Tony Pulis style super-facility, everyone has been given state of the art steam powered Iron knees and our strikers eyes have been replaced by the actual targeting computers used by NASA in the 1969 Moon landing.
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    I read CTs post as if we were often looking at players who has had a big injury in their careers. He used Fischer as an example and he too was back playing for Ajax after an injury. As you say there are lots of players who's had some lengthy injuries in the past. Let's just agree that CT is wrong here?
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    That's the thing you pay more money for what is perceived as a greater chance of success generally. Souare on a free, it might not be a good transfer or one that I'd like to see us make, but it's definitely worth a discussion. In terms of us buying crocked players, I'm not sure whether we do it more or less than other teams, there are quite a few players around with serious injuries in their past. These probably stand out to us more as fans of the club.
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    It was Mitchell curry's loan move
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    I mean with current personnel playing a Midfield diamond would probably suit us the most, taking inspiration from Tottenham's efforts last year. We would really need to prioritise the fullback positions though to provide more attacking width... --------------Randy RB-------Ayala---Fry---------LB --------------Clayton Wing---------------------Saville -------------McNair Braithwaite---------Fletcher/Britt With Britt possibly coming back late due to internationals I think we could have MB and Fletcher playing similar roles to Son and Moura whilst Kane was out injured and McNair playing a similar role to Alli making late runs into the box. In terms of fullbacks I think we need to buy at least one, would Friend still be up to playing the role of an attacking fullback, I know a lot think he's passed it on here. On the right hand side we've been told Spence is a positive front foot fullback but with little experience it would be a lot of pressure having him as first choice, whereas Shotton did have a lot of good games at fullback last year but is more on the defensively solid side...
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    nice to hear woody wanting tav in cm. winger britt winger tav paddy wing friend fry danny shotton need a few decent wingers ans 2 fullbacks and that will leave us over stocked with cm's would be surprised to see one or two of them leave.
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    What an utter waste of space that artical is haha
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    Hmmm... that sounds like something Vickers would say ?
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    It has always been a bit of tinfoil conspiracy that he is indeed hiding somewhere on here.
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    Vickers is a clown anyway. Absolute clown. Lot of these articles have been snidey little puff pieces, and its pathetic
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    Clayton, Saville, Howson, Wing, McNair + a kid gives us cover for the centre 3 of the expected 4-3-3, if we get an offer we can't refuse then sell, but don't say we'll accept the first bid when Sheff Utd have just banked £100m
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/jonathan-woodgate-wants-keep-celtic-16509860 Interesting decision given the fact he looked like one of the better technical ball playing central defenders towards the end of the season.
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    Oh i agree. Hope to hell we succeed. Be nothing better than a local crop doing well, just not convinced yet. Happy to hold my hands up though if im wrong, and ill still be at the games haha
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    Stoke looking at Randy to replace Butland if he leaves
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    Still No MB pictures from todays training.

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