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    • And a Barnsley win puts them level with us.  Not sure that there is a good result for us from that game. 
    • Happy for that to be a draw. However I stopped looking at who our rivals have got as the results lately been soo mad so all I end up doing is getting my hopes up. End up thinking  X team will beat a rival team and we will get a result in our game. What ends up happening?! Rival team gets a result v X team and we f*ck up in our game
    • Stoke only need to draw with Barnsley on Saturday for us to be in the bottom 3 come match day 
    • Must admit im gutted  at the performance & result today but being optimistic in nature,im hoping the remaining games against mid table opposition might give the team the chance to get the neccessary points,Might be clutching at straws but hopefully the 'Benidorm Factor' will come into play against Millwall ,Reading,Qpr & Bristol City,
    • I think I'm of the same mindset, confidence booster against Stoke, Hull in shocking form, no nonsense manager who seems to find the way and  get the best out of the players, and I've  definitely had my bubble burst today. So can Warnock polish a turd we're about to find out. Prediction for Sunday, I haven't got one because I don't  bloody know what will turn up,
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