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    For all those asking about these 4 players at rockcliffe just before weekend. I have done some digging appears it was bola Browne and 2 premiership loan players, sketchy with details but I believe they have agreed everything just awaiting sanction from club when back from overseas. Also don't believe everything you here from Charlton watch this space.
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    SDS, it’s Dijksteel at Rockliffe
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    At the meet and greet. We get to ask questions soon. But so far Woody says promotion is the aim this season , definatley more signings, the coaching team have a real connection and you can sense everything and everyone is moving on the same page. Woodgate says he won't be one of these managers who plays for a point he will attack every team. His standout player from pre season is Hayeden Coulson again reiterated he can play Lb, lw, rw. He mentioned he suggested to Pulis last year that Hayden could play but Pulis wasn't interested so sent him on loan which Woody admitted Hayden didn't do well on loan.
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    Remember don't believe everything Charlton say. He has been there all day.
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    @Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die. Can I just say a bug thank you for the info you provided from the meet the coaching team event you attended. It seems some interesting stuff was said so appreciate you taking both the time and effort to post what was said on here for rest of us who did not attend.
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    Club pursuing Diangana and Murphy. Lad from Colchester too. Kane Vincent-Young. Used to play for Spurs. Not sure how close any are.
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    I would like each of our new members to tell us - who is their favourite Middlesbrough player of the last 20 years (but only players who made under 30 appearances are valid answers) - where they were when Adam Forshaw scored in the last minute against Reading - who was Gordon Strachan's best signing. That'll sort the men from the bots.
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    Both.... I have more but have been asked not to share until its verified is the best way I can describe it.
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    48/72 hours new signing Woody said hopefully. Pace high up the pitch.
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    Robbie says is not interested in last year's attacking play. Been working 5 weeks on shooting from all areas , movement and forward play. All through the team. Looking at loans from abroad as well as domestic clubs.
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    Absolute rubbish, it’s bizarre considering what he brought to the team in those few months that some people have such a low opinion of him. He was so much more than ‘fast’.
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    Morning Chaps, Thought I would finally make the jump and sign up after following the forum for the last few years. It’s refreshing to see the majority of the fan base getting behind this new regime in wanting it to succeed, hopefully it doesn’t turn sour if we don’t hit the ground running. I’m under no illusion Woodgate was the cheap option and has his hands tied with transfers etc.. the main thing is though that the right type of players are being targeted and signed to suit the new Direction which the club and fans alike have been crying out for. The business we have done up to now I think has been very shrewd with cutting the wage budget massively while keeping the optimism amongst the fans here’s to hoping we can manage to keep hold of the big 4(Wing,Randolph,Fry,Assombalonga) while adding some more depth to the squad and I think that is the best we could have asked for particularly when Woodgate was announced and everybody was already writing the season off as a disaster. Anyway ill rambling on now just thought I’d give an overview of my thoughts on the current situation, I’ll look forward to the conversations to come and here’s hoping to a few more signings and a solid performance Friday with 3 points in the bag!
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    They think Malley will become are best homegrown player the club has produced. That's how highly they rate him. Just want him to mature and toughen up.
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    Just did some digging into the Liverpool and Spurs squads that have went on the pre-season tours. Most of the Spurs players who might have interested us are on the tour so couldn't have been at Rockcliffe. The 3 that jump out that aren't are Carter Vickers, Vincent Jansson and Nkoudou. Them 3 all play in positions we are looking to strengthen, but they might not be the most realistic, wage structure wise. Moving onto Liverpool, they have left a couple of players at home who we could have an interest in, the name that jumps out at me is Taiwo Awoniyi, he's a big CF who's been on loan to Mouscron and Gent in the Belgian league. Scored 14 goals last season and seems to have scored goals wherever he has been. Can play on the right of a front 3 also it seems. The other names from Liverpool I thought could interest us are Ejaria and Christie-Davies, both of whom are attacking midfielders. Ejaria spent last season at Reading and did reasonably well in a poor team I think.
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    Grew up in Derby with my Dad from Norton and my Mum from Boro - I've been flying the Boro flag in Belgium since 2003. Still not managed to convert anyone though but God loves a trier.
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    Guess I'm one of those 4! Thanks for having me, am enjoying reading the latest transfer gossip for the Boro. Reason I've only just joined - I only found out about the site last week, I was a regular visitor on FMTTM (but a rare poster) and saw this forum mentioned.
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    You have to take everything with a pinch of salt because things change, and the info they're getting doesn't always happen, but raf smog, lurker and smoggydownsouth all have given plenty of legitimate information.
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    Not especially helpful I know, but I saw Colchester United play against my local team (Yeovil Town) towards the end of last season. Vincent-young wasn't playing, but they pushed their full backs high and all their defenders looked comfortable on the ball. Could be useful to have a player used to playing with the ball at his feet who has been playing an expansive style. Again, this was only one game and the player wasn't even playing, but just thought someone might find it interesting.
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    They did move when other clubs joined the bidding for him. But not drastically, the breakthrough was Friday that I alluded to in my post last week. He is a low risk high potential transfer. If it goes through woody has had a blinder as a fair few clubs tried/ are trying for him. Woody went and met him.
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    I hope I'm not talking out of turn here but any signings we make this season are not expected to be finished article. Low risk hopefully high reward. Club don't envisage these players being here 6/7 years. It's a buy them low. Improve them. Sell them max profit. Maybe 1 yr or 4yrs. Oh and whilst I have been critical of recruitment team under AK and TP. They are the ones uncovering hopefully these rough diamonds. Will update tomorrow if I get anything.
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    So my 48hrs something will come out has partly come true. I'm on the case now.
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    By the way, I live near Liège Airport so I'll keep an eye out if I see Duchatelet's plane going over :)
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    Hello everyone another new member here. Followed this forum for quite awhile some good posters on here some with good information so decided to join.
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    Sounds like Woody is being very candid and open, which is really refreshing. And not in a bullshit Pulis way when he clearly had an agenda with every line. @Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die, thanks very much for these updates mate, they've been very helpful!
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    Says Ayala and Flint used to go for the same ball on set pieces not enough movement or positioning . Wingy is on set pieces.
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    Hey guys, long time lurker. Huge fan of the forum, sds/lurker/raf get me through the work week! Not remotely itk normally but I work with a lad who’s brother works for spurs and he’s insistent we’re taking Marcus Edwards on loan - says it’ll be revealed this week. Again I don’t know if this will come off but he seems pretty certain
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    I'm heading along tonight il try post the questions and answers.
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    Oh KM, why are you always so reasonable?
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    @Smoggydownsouth @Lurker Any word on Yearwood or have we abandoned that one? Was looking like a definite target earlier now there’s nothing, was looking forward to getting him in our midfield!
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    Sounds like the evening with coaching staff was well worth the admission fee. It seems the pull of working with former players is working for us. Hopefully get Dijksteel over the line asap as like mentioned come the deadline a few others will be throwing silly money to get positions filled.
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    Even though I'm chatting to you right now?
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    YouTube videos don't mean ***. Seriously, i'll hang my hat on this one. I think he could be a good player for us.
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    No problem. Was a great evening. Oh and Woody new Braithwaite wasn't ill but as he said he can't say otherwise and made it clear he never believed him.
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    So just a small update. I still cant get a confirmed name but someone is due to Rockcliffe tomorrow. @Lurker @Raf smog @nunthorpered you gents any the wiser?
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    I only ever heard of this Boye fella because I had him on Fifa and to be honest he didn't really do alot for me so I sold him lol.
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    Imagine we got promoted with the same team pulis told us again and again wasnt good enough to get promoted with just a couple of cheap signings? How glorious would that be!
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    3 or 4 youth team players will be in the squad. 6 or seven out on loan. Someone said how awful last season was and he said it will be completely different. Someone just asked why did we go to Germany if we're skint lol!!! Woody says it was a free friendly and free use of facilities
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    nah, it's just a few people with lots of usernames.....
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum too. I've followed this thread, along with a few others in the past and decided to sign up. It seems a good forum which is quite active with plenty of people commenting so I thought I'd sign up.
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    Fletcher has failed to convince his last 4 managers he is deserving of a first team place. His performance at Hartlepool a few weeks back was embarrassing. He doesn't look as though he has the hunger to grab the chances he has been given. I would be quite happy for him to leave.
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    Agreed Brunners perhaps we are getting the balance right now and a warm welcome always helps, courtesy costs nothing as my mother used to say.
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    Personally from my experiences on the forum all of the lads have been top notch and there's plenty of debate. As mentioned above all the info given is with best intentions, but in this crazy world anything can change. Welcome aboard lads!
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    Firstly welcome to the forum and an interesting first post and to the point question. My answer is that we do not have that many ITK members but those regular members that provide information to the forum I believe do so in the best of faith and allow other members to discuss, debate, argue about the contents of their information. There is a pretty good track record on information posted but never it seems random rubbish (although it has happened before) like all forums some information is taken with a pinch of salt because we know that not everything is true and accurate. We appreciate rumour, speculation etc and long may that continue. After all no-one can actually state where their input comes from can they? Time will tell if you stick around and make your own mind up on what is posted
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    I've got a feeling this Diangana from West Ham will come in that we've been linked with. We seem to do quite a bit of business with West Ham over the last couple of years.
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    Just a poor man’s Adama Traore imo
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    We must be shipping in some new signings by the bucket load. I just saw an easyJet heading in that direction.
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    I'm back on here after a long hiatus, completely coincidental that it was the same time Pulis was at our club.... What's the story with Fletcher? It would be a shame to see him go as I still think he has potential for us.
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    Welcome to the forum BB (sorry I abbreviate usernames where ever possible, unless it is something like Boro John) I do see we are mentioned on FMTTM sometimes and usually in a very positive way but the simple fact is we are getting a lot of new members and currently 8 today.
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    I hope we can still bring in two wide men. And i still hold hope of a deadline day loan signing of Adama. I know it wont happen but let me dream please.. I am sorry but i just can't let go of my feelings for Adama. The only thing that has excited me more in life than watching Adama fly past opposition players is when in my early teens i discovered the sky channel, men&motors, was actually not about men OR motors after 11pm. #BringHimHome

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    • Great news OMG it will be good to keep the PL going it's a great feature and good fun. MM you underplay you're efforts, fantastic job for the last few seasons, I'm sure on behalf of the forum a big thank you for all your hard work and frequent updates. I hope you continue to take part.  
    • Are we ready for a relegation battle? No. Are we more ready for a relegation battle than the teams around us (which is perhaps the more important question)? Time will tell. I have my concerns, though. Charlton in particular came out of pre-season much more strongly than we did, and we are kind of restarting the season again after another preseason.  I'm not confident that Woodgate has the managerial experience to get us to be where we need to be in terms of preparation and match sharpness by the end of this mid-season preseason.
    • My worry is our goalscoring, if teams get in front we'll then struggle & with the new rules of 5 subs per game teams will just kill games We are as bad as the other 5, 6 teams at the wrong end with not much breathing space between us all, whoever starts late in the mini bottom league will go down  Defensively we're fine, IMHO, 
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