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    I agree with that, only ever turned it on for half of a season, his crossing was poor and he often struggled to beat a full back. he was better on the left and actually crossed better with his left foot, he was a decent player, villa fans don’t care he’s gone and I wasn’t particularly bothered we sold him either. Hopefully he signs for forest so this annual adomah debate can end.
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    He was a passenger. He was a shadow of what he was at Bristol for us. He had one good spell that blinded many to how he was the majority of the time, which was pretty average. He crossing was mostly poor, he rarely seemed to run at anyone or use his so called pace and other than for like... What? Half a season, his overall return wasn't great. I was so happy when we got rid of him and even then I believed it was a season too late.
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    People are treating rumour as gospel and are slating the club for missing out on targets that we were probably never in for.
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    A 2 year contract would probably total about £1.5m, I wouldn't want him to start the season with him as the only incoming winger, but he can play left or right and is an experienced head. Also it will make CT lose his head, which is always a positive.
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    He's living in a landscape where most Championship clubs are run by Billionaires, he's no longer a big fish.
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    Personally I'd explore the loan market or sell a central midfielder. Of all the players you have listed I'd only consider Fry a centre back. Going into the season with one recognised central defender would be crazy!
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    If it does happen I suggest that @SmogDane should sing ? brunners crying without wing ? ala westlife for the opening match day thread against Luton. Sorry @Brunners I couldn’t help it ?
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    Any excuse to link this ??? https://youtu.be/OzaM9tyOZCY
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    I caught them! They're long in the wheelie bin now, sorry to disappoint!
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    All I know is that at the end of the playoff final he lobbed his boots to me (I had a Ghana flag, he chucked them in my direction, I’m sure they were meant for me) but someone else got them. I only hope they appreciate them as much as I would’ve done ?
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    loved him when he was here and he probably loved the way most fans loved him. But I doubt he has any deep love for Boro as a club like Leo so purely business and football based decision for me. He's a good player for this league, but will have higher wages than others of the same quality
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    Nah I reckon Tottenham for league one, didn't they get relegated to the Championship after they didn't sign anyone for 18 months?
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    Did you stop watching us after Christmas in each of his 3 seasons or something? ?
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    Stats wise at least, he was extremely consistent with Bristol and us. 45 goals/assists in 143 appearances for us, 46 goals/assists in 136 games for Bristol City. Slightly worse at boro but surely not enough to call him a shadow of what he was at Bristol. I don't think it's fair to call him a passenger either. Regarding his overall return, the majority of his spell here was under Karanka, where no one had especially prolific stats. Adomah's stats are actually some of our best and most consistent during his time here. Not only that, but under Karanka there was a much larger emphasis on the wingers' ability to support their fullback defensively, which by all accounts he did pretty successfully. Based on all of this I'd argue he was a pretty vital player throughout his time here - emphasised by our struggle to find someone equally as competent on the opposite wing.
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    I remember going to the riverside with my dad to buy something from the shop (not a matchday) when I was a kid and picking a programme or leaflet or something up from that villa game. Then I went outside and juninho, ravanelli, Emerson etc rocked up in their cars. Got the leaflet signed by all of them. Good times!
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    I know that you are a bit of a worrier, but it’s not that simple, we may be ok with the players we have. Its way too early to predict who’s going to go down, I’d need to see a few teams play first before I jumped to any conclusions.
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    Thank god for Forest. A 31 year old winger with a contract running way past his prime, who's just had his least productive season, who happened to play for us previously. I suppose at least it wouldn't be £7m quid or whatever, but it has Downing 2.0 written all over it.
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    Alex Pattison's joined Wycombe on a 1 year deal after we let his contract run down really happy he's stayed in the Football League hope he has a proper career for himself now glad someone took a chance.
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    Gestede and Braithwaite ?
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    He left his iPhone Charger there last summer and this was the first chance he's had to pick it up after a busy year. Not that I'm ITK or anything...
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    Wouldn't have minded him, but not gutted if it's not to be.
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    He's a world beater compared to the **** we have had to endure over the last couple of seasons.
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    We really need to stop offering players over 30 long term contracts
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    We could easily replace randolph with a gk on a free norwich did it and won the league
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    Besic and Pennington 'doing the rounds' from what I can tell was one Everton fan on Twitter with no authority just saying it without a source. By that logic, us signing Chambers and selling Howson is 'doing the rounds' because King Boro said it.
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    That deal for besic falling through was, in hindsight, a wonderful thing. Honestly i would not even pay half of £6-£7m for Besic. And that is not because he is not a tidy player because he is. It is just he does not really possess anything that hugely stands out from our current CMs.
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    As I said when the Downing contract chat was underway, as a new manager, Woodgate should have looked at Downing as he would a free agent from another club, and forget all current ties to the club. Would you sign a 34-year-old with those stats, after the season or so he just had? The answer is no, and I think that Woodgate arrived at that same decision. The same would go for Adomah. Don't think of him as a former player. Think of him as a free agent and look at him objectively. He's 31, and last season got 4 goals and 3 assists, which isn't great, although he rarely played 90 minutes. But of course, he could be a cheapish option in a position where we desperately need numbers, and I'm sure even over 30, he'd be one of our quicker players. For me I think he'd be okay, but I certainly wouldn't like to think he was the only attacking player we brought in this summer, and I wouldn't expect him to be someone who played 75% of our matches from the start.
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    I enjoyed the one in AKs first full summer here when we signed likes of Kike, Bamford, Vossen, Clayton etc. And then the January window season we got promoted when Gaston and Rhodes arrived amongst the legend that is Kika Sola and De Laet & De Sart. Especially the latter's on/off move. First 2 signings proved to be pivotal at end of season. Since then every window been meh. Monk's first and only window was pretty exciting in all honesty. We had something like 11 in, 11 out, not including youth team or loans.
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    I move back to the uk in November so am happy to be further down the pecking order but want to get involved
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    Oh you are not someone i view as a troll on here mate. Far from it. Grateful for stuff you post, generates discussion and debate. I am just trying to add my own logic to what I read. No criticism of you. Sorry if it came across that way.
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    I'd be happy to give this a go.
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    Dude look at the other dates in here, like almost everyone was apparently old enough to remember the early 90s ?
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    I'm ready for the Luton game and hopefully more ?
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    Too old, when will we learn not to give these plodders their last paydays!
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    You see how rumours can get started? A fella is just wanting to charge his phone up and suddenly he's apparently haggling over a two or three year contract. People need to calm down a bit! Mind you, I think we may well have signed Mejias after he came back to collect some old mail or something.
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    Ravenelli in a 3-2 win v Villa on 3rd May 1997 Sharing a forum with members of a retirement home by the looks of this thread ?

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