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    League one level recruitment, I personally think we should tie him down to a 6 year 30k a week contract if he was born in Middlesbrough
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    That video of Debbie, she recognises that Steve Dale bought the club. She doesn't recognise that he should never have been in the position to do that. I'm honestly not sure what difference today makes from the other day in terms of overturning this. What are these big irreversible plans that disallows Bury from having the decision reversed? Is it out of supposed fairness? Setting a precedent? What is it exactly? Because I can't say their decision represents any fairness at all to the people who follow that club and have paid their money into it, they're the ones who're losing out, it's clearly not Steve *** Dale who clearly couldn't give two shits about what's happened.
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    Bristol City are by no means a smaller club than us. And premier league pedigree counts for nothing outside the premier league. They have a billionaire owner that laid down a clear plan about 6/7 years ago of what they want to achieve. They’ve stuck with a good young manager even when it looked bad and they were facing the relegation places. Their recruitment is light years ahead of ours and when they do reach the promised land of which I have no doubt they will in the next 3/4 years they will be set up much better than we were to deal with it. We could learn a lot off the field from Bristol City and come Saturday I think they’ll teach us a little bit on it too
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    Just a big thank you from a relatively new recruit. Sadly I have seen the FMTTM board deteriorate from a varied, humerous fans forum, into an arena for political and personal slanging matches. It still has some wondeful posters, but to find a decent comment I was tiring off wading through some pretty awful comments, where the only innovative writing seemed to be how to disguise swear words to get past the censorship. It is refreshing to see the erudite comments and insight on here, and a good level of debate. Please keep it up. I will still use both boards as it is always useful to hear from a wide variety of sources. Good luck with the bid for representation on the Fans Forum.
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    Not to simplify it but the fact we're the top result when you Google "Middlesbrough FC forum" should speak for itself!
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    Hi all and welcome to the first audio match day thread of the season. Please see the attached mp3 file for the opening post (as long as it works...) ttsMP3.com_VoiceText_2019-8-26_12_23_5.mp3
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    I guessed that is what you meant but it did amuse me ?
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    Another great assist from Adama https://www.flashscore.dk/kamp/niNOWYke/#video
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    Thanx for laughing mate ? I just saw my mistake. I meant to write HOME ? I have edited it, if that is allowed ? Or else I can hope for a Boro win by an OG ?
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    Bristol Cty v Middlesbrough. (None) H Birmingham v SToke. H Brentford v Derby. D Leeds v Swansea. A Luton v Huddersfield. H Millwall v Hull. D N.Forest v Preston N.E. D Reading v Charlton. H Sheff Wed v Q.P.R. D W.B.A. v Blackburn. H
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    Ok granted this takes a lot of information out of the equation such as team dynamics, league etc. but I've wasted a bit of time putting together some stats from 2015/2016 season to current day: Just how influential the team change can be on the players stats, Bamford for e.g. is now averaging 3.6 shots per game for Leeds compared to ~1.8 for us. (Source - www.whoscored.com) In my opinion this shows that they are all similar Championship strikers in terms of basic stats who very likely are all equally suitable for this level only just have different attributes, suit different styles of play and obv different costs etc. I could make an argument why I would want and not want each of them.
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    Agree certainly very close to being on par today with a club years ago we would all 100% agree we were much bigger than. As you said equal now to youth players, stadium, academy etc. We are passing them as we have declined while they are matching/passing us on the incline , obviously that means their camp is likely to be much more positive and rightly so. All in all should be a good test on Saturday and hopefully one that doesn't show us miles apart on the pitch.
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    I 100% agree that many things constitutes a big club. However 5 years ago they were league 1. But now with the stadium rebuild and investment in their academy which is considerable (I know this as my son was there for 7 years and saw it transform into a development centre into a cat1 academy) The recent success of academy products joe Bryant and Bobby Reid would class as a success in my book. An average attendance of 21,000 which is well up year on year they are a club in the ascendancy. So that agrees with your potential remark. I would argue that they are pretty much on a par with us, but as you alluded too heading in a better direction than us. My main reason for the initial response was that we are a bigger club than Bristol but I’m sorry but I just don’t see it
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    I’m not wanting to change owner, I want someone in to run the football side of things.
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    I have heard from Chris Joseph, Chair of Middlesbrough Supporters Forum, inviting us to attend the October 14th meeting where upon we can explain why we feel the oneBoro forum should be represented and included. No problems hey Jen?
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    Villa have been terrible for years though, your right I do ignore other clubs making bad decisions as I prefer to hold us to higher standards. It’s not like Gibson is some big shot who’s just came waltzing in thinking he can throw money at it, he’s been here 30 years and no doubt seen it all, but in the last 10 years even the promotion season seems to have been a blip before we’ve quickly reverted back to where we were pre karanka. We just can’t seem to build on anything And Gibson’s experience in the game SHOULD give us an advantage but something somewhere is going wrong. Burnley, Brighton, Watford, Bournemouth have sailed past us, teams like Huddersfield,Brentford, Bristol City have caught up to us. 5 years ago we probably wouldn’t even have looked at Bristol city’s best players, now we couldn’t afford or attract them. It’s just frustrating to see us this way.
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    Bamford is clearly the better of the 2 it’s not and never has been up for debate for me.
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    MM he is as qualified as Gerrard. Lampard (last year) and even Guardiola at Barcelona. His pedigree as a player is up there with the best and he is as entitled to be a manager as anyone else. We are his hometown club and the ideal starting point for him. It is not his fault how we are being run or have been run over the years. He is on a hiding to nothing and has a better chance of succeeding if the fans get behind him 100%. Polls like this do nothing to help him
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    Barcelona are without Messi, Suarez and Dembele today. Betis or draw at 5/2 looks an incredible price

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    • I think Cox looked OK next to Pearson and Festa...but when he was with Whyte, Whelan, Morris and Vickers, he got hung out to dry trying to cover for them and Kinder often looked like he was in a different team...the opposition...solid enough with decent support but not a stand out
    • The actual explanation for Palace's kits is even stupider, the chairman says he saw these kits as concept kits by a Palace fan on instagram and told Puma to make it happen. Ghastly looking kits as well christ, it's a shame because Puma are one of the better kit makers in my opinion their stuff looks like it fits snug. "I was immediately inspired when I saw the concept from a supporter who had shared designs on Instagram, with perfect synergy across all the kits for the upcoming season. Working closely with PUMA and our design team at Crystal Palace, we believed these were the designs we had to bring to life, and I’m proud to say we’ve done so. "We haven’t produced a shared design across shirts since our memorable promotion season in 2012/13, and there is no better campaign to honour in our eighth consecutive season in the Premier League. "I fully believe these kits are bold and eye-catching enough to captivate both current supporters and new ones – wherever they may be – and I look forward to seeing the team wear them throughout the upcoming Premier League campaign."
    • I think something similar occurred in Liverpools home kit. Add a tinge of an extra colour and then say it represents the Liver birds then sell it for £99.
    • Just seen them and thought exactly the same. What is the point in the 2nd and 3rd kit as it contains same colours as the home kit?
    • Internationally for us it's until the 5th of October and then an additional 11 days of a domestic only transfer window afterwards running until 16th October. For me we'd be mad to let our glaring needs wait until even mid September though that's why I think it's good Warnock's not waiting around. Been quietly a newsy day on the transfer front for us a name to cross off, a new name's popped up and status of bids clarified by clubs we seem busy at least. Jackett has said they've received no bids for Alex Bass quashing that link down a bit. Morgan Fox is set for stoke. No bids received by Northampton have met their valuation for Goode, Echo say Boro sense silly games afoot and unwilling to enter a bidding war for him. Boro and QPR have agreed terms with Spurs for Luke Amos (nominal fee around 500k)
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