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    Harsh to be losing but you can't give away free headers like that, poor, poor defending. Really enjoyed a lot of our play today, think pretty much everyone going forward has been great.
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    Beginning to look like vampires mind you, can't deal with crosses at all.
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    Important that we got a good performance before the international break also.
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    That’s two good games in a row from Shotton. Fair play
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    That was a very entertaining game, I can't even say shame about the result because nearly all of us were expecting to get beaten today. If we could defend we'd be pushing for promotion this season.
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    GET IN! Just when I was screaming at Johnson for not switching it to Wing, hah!
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    I know I said I'm not posting any more (I promise I won't make a habit of this!) but that is far closer to something I'd like to watch than most of what we've seen so far this season. Defensively we're a bit too open and we're going to need to figure that out but we're trying to play at pace with the ball and that's far better than the slow, error strewn stuff we've seen during this season. Some criticism of Wing, which seems fair enough, it seems to me like he's bulked up a bit and I wonder if it's effecting him? Daft I know but just looking at him he seems a bit bigger anyway. The goal was a bit of a bugger. I'm surprised that Fry has received a bit of criticism for it as it's clearly not his man. If anything it's probably another mistake by Wing who is around the edge of the penalty area but doesn't go with Palmer or move into that space. Fry is looking at another Bristol City player and they appear to have a couple of players in there. He's caught flat footed as somebody says because he's trying to cover more than one player in more than one space and that's next to impossible in my opinion. I thought him and Shotton have done ok (albeit Shotton is still able to give the ball away with the best of them), as have the two new lads actually.
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    I know we're losing but can we all not just take solace in the fact that we're actually playing pretty well against a team who have had a great start?
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    Did you not see how bad the kick off was? 40 odd minutes later and they score, doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what caused us to be losing this game.
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    Nah, goal was clearly a result of Fletcher hitting the post. Just came back out, no one went for it and 25 minutes they went and scored. Poor.
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    Think we've managed most things defensively pretty well. That with Randolph making a couple of good saves. Going forward we've been impressive at times and really, we're unlucky to be going in at half time without a goal of our own. Plenty to be happy with so far with the performance. Shame that we've let someone have a free header in the box though, that's disappointing.
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    Shotton played well against Millwall and was our most vocal player, really rallying the others and he made that last ditch tackle at the end. Time to get off his back me thinks.
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    Tav should be put in the under 23s for that haircut?
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    Looking forward to you lot visiting us on Saturday - for those who haven't been to Ashton Gate for a few years, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the pre-match facilities in the fanzone…….all welcome! In my opinion, BCFC are a smaller club than Boro when you look at Prem history, European jaunts and even winning meaningful silverware. We've not been down those routes….EVER! But they're still my team. As attractive as West Country living is (and trust me, it really IS) it seems that many players just don't want to come here for a career move. Hey ho. Come to think of it, if we consider comparing clubs against the Prem, Euro and silverware criteria, we're even a smaller club than the Royal Engineers. Top division regulars for a while, FA Cup winners and rampaged all over Flanders etc. Safe trip, all.
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    He's played for a bad Forest team and one of the worst offensively Boro teams I've ever seen. He's still scored 15 goals a season.
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    I liked Hugill, loved his hold up play and always have 100%. His finishing was pretty dire when at us though, but like many strikers confidence is the key. Im glad he’s doing well. Boro lad that started from the bottom, similar to Wing I guess.
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    Fair result. Enjoyed the game, there are some promising signs going forward, but defensively we are far too open. I think if we are expecting our full backs to get forward we should go with three central defenders and provide more protection from midfield, 3-5-2 doesn't have to be a negative formation and suits our current players better.
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    Overall I thought it was a good game and some real improvement from Boro. A fair result in a game which we possibly could and should have won. A lot of "if only's" in the game
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    Same. Think it's because we finally can watch an exciting game of football after 2 seasons of being bored to death by Pulis.
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    Pretty much my exact thoughts. Bola and Dijksteel looking more comfortable every time I see them now. Other highlights for me was Britt looking really sharp and looking to really bully their centre halves with his strength and running in behind and again McNair looked really bright.
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    Clayton MOTM for me. Was excellent and showed why he shouldn’t be dropped for anyone in his position. One of the first name on team sheet for me.
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    Once we have Fry back upto speed and Ayala alongside, hopefully the defence will sort itself out but we played very well today against a team many though would rip us apart. Dijksteel and Bola look very good and Paddy is a changed man.
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    Cracking save by Bentley at the end there. Think that was our best performance of the season for me, shaky defensively at times but I think we knew that might be likely this year.
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    Can't blame him for that, Fry completely lost his man
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    Glad for Britt to get the goal with his new born son, 100 appearance for the Boro and his 100th career goal
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    I’m happy with the game and I could but won’t pick up on some faults because we are playing football again. The bonus is the two goals. Now I’m nervous.
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    It’s about bloody time we had some luck!! Quality finish from Britt with his left foot.
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    Awful is quite a strong statement, though at least you're consistent in overemphasizing.
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    Think clayton has been very good at starting attacks so far this half.
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    We look like a different side today, pleased with what I've seen so far, just need that first goal now!
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    This really annoys me. As professional athletes/sportsmen they should know to knock their respective partners up around about this time of the year. That way they will be born In The closed season and not taking the fathers away from their primary duty in life ??????
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    I find the idea of any result barring our own being good for us right now a bit strange. Are people still looking at the expected top dogs and hoping they drop points for us to catch up with them? I understand that that's the mentality of the last 3 or 4 Championship seasons but unless we actually prove something within the first few months of this season that we can be up there, I'm not really that fussed personally. I'd rather if we're focusing on fixing ourselves to a new way of thinking that we do just that, at least for now whilst there's no danger of going down and little chance of going up.
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    Apparantly there are only 12 people living in Benin and the former player/coach is now just coach, so they have called upon Big Rudy!
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    Really hoping this is like Cardiff away 2011 or Brighton 2015. Everyone expected us to get hammered and we ran out 3-0 winner on both of this occasions. Agree that we need to change our tactics away from home against the better teams. If we set up and play like we have been I can only see a home win, despite their injury problems. 3-5-2 and counter attacking will give us a better chance. Randolph Ayala Fry Friend Howson Wing McNair Saville Bola Fletcher Britt Johnson did well when he came on last week but if we play 3-5-2 he’ll have to be an impact player when we need fresh legs and pace.
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    If he just reads the thread title he'll be grand ?

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